Not dead.



Although that might be easier. Er, not. Quite.

Refugee serger camped out on the computerdesk. #sewdontclean

Refugee serger camped out on the computerdesk. #sewdontclean

To start with the good news, the serger survived her little bath. I left it a week, silica gel-packs stuffed inside (although it occurred to me later that the key part is probably the motor, which is actually mounted on the back, not inside where the gel packs were. I tried to get the cover off the motor but the bolts holding it on were not cooperative and I didn’t want to strip them. So I waited.) Anyway, when I finally dared to start it up a day or two ago, after cleaning and oiling (although I really don’t think the water touched anything that actually moved…), she was fine. Aside from her recurring tension problems, anyway. (I continue playing with the bit of extra thread wrapped around the Β needle-thread tension disc.) The White (which is my main sewing machine right now despite being a little temperamental) has some rust on the foot pedal I don’t think was there before, but everything is working.

Wedding Dress Trial #1

Wedding Dress Trial #1

Which is good because I have a month to finish Epona’s wedding dress and five bridesmaid dresses. Holy fucking cow. And work is likely to be at least somewhat insane during that time, too. On the up side, the wedding dress itself is pretty simple (the practice version took two days to sew up, obviously I’d like a bit more time with the real thing) and I could’ve had the first of the bridesmaids dresses finished last night if I hadn’t kept stopping to watch bits of “Oz the Great and Powerful” with the kids and hubs.

Bridesmaid dress bodice... in progress

Bridesmaid dress bodice… in progress.

Which kids are done school now. so no peaceful days of working at home, unless I can manage to bribe my MIL to take them to the lake for a week or something.

Wedding dress back. I'm kinda stoked about how the lacing turned out.

Practice wedding dress back. I’m kinda stoked about how the lacing turned out.

Speaking of the children, it has now been over a decade since I was last pregnant. Happy birthday, Syo!

Syo is now ten.

Syo is now ten.

And I have a late birthday dress cut out for the Waif, but unlikely to be sewn up until the wedding is done. DAMN.

Waif's birthday dress.

Waif’s birthday dress.

Waif just turned five. It is a size 3 pattern. I added an inch of length to the bodice, but it will probably still be too wide. Going for the middle view, of course.

And as a result, I’m spending all my “free time” ogling corset forums and adding and removing things from my fantasy cart at Farthingales.

How’s your summer going, stitchers?



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15 responses to “Not dead.

  1. Have your kids bring you food while you sew! That’s the hardest thing to remember (for me anyway) when I’m sewing like that all at once.

    I built my sister’s ’30s style wedding – her dress & headpiece, 4 bridesmaids (all different!), and a flowergirl – all in 4 weeks. It was insane and I remember never being able to catch up with the hunger I was working so much.

    Good luck getting everything made and may all your machines behave! =)

  2. Hullo you! Glad the serger is working still (in it’s own temperamental way).
    Have you see that Google Reader is ending? I don’t know if you use it or not – but thought you might like to know so you can sort out any subscriptions to blogs you’re following hun πŸ™‚

    • Yeah… I started using Feedly when that first was announced. It promised a seamless transition, which allegedly happened about a week ago. We’ll see how things continue to go. πŸ™‚

  3. Yay, serger survived! Best of luck with the wedding dresses…boy do I remember that “oh crap there’s only a month left; I guess I have to get really serious now” right when the worst of exam prep was happening. Happy birthday to Syo!

  4. Well I’m torn for you on the serger news. On one hand, I’m thrilled that it’s working, but I’m also disappointed that you can’t insist on getting a new(er) one. πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to see the dresses, you’re such a good (and brave!!) friend! πŸ™‚

    • Well, if I thought the budget could support a new one, I’d be looking… But that’s just not gonna happen right now, sigh.

      In other news I am out of black serger thread. Fuck. >_<

      • Oh man, that sucks. Do you have any little Hutterite stores around? Our Holdemann’s have little sewing stores all over the place that have notions for super cheap, I’d guess you could find something similar close to you?

        • There’s a half price sale at the LFS this weekend so I can pick some up tomorrow… just not RIGHT NOW when I’m home and carless. Hmm, I wonder if the hardware store has any sewing supplies… that would be too awesome, though.

          • You never know. Our hardware store has a little bit of everything, so it wouldn’t exactly be a shock if they did. πŸ˜‰

            • Yeah, turns out they do have thread (black and white, plus a couple of sewing kits.) Not great quality, but probably fine for emergency overlocking. I think I love that little store!

  5. OK, now I’m kind of scared by your productivity! πŸ™‚ The workmanship on the wedding dress is beautiful! But you’re totally insane to take on all of that work when it’s not even stuff you’ll get to wear!!!

  6. Love the lacing! I’m sure it’ll look fabulous when you see with your fashion fabric. Goo luck with all sewing – that’s a lotta dresses to make on a month!

    As for sewing – I just finished one Hummingbird top and plan to make at least two more – one wih and one w/o Dickie. Also plan on making skirts. πŸ™‚

  7. Good luck with that! It would be awesome if hardware stores stocked sewing supplies. I have abandoned the idea of doing bound button holes on my jacket because I don’t have pointy scissors (my last pair were confiscated at the airport).

    Was wondering what you have been up to. Hope everything happens with the least panic possible!

  8. Wow, I admire your determination with the wedding sewing! The back of the wedding dress looks gorgeous! Can’t really tell what’s going on with the bridesmaid dresses though. What pattern are you doing?

    I’ve had a bit of a blow, after a fantastic (sewing- and knitting-wise) time off. Got into camp yesterday and found out that they’re halving production and laying off (what they claim, but I think it’s larger) 30% of their staff…including me. 😦 I’m so bummed because I love this job, and this makes the second lay-off in 2 years. What do I have to do to find a job I can devote years to?! Really guys, I’m eager and keen to work and not faff off when something better comes along! Take advantage of that and keep me, ffs.

    Anyways, sorry to vent in your comments. Not happy.

    On the plus side, I’ll have more time for sewing?

  9. Oh my Syo is ten? Oh well, they grow and we pick ourselves up off the floor from time to fime wondering where the years go.

    I love her face paint …. gorgeous. So is she, of course.

    I am skipping ahead to see how the wedding party clothing got on …. and hopefully your sanity remained intact!

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