Not dead

… just busy.

There hasn’t been much sewing.


What’s up.

What has been done has been of the lather, rinse, repeat variety, which is interesting only in which new mistakes I’ll manage to make this time. I’m making Tyo’s fishing vest, now that Syo’s has been tested and found adequate (aside from the lack of D-rings, which I will be remedying shortly.)

On the plus side, my father-in-law gave me these cute little black thread snippers. They’re quite nifty. He got them from the fly fishing store, but I’ve seen similar designs sold for sewing, as well.

Also, Tyo found my good fabric scissors! They’re the same ones Gertie uses (I had mine first, or at least had them before she blogged hers) and my god are they awesome. Like, panty-wetting awesome. Ahem. Apparently they were on the basement floor underneath the giant neon-green stuffed turtle. They have been missing since sometime last winter, so finding them is a major relief. Darned turtle.

I’m hoping I can power through the rest of the vest this weekend, although what I’ll do after that remains mysterious. Too many ideas, not enough any time. I foresee lots of fantasy sewing posts in my future. If I can even find the time to write them.

On the subject of fishing (which I know you all find riveting), last weekend we attended the grand opening of the “Kids Can Fish Trout Pond” at our local fish hatchery (what, you don’t have a local fish hatchery?) and, among other fun activities, the kids got to tie their very own fishing flies, courtesy of volunteers from the local Hook & Hackle club.

Fly tying

This was an excercise to delight any crafter’s heart—yarn, feathers, beads, wire, string, glue… it was all I could do not to run screaming*.

More fly tying.

Naturally, Osiris thinks it’s the best thing ever. I think the only thing keeping him from sinking several hundred dollars into clamps, feathers, and wire (I already have a selection of beads and yarn) is the fact that we don’t have anything like several hundred dollars to sink into anything right now. And he’d rather be fishing. But come winter, watch out…

It doesn’t help that the lady helping Syo told her she was a “natural.”

*I have more than enough hobbies, thank you. I feel much the same way about scrapbooking.



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14 responses to “Not dead

  1. That’s turtle-y awesome re: finding your good scissors ;)!
    I reckon you need a nice easy sewing palette cleanser to clear your sewing mojo… perhaps? I dunno like ooohhh say a free vest/camisole pattern LOL? (NOT that I’m trying to enable you to buy more knit fabrics or anythin’ *whistles suspiciously to herself*…..)

  2. i can see why you’d run. that’s like bad ass jewelry.

  3. Hey I like the fishing posts. Although I’ve never done fly fishing, it’s all been trolling in Lake Manitoba. Still, very cool. Making flys seems like a way that insecure men will not have their male-ness threatened by crafting. I’d love to see what the girls came up with.

  4. Too funny! A friend of mine’s husband who fly fishes wanted ME to take up fly tying since (according to him) those little flies are expensive to buy. And, he said, You are crafty. You already have lots of yarn, beads, etc. You arleady have several sizes of hemostats and you would get free fish! Gee?! How could a girl refuse? NOT! On a sewing note: I tired the free download vest/camisole pattern and I had a devil of a time getting the fold over elastic on and it looks icky! So I am eager to see you make one and hopefully -please! provide some tips on sewing on elastic.. . . greedy, aren’t I?! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh, jeez. Well, they are pretty expensive, especially the really nice ones, and you often go through a *lot* of them. We don’t even keep any that they catch, so the only payoff is that momentary excitement of catching something.

      Hmm, I’ve had mixed results with FOE, sometimes awesome, sometimes crummy, and Zoe’s instructions look like they cover most of the tips that I would be able to give. Wider stuff is easier than narrower stuff…

  5. OH, fly-tying looks cool but I hear you on not needing any more crafts. Between the sewing, crochet and jewelry-making, I regularly have more stuff in storage than I know what to do with. I did scrapbooking briefly for a while as well, the main advantage there was all the stickers came in useful for the kids school projects after I stopped scrapbooking.

    I think I have hobby ADD. The only reason I stick with sewing is because I can always broaden my horizons.

    • My mom was a serial crafter, so as a kid I tried pretty much everything. At the moment, aside from the sewing stuff (which is the vast majority of everything), there’s one large tub of yarn, a smaller tub of beads/jewelry-making stuff, and about five small tubs of rubber stamp card-making supplies. Oh, and the art supplies.

      I won’t even count the dance costumes/music/DVDs…

  6. You poor thing. I have been noticing you haven’t been commenting on blogs much lately. Damn school. I do believe you need a present from Auntie Elle. Keep an eye on your mailbox next week. 8-D

  7. Amy

    I love those Kai scissors! I’ve had a pair for two years now and they are so much easier to cut with than the last few I tried (I get mild carpal tunnel). They look like they’re having a fun summer…

  8. Lilah

    It’s great to see a fly tying program for kids out there.Those look like very handy scissors to have too. Think I will be making a trip to a fly tying store to get me some!

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