50s Shrug

Vintage Shrug---Click to view pattern

Grecian Sundress Pattern

The Grecian Sundress---Click to view pattern


Ariadne Tunic

Ariadne Tunic---Click to view pattern

Sunhat crown pattern

Pattern piece for a six-piece had crown.

This is a pattern-piece for a 6-piece hat crown; the illustration comes from a 1940s hatmaking book I own. It would be useful for creating a sunhat such as in this Burdastyle tutorial. The picture was scanned at 300 dpi and the grid should be 1″ on printout for true sizing. Disclaimer: I have not tried this piece. The book suggests using 1/3″ seams for a 22 1/2″ crown circumference, and 1/2″ seams for a 21 1/2″ hat.


7 responses to “Patterns

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  3. Hi,
    Your mom sent me your blog and I’ve just spent too long reading it and enjoying your sense of self, style and your sewing.
    Are you interested in old patterns? I have access to loads of them!! My mom is wondering what to do with all her patterns from the 50,60 and 70’s. Are you interested in them? If so email me and let me know – put old patterns in your subject matter


    PS I’m marking your site and will be back anothe day!

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  5. Hola me encanta tu blog y muchas gracias por los patrones son una pasada por fin unos patrones para mi talla espero que puedas entenderme
    teneis mucha suerte de poder comprar esas cosas ta fabulosas en vuestras tiendas aqui en España no tenemos nada de eso y menos en el pueblo donde vivo yo que no hay ni telas
    un saludo

  6. peta-ann

    Found your site a few days ago and have downloaded and cut out your grecian dress, can’t wait to finish it, the shrug will be next, thanks so much for these they are really appreciated. must find time to read more of your blog. hugs peta-ann x

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