Sewalong Badges

Sherry's Tailoring Sewalong

My Springy Little Coat


Men's Shirt Sewalong

My Men’s Shirt


Gertie's Lady Grey Sewalong

My Lady Grey


Trench-Coat Sewalong

My “Trench”


Me-Made Months

Me-Made March

My Me-Made March

Self-Stitched September

My Self-Stitched September


3 responses to “Participation

  1. mem

    Glad I found your blog

  2. Els van Alfen-Koome

    I love your blog!

  3. ann harding

    Just found you; looking for a summer dress that i can reproduce and ‘bastardize’ for my daughter (age 25), my best friend (age 61) and myself (age 71)…and we are different sizes as well…appears as if the Grecian Goddess will be my first (3) attempt(s). So far love what I have looked at…
    To Canada with regards from
    San Diego, CA, USA

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