The (not so) pretty


If you garden, you’ll know that there are lots of perfectly edible foods grown that end up just, well, not being terribly attractive. The carrot with two points. The lopsided apple. We eat them from the garden because, well, food is food and the taste matters more, but we’d probably never buy such an oddity in the grocery store (which wouldn’t sell it to us anyway.)

Well, this is kinda how I felt about my first “successful” set of undies made last fall. Sure, they were comfy. The fit was fine, or at least no more annoying than most of the storebought ones. But DAMN they were ugly, especially in the drawer. And who wants to reach for ugly panties, I ask you? My butt has standards!

So eventually I caved and hacked off the old elastic and bought some black fold over elastic and then the whole kit ‘n kaboodle kicked around, never in the same place at the same time, for ages.


It was the perfect size of project for my wedding-sewing-recovery phase, though, so sometime last week I settled in with a zig-zag stitch and a determination to stretch the elastic as little as necessary without getting weird, wavy, stretched out panties.

They still won’t win any beauty prizes, (especially with my crappy overexposed photos) but they’re at least pleasantly functional. They are comfy, though I won’t claim I’ve reached any particular pinnacle of high fitting. More importantly, I’m feeling happy to reach for them in the underwear drawer. And that is important, right?

In other news, we’re visiting Cowtown this week, so enjoy a photo from the (not quite) Rockies.




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4 responses to “The (not so) pretty

  1. Kate

    your FOE has little hearts on it!

  2. “Particular pinnacle of high fitting” be damned. This is R&R sewing and hell they’ll do mate. Just like the double headed carrots. Besides, as Kate says, they have hearts on them.

  3. “Pleasantly functional” sounds exactly right for post wedding recovery sewing! And every pair gets you closer to the perfect pair!

  4. Really enjoying this as I fell into the habit of repurposing old tee shirts into panties couple years ago. From the photo I think these look amazing, the seams are more nicely finished than I’ve come up with yet anyway?.. And perhaps it’s my idiosyncratic tendency but I have opted to select the more warped veggies from the produce section; daring to look different is rare enough among edibles that I appreciate their attitude when they do take on a mutant appearance!

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