My Wild, Crazy Friday Night


Um. So I’m officially old and boring, k? I’m cool with that. I think. My Friday night was awesome. I bounced between cooking with Syo, playing Final Fantasy XIV with Osiris, and sewing. I’ve moved from procrastinating on the Pikachu onesie (photos forthcoming once I manage to pin Tyo down) to procrastinating on Syo’s onesie. So instead I grabbed this gorgeous knit (a lightweight sweater-knit which, amazingly, has only been marinating in stash for a few weeks) and my knit sloper.


And all I can say is, why don’t I have two dozen tops like this?



Cozy. Comfy. Sleekly elegant. Perfect.


Yes, I’m wearing my fleecepants. Aren’t you? Why not?

Not much to say about construction, except that I finished the seams with my new/old/borrowed serger (that’s a whole ‘nother story I’ll hopefully get around to. Or not; it may not be interesting to anyone at all but me.) But I haven’t figured out what kind of needle it takes so I couldn’t try a four-thread serge so I didn’t want to use it for seam construction, so I did my usual thing of sewing the seam on the sewing machine (narrow zigzag, very basic) and then overlocking. Actually, overlocking first works better, by the way. If you can get everything aligned properly. Again, I found the length a bit short, so I added a wide band on the hem, which is coincidentally the easiest way to finish the bottom of a knit tee if you haven’t got a coverstitch. Which I haven’t. Someday, my pretties. I wonder if my taste in tee-length hasn’t changed in the last couple of years. Though I would’ve sworn I’ve always liked them long.


I used steam-a-seam to get nice, crisp sleeve hems, and then wimped out and did a zigzag finish. I didn’t feel like fussing with a twin needle.


I used fold-over elastic around the neck, the way I wanted to with my fleece shirt (because I bought some since then) It’s maybe a little heavy for this fabric. I increased the tension going around the sharper curves so it wouldn’t stick out, but it also gathered up the neckline a bit more than I would’ve liked. It doesn’t actually look gathered when worn, which I was a bit worried about, so it’ll work, but I think a narrower elastic or the fold-over fabric binding I used on the fleece shirt might’ve been better.

My only reservation about this fabric (some kind of a poly-rayon blend) is that it hasn’t got any spandex, so I’m not sure how much it’ll bag out with wear. That could interfere with these sleek, elegant lines I’m loving so much. I can always take it in if I need to, right?


I hope your Friday night was as exciting as mine!



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26 responses to “My Wild, Crazy Friday Night

  1. Love the black and white pattern!

  2. Love the print! Hope it’ll retain its shape over time.

  3. OK, that is the longest t I’ve ever seen you wear 🙂 How age-appropriate! I think this is gorgeous on you. The fit is excellent. The fabric is lovely.

  4. Ha ha! The most exciting thing that happened on my Friday night was interfacing a waistband. At least you had the thrill of a finished top, which you totally should have in every color!!

  5. Make more! This looks great on you.

  6. Love it! it that fabric from Fabricland? I’ve been eyeing some similar light sweater knit there… Mmmm, sweater knit!

  7. beautiful, and i love seeing your face again!!!

  8. Cherie

    You are so cute I can’t stand it! I am a huge, though mostly silent, fan of yours. I love the personality that comes through! Will you be my long-lost sister?

    Cherie in Phoenix

  9. Looks great! Sounds like a perfect Friday to me, I sewed pants lining together.
    i think its shape should hold together just fine, I’ve not had much problem with knits sagging if they fit good to begin with. I sure hope yours hold fine, you’ve great a good, slimming fit now.

  10. Joy

    Looks like a perfect fit – yay for slopers!

  11. sewingonpins

    I love the wide band at the bottom! Looks perfect to me. 🙂

    • Yeah, I actually think I really, really like this way to finish any t-shirt… it looks so tidy. And it’s so much easier than hemming knits… 😉

      • sewingonpins

        I’m going to have to keep that in mind… I’m determined to sew more this year, despite weight gains and a new obsession with knitting, and I definitely want to make more t-shirts and such. 🙂

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