It has been brought to my attention…

That yesterday, I wantonly and willfully, with complete disregard for public health and wellbeing,  planted the Spiderman theme song (and Simpsons version), in the minds of hundreds of innocent readers.

For this, I humbly apologize, and, in meagre recompense, offer you this:

Spiderdress Throwdown

Yes. Photoshopped Spider Dress Throwdown Sewdown.

Unfortunately, I was too lazy to go back and take photos in more active, cooler poses, so this is what you get. I like to think we’re about to go rescue some poor soul from the curse of ill-fitting storebought clothing…

Also, this is totally Oona’s fault.


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27 responses to “It has been brought to my attention…

  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! YES!!!!!! does this mean i’m the mastermind quietly pulling the strings behind the scenes? can i be like, dr doom or OH MY GOD EVEN BETTER PROFESSOR X?!!!

  2. AHAHAHAHA! This is probably the most amazing thing I’ve seen all month.

  3. That may be the best use of Photoshop I’ve ever seen.

  4. I’m pretty sure this is the best picture ever…TAS movie should use this as promotional material, at which point some rich person will see it and want to know who’s the mastermind behind such Photoshop genius, and then they will hire you to be a stylist/technical illustrator!

  5. Yes! Pure awesome-ness!

  6. Bri

    Oh my goodness you are too funny!

    Nice job on the photo shopping.

  7. That’s really, really cool.

  8. I love this, you made my day! Sewing Superheros!! Seriously, those dresses are cute enough to banish evil for sure ^___^

  9. oh yes! Totally perfect staging!! So impressed by your photoshop skills too. This really made me wish I was a superhero too [sighs wistfully ]

  10. Oh thank GOD. We’re saved by spidey goodness. Thank you ladies :o)

    PS still can’t get the tunes out of my head though ….


  12. Joy

    Ha, great photo! I hope you get plenty of opportunities to wear your fun new dress!

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