Yaaaaay! I got home from the Farm to find this package from awesome commenter LinB—thanks so much, Lin! I am all squiggly with excitement. Ok, can’t type any more, must go play with patterns. πŸ˜€




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11 responses to “Prezzies!!!

  1. JEALOUS!!! Have fun digging through them!

  2. anothersewingscientist

    Is the dashiki pattern in the back 3043 or 8043? You know if I had some dashiki prints i would be all over that one! Actually, I was at my friend’s place the other day and she pulled out some Kenyan fabrics that her father bought in the 60s. It was all I could do to stop myself from offering her my first born in exchange (you think I kid, but he’s driving me crazy today!). Very nice present !

  3. Oh man now you had to decide which one (two?) to sew first…. How awful LOL

  4. LinB

    Had to leave out about half — no room in box. Will send them later in the year, as most of them were summer things. I want to make it clear that not all of the patterns you received are things I made and wore, lol. Some of them are from friends’ mothers’ stashes. It bemuses me to think of those women — as I know them now — in hot pants, see-through blouses and giant wigs.

    • Thank you so much (again!) LinB! And there’s more? /swoon. Hehe—most of these patterns date from when my mom was a teen and young adult… it’s pretty odd trying to picture her in something like them, too. πŸ˜€

      Also that 5691 on the top is one that I’d seen elsewhere, and totally been lusting after—so YAAAAY!

  5. You lucky thing. What a great haul! I’d love to come home to a pile like this!

  6. BJ

    I made 5691 in high school. Loved it.

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