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Pikachu: the Epic.

Tyo’s Pikachu onesie is finished. So, this thing was a lot of work. Probably more than I was expecting. It was the face that put it over the top. And the zip-off feet. I don’t have a lot of spare … Continue reading


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Increments of Pikachu

This would go faster if I didn’t keep losing things. Like ALL MY SEWING MACHINE ATTACHMENTS. Including zipper foot. No, I still haven’t found it, and I even mostly-cleaned my sewing room! And deciding I need other things I hadn’t … Continue reading


January 9, 2014 · 7:55 pm


I failed at Christmas sewing this year, pretty badly. Aside from my grandma’s sweater, I made Osiris fleece pants, and that was all I had time for. But I did manage to order the Jalie onesie pattern, and find the … Continue reading


December 26, 2013 · 9:34 pm

Less impressive

I’m trying to wrangle myself into the Christmas-sewing spirit (not the easiest thing for me to do). Output is down, and a little lackluster. I did a mock-up of the Archer shirt for my mother (who requested it for her … Continue reading


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Jammie Pants

Over Christmas, I was wanting to do a wee bit of sewing for my children, but by wee I do mean wee since I had about as much free time as I ever do lately, which is on the order … Continue reading


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Jeans for the Cool Kid

Tyo’s been making out like a bandit this year. I mean, really—Syo got some yoga pants she doesn’t like and a quick stretch-knit birthday suit, and Tyo has racked in a pikachu onesie, an Avengers grad dress, and now this. … Continue reading


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My Wild, Crazy Friday Night

Um. So I’m officially old and boring, k? I’m cool with that. I think. My Friday night was awesome. I bounced between cooking with Syo, playing Final Fantasy XIV with Osiris, and sewing. I’ve moved from procrastinating on the Pikachu … Continue reading


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The fruits of procrastination

I can’t finish Tyo’s Pikachu onesie quite yet. I ran out of yellow thread and, more problematically, I forgot to get yellow zippers and that grippy material for the bottoms of the feet. I could’ve gone out and gotten some, … Continue reading


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Sewing and thought (or the lack thereof)

As I procrastinate on Pikachu, I’ve finished up a pair of undies that has sat, in a sad, forgotten wad behind the sewing machine, for several months now. I had decided I wanted to finish them in stretch lace. I … Continue reading


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