A Belated Sew Grateful


Just in case I got your hopes up, this is not a giveaway. I’m not that organized (I am mail-ophobic) and I’m definitely far too distracted with Kingdoms of Amalur thesis-writing to come up with a  pattern or decent tutorial to share. Also Sew Grateful week was last week. See what I mean about organized?

This is, instead, a simple thank-you*, to Sigrid of Analog Me, who in a fit of mental instability generosity last month decided to send me some patterns she had kicking around and didn’t need.

The only one that might actually fit me is McCall’s 9752, a miss’s size 10. It’s cute and hits a lot of my buttons—1970s, empire-waist, shaped midriff, no darts. And it does have me yearning for Spring, not that there’s a shortage of 70s dresses in what passes for my mental queue these days (which is feeling more like a sludge, frankly.)

The modern pattern, Simplicity 2266, is the large kids’ size-range, 10 to 14. OK, there’s actually a possibility the 14 would fit me. It might be a bit twee, though, no? I do think it’s cute, although more in a three-to-five-year-old way than a tween-to-teen way. Also, maybe not made up in quilting cotton, yes? That would actually be a kinda hilarious challenge…

What’s really amusing me is that the 50s pattern on the right, Simplicity 2829, which is a size 10 in the old pattern sizing, has the same bust (28″) as the kids size 10. Interesting. Although Tyo’s still a couple of inches off a 28″ bust, she says she likes the 50s pattern. Except for the ruffles.

You will note, perhaps, that three of the four styles are ruffly? Sigh. One of the tricks of sewing for tweens is telling the difference between patterns they really like and ones they only like because of the illustrations. Oh, and the ones they would like if the illustrations didn’t blow.

Anyway, thank you, Sigrid!  I don’t know when any will be made up, but it’s always nice to have the inspiration.

*Obviously Sigrid is not the only person I owe thank yous too, current and past. Some of them I’m still working on getting out there. Some of them I’ve sent privately. Some of them I’m too disorganized to pull together. But I promise, I AM GRATEFUL!



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11 responses to “A Belated Sew Grateful

  1. The McCalls dress is my fave too, though I’m kinda hoping you try the crop top (without ruffles) for Tyo …. whether she wears it or not. :o).

  2. Great patterns! My crafting has been slow lately too – the Diablo 3 beta is just too tempting to resist.

  3. Thanks Tanit-Isis, I have a ruffle phobia too, but who knows what your sewing magic might do with one of these patterns!

  4. Haha, my bf has also been waiting for diablo 3, but is now busy with kingdoms of Amalur. Can’t wait to start too, I waited until after my thesis because I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop 🙂

  5. I used to occasionally sew 14-16 patterns because they neatly overlap with the smaller sizes in women’s. However, my waist-to-hip ratio was not ideal for the kids sizes. Your body shape might work better….

    I hate ruffles in pattern illustrations and try to avoid them, but sometimes they work really well when I actually put the clothes on. It’s hard to know which direction to take with that.

    • Yeah, I fear my measurements fit with the girls’ ratios much better than the women’s. I am forever enlarging waists or straightening out and taking in hips. /sigh.

      Ruffles are a strong spice—they can be delightful, but a little goes a long way—depending on the goal 🙂

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