The moment I have been dreading


Since Tyo made it clear that she REALLY wanted zip-off feet, has come to pass.

Yep. One of the feet is pointing backwards.

I wish I drank, because this moment calls for one.



January 11, 2014 · 11:48 pm

26 responses to “The moment I have been dreading

  1. Sara Mayo

    Two tween/teenage girls and you don’t drink? You may want to reconsider your position on that. Last week my 10yo asked me if Id ever been drunk. “Oh sweetie, I’m drunk right now!”

    • BAHAHA! Yeah… It’s not so much a matter of “don’t drink” as “don’t drink at home on my own.”

      An acquaintance was singing the praises of drinking while doing housecleaning a few days ago. Definitely tempting.

  2. Oh my! Looks like something I would do! I’m sure it will all come out fine in the end.

  3. Oh my, maybe I’ll have a drink for you instead!

  4. I don’t drink either, but Friday night after work I was thinking this was the evening if there ever was one.
    You’re almost done! Take a break, then keep on keeping on! You can do it!

  5. OMG I have done that too! And also sewn a hood on so it would cover the face. And I don’t drink either. I blame sunspots or the west wind or evil spirits

    • Ooo, the hood is a good one! I don’t think I’ve actually sewn a pullover hood yet.

      That darned west wind. Which is pretty much the only one we get around here, actually. 😦

  6. I’m very sorry, but that made me laugh out loud!

  7. Maybe you should take up that drinking? 🙂

  8. or somehow convince her a twisted leg is stylish? She could start a trend.

  9. In hindsight, I should’ve sewn on the zipper-rounds, and then sewn the rounds to the feet. That would’ve been easier to keep track of, I think.

  10. Oh dear… I’m not a big drinker, but the temptation would definitely be there. Hope everything has gone alright in the end?

  11. Do you think Tyo will notice? I promise I won’t tell.

  12. Mmm. Unpicker to the rescue…
    Ya gotta enjoy this great sewing story.
    I’ve done worse so I know you’re doing a wonderful job.

  13. LinB

    Hmmm. Some “mistakes” are really “design decisions.” Am afraid that this “mistake” is really a “mistake.” Easily fixable, though. I’d say to tell TYO that the garment was made to be worn in a ballet position that suits the direction of the feet, except that I cannot think of a ballet position in which one foot is so disturbingly pointed.

  14. Thanks so much for sharing! No really. I’ve made some really silly mistakes in my day (once sewed a short sleeve in upside down?) It’s actually fun to share these Ooopssies with everyone. Sometimes I have to walk away for quite a while before returning to fix it — and have a drink.

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