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Yaaaaay! I got home from the Farm to find this package from awesome commenter LinB—thanks so much, Lin! I am all squiggly with excitement. Ok, can’t type any more, must go play with patterns. 😀




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Thank you, ElleC


In an effort to make me feel better as my brain esplodes with all the crazy* going in my life right now, famed philanthropist ElleC sent me a care-package.

Two books on nifty sewing techniques.

Because something else to read is exactly what I need right now.

Not to mention inspiration about time-consuming hand-decorating techniques I HAVE NO TIME FOR.

Yes, like all ElleC’s gifts, this one is edged with malice aforethought. However, I am quite sure I will thoroughly enjoy reading through both Sewing with Knits (practical!)  and Fine Embellishment Techniques (exciting!)

Thank you, ElleC.

Thank you.

No, I mean it, really. 😀

Also, Canada Post managed to deliver these in like, two days? Which is insanely impressive for them. I mean, ElleC and I aren’t located too far apart, as the crow flies, but there’s still like mountains in the way and stuff. Thank you, Canada Post.

*I.e. trying to finish a PhD thesis, juggle various family medical issues (not mine), and preparing to move back to our hometown at the end of the summer with neither savings nor promising career prospects, all without having a total nervous breakdown.


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My package from ElleC, won courtesy of her first giveaway, arrived today! Woot, woot!


Three gorgeous vintage patterns, in more-or-less my size.

And, because she is awesome and doesn’t hate me nearly as much as she claims, she threw in a mess of new & vintage zippers just for fun. Just when I was thinking I needed to hit the fabric store and pick up zippers. My hero! 🙂

Also, see that pattern on the left? Simplicity 3965? Not only is it Simplicity (so I might actually know my alterations already), it’s the very same pattern the Sewaholic has made up into so many awesome versions!

Of course, from what I can tell she started with a junior petite version. I should be so lucky…

I love that the Butterick pattern comes with the opera-coat pattern, as well.

In other news, after my big score of vintage patterns the other week, I’ve been stalking the pattern section even more religiously than usual. Sadly, that lode of vintage awesome seems to have played out… I’ve picked up a few patterns since, but they’re all of the slightly-dated-but-still-potentially-usable variety.

Thrift store patterns

Including a couple of Burdas. My ongoing weakness for jacket & coat patterns is in evidence (OK, the sleeves of that Butterick jacket on the right are crazy, but I’ve been wanting a basic raglan-sleeve coat pattern for a while…). Also my weakness for romantic sundressy things. And the cape pattern? Well, I’m bound to want to sew a cape at some point, right?

McCall's 7532

Of (perhaps) slightly more interest is this 1981 pants pattern. Holy High Waists, Batman. No, I haven’t completely lost my marbles (well, maybe)—it’s a Palmer & Pletsch pattern complete with loads of fitting tips & instructions. The view on the left, I gather, is meant to represent the gingham muslin they recommend you make. Will I use it? No promises. But it was the right size and too interesting to pass up. Those ladies definitely make high-waisted look good… just not convinced that I could do the same.


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Another Thank You


Ok, this one’s been a LONG time coming.

You see, way back before Christmas, Bernie, a friend of my mom’s (my mom is my blog pimp) stopped by the blog and left me a comment that her mother had  a bunch of patterns she no longer wanted, and would I be interested.


Hell yeah?

Of course, what with distances and things like that, it made the most sense for her to drop them off at my mom’s. I picked them up over Christmas, and got—well, a little more than I bargained for. 🙂


Aside from the patterns (we’ll get to those), there was a bag of fabric—an assortment of wool tartans, one partially assembled into a kilt) and a bunch of 80s sewing magazines—too new to really feel vintage, but too old to just chuck. Hmm.


The vast majority of the patterns were 80s, as well, and a fair number aren’t in my size range. But, in amidst the dross, there were gems, oh yes. (oh, and do click to see the full-size photo below)

The gems

Isn’t this a cute 50s shirtdress (top right)? Classic. It’s the right size, too—the only issue is that that blousy top and gathered skirt absolutely don’t work on my figure. /sigh. And yes, there’s several simple full-ish skirts in there (one of them twice, now that I look closer… *headdesk*) The Vogue wardrobe pattern (bottom right) I mostly like for the cap-sleeve blouse, by the way. Erm, yeah, basically identical to McCall’s 6288.

But the kicker, oh yes, the one that made my heart go pit-a-pat, was Simplicity 7376. Yeah, I’m a sucker for a sleek 70s suit jacket, but there’s a bit of extra back-story here. I found this exact same Simplicity pattern at Value Village back in the fall, and fell totally in love—and then was crushed to realize it was in a size 20. I nearly bought it anyway, just to look at. But this is so much better—it’s a size 14, a little larger than my usual 12, but much more manageable than the 20!

So thank you very much, Bernie—because that pattern alone totally made my day!


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A Belated Sew Grateful


Just in case I got your hopes up, this is not a giveaway. I’m not that organized (I am mail-ophobic) and I’m definitely far too distracted with Kingdoms of Amalur thesis-writing to come up with a  pattern or decent tutorial to share. Also Sew Grateful week was last week. See what I mean about organized?

This is, instead, a simple thank-you*, to Sigrid of Analog Me, who in a fit of mental instability generosity last month decided to send me some patterns she had kicking around and didn’t need.

The only one that might actually fit me is McCall’s 9752, a miss’s size 10. It’s cute and hits a lot of my buttons—1970s, empire-waist, shaped midriff, no darts. And it does have me yearning for Spring, not that there’s a shortage of 70s dresses in what passes for my mental queue these days (which is feeling more like a sludge, frankly.)

The modern pattern, Simplicity 2266, is the large kids’ size-range, 10 to 14. OK, there’s actually a possibility the 14 would fit me. It might be a bit twee, though, no? I do think it’s cute, although more in a three-to-five-year-old way than a tween-to-teen way. Also, maybe not made up in quilting cotton, yes? That would actually be a kinda hilarious challenge…

What’s really amusing me is that the 50s pattern on the right, Simplicity 2829, which is a size 10 in the old pattern sizing, has the same bust (28″) as the kids size 10. Interesting. Although Tyo’s still a couple of inches off a 28″ bust, she says she likes the 50s pattern. Except for the ruffles.

You will note, perhaps, that three of the four styles are ruffly? Sigh. One of the tricks of sewing for tweens is telling the difference between patterns they really like and ones they only like because of the illustrations. Oh, and the ones they would like if the illustrations didn’t blow.

Anyway, thank you, Sigrid!  I don’t know when any will be made up, but it’s always nice to have the inspiration.

*Obviously Sigrid is not the only person I owe thank yous too, current and past. Some of them I’m still working on getting out there. Some of them I’ve sent privately. Some of them I’m too disorganized to pull together. But I promise, I AM GRATEFUL!


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