I’m a government drone, part-time sewing teacher, and a mom of two located in Saskatchewan, Canada. I have far too many hobbies and no time for anything. Though I started sewing as a child, it’s only since the start of 2010 that I’ve been working to improve to the level of stuff I’d actually wear out and about. These days I’m making almost all my own clothes (if only to justify all the fabric-buying) and loving it.

Supporting Cast:

Tyo: my older daughter. Watch out, world.

Syo: my younger daughter. An athlete, artist, and cosplay enthusiast, who never, ever gives up.


What other name could their be for Isis’s husband and partner in crime? I dream of sewing for him as he’s picky and hard to fit off the rack. However, getting him to pose for pictures is like pulling teeth (and occasionally imperils our marriage), so his appearances are sporadic at best.


11 responses to “About

  1. redbamsews

    Tanit–I just wanted to let you know that I awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. Check out my latest post for details. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your many projects. I’ve learned alot from you.

  2. I follow many blogs, but didn’t realize you are in Saskatchewan too! So nice to see fellow sewist close to home. I have been quilting for years, but since March have tried to learn garment sewing. Slowly….I am getting it – thanks to blogs like yours!

  3. Tammy

    I wondered if you were from Sask, too when I saw snow for Halloween! I have just started reading your blog. Have you tried buying fabric at Unique Textiles in Saskatoon? It ‘s better quality than the other chain retailer here. Stay warm!

  4. JON

    Hi there, I’m from all the way in Australia and I picked up on your post about the actual machines you use, I was hoping that you could help me identify a old wooden mahogany sewing machine that a friend has, or perhaps refer me to someone that knows a bit about them it has stamped into it ‘made in the USA’ etc.
    I have tried searching online but haven’t come across anything remotely similar to what they have. Online, all I can find are Singer’s, as far as naming this particular machine all I can find is ‘Our Very Best’ on the leathery material place mat where you feed the felt or sewing material you want to sew on.
    On the actual sewing machine itself, all i can see roughly is something along the lines of (“Jayamko/ Jaymko Ball-bearing”) there about’s… could you please please shoot me an email so I can resolve this issue.

    Kind Regards

    • Frank

      I know this is three years late, but the “our very best” trademark came from H s B Co. It would be a bartlett, perhaps?

  5. Darius Paye

    How much do you charge to make a coat like the one Christopher Walken wears in the prophecy

  6. Marie

    Love, love, LOVE your blog! Thank you for doing what you do!!!

  7. I used to read your blog all the time years ago, I think your daughters were in preteen years when I fell off blog reading like lots of people did. I also delved way more into knitting than sewing. I’m getting back into sewing this year and was looking at a (no longer updated, but still hosted) vintage sewing machine that linked to you- I’m happy to see you’re still sewing and blogging!

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