La Mode Syo

The cool kid.

Syo would like you to know that she’s far, far, too cool to be posing in her new jeans for her mom.

They are a little big. Not really satisfyingly skinny.

Syo’s mother would like you to know that Syo is going to have to deal, I am so totally done with making clothes that are outgrown a month later.

Now that that’s out of the way, a few final details:

Rear view. Oh, that's the shrug I made here

The pockets look good. I like my feature pocket.


The waistband is flabby as I didn’t bother to interface (and it’s cut on the cross, i.e. stretchy). However, there are now studs. I bought plain “Bachelor buttons” rather than jeans buttons this time, because I didn’t really feel like spending $8 for 8 buttons when I could buy four bachelor buttons for less than two. The bachelor buttons may be slightly wimpier than the (already flimsy) Dritz jeans buttons, but not too much. Someday when the perfect conjunction of money and motivation coincides, I will order some proper ones off the internets. Until then, my children will suffer. Syo wanted a snap anyway, but didn’t mention this until after the buttonhole was cut.

Fuzzy pockets

She really likes the fuzzy pocket-lining fabric. I’m thinking I should make a future pair lined in something similar… extra warm and extra cozy all in one.


That gathered look has been achieved.

Got pug?

There are, however, few things cuter than a pug. Even a stuffed pug.

Also, I got the most awesome package in the mail today.

New pattern!

Yes, it’s that awesome 70s coat pattern Zoe made up last year and then recently decided to give away. I feel totally honoured and squee-tastic that she picked me (not to mention a little apprehensive. What if I stuff it up?). I am so excited. I’ve never made a Vogue pattern before. Bet you can’t guess which view I want to make. πŸ˜‰

So I guess I know what my next project is. Aside from the pair of ruched jeans I’ve already cut out for Tyo, anyway.




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23 responses to “La Mode Syo

  1. Syo is one lucky kid. The ruching looks very fashionable!

  2. Love the ruching!
    In college, I had a pair of jeans that was lined in flannel (actually, in hindsight, I think they were underlined). They were so soft and cosy and perfect for snowy days. So, I would totally love to see you give something like that a shot!

  3. Your’e such an awesome mom. Now go make yourself a coat! You deserve it.

  4. The only thing cuter than a stuffed pug is Syo’s expression in that picture. Awww…. The jeans look great, and I use the no-sew bachelor buttons all the time instead of the jeans buttons (because the jeans buttons require a hammer, and I’m lazy). So far, they’ve held up through washings and everything. Mine look different though — more like jean-style metal buttons?

    I’m guessing you are making the green view….that’s the one I think I like the most, anyway, or the border print but I can’t see that one as well.

    • How do you put on bachelor buttons, if not with a hammer? Which is what I used. Aside from the plain, shiny surface, these bachelor buttons are all metal (the jeans buttons I have available all have a plastic shank), and might have a slightly smaller nail-side (whatever that bit is called). Only slightly, though…

      I will almost certainly be making it without the belt, like the green view. I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist the super-ankle-length, though…

      • The jeans and bachelor buttons we have here both are all metal. However, the jeans buttons will only “click” together so far and have to be hammered the rest of the way. The bachelor buttons (they’re also called no-sew pants buttons) have a nail-side that looks like a screw, and when you click them together, it goes in all the way without hammering. I’ve never had one come off. They’re a little smaller than the jeans buttons. Yours look like shiny metal, but mine have something stamped on them so they look like name-brand buttons. Dritz makes them, I think, if you wanted to google for a picture. I love bachelor buttons!

  5. Nice jeans. I second the motion to go make yourself a coat!

  6. Your girls are awesome, I love their expressions and modelling style. That ruching is a great little detail.

    I actually have a pair of fleece lined jeans from Mark’s Work Wearhouse. For women there was only the fleece option, but men had the option of three different linings. Mine aren’t underlined, the legs hand independent of each other and are tacked in spots. Kind of handy for pushing one layer inside my boots and leaving the other out. I hope the link works, this is for men but the concept is the same as mine

  7. Amy

    She’s just too adorable… Now I have no idea what bachelor buttons are? (I thought they were flowers ;). And are you going to make the duster length coat?!

    • Bachelor buttons are no-sew, nail-on type buttons, the same basic idea as jeans buttons but usually not quite as robust. So, y’know, the poor bachelors who can’t even sew on a button can still put buttons on something, I guess.

      And I do, indeed, want to make the full-extra-long length. /sigh.

  8. They look great! I really love the ruching down the legs, and the shield pockets are totally groovy… fab work!

  9. Joy

    Maybe they’ll skinny up in the wash. But the details are great!

    The coat pattern also looks great. This is the time for warm sewing!

    • Yeah, the only problem is I don’t have the materials for a REALLY warm winter coat, nor do I have any spare money for such splurges at the moment… so any coat I make right now probably can’t be worn until spring πŸ˜‰

  10. Love the idea of fuzzy-lined jeans. And again, so impressed about your jeans sewing. Are you using an industrial machine for all that topstitching?

    • I’ve been using my Singer Featherweight for the topstitching, except the bar tacks, obviously, as that’s a straight stitch machine. This particular topstitching thread isn’t the evil Gutermann stuff (or the flimsy Sulky stuff), so even my regular machine handles it fairly well (except for the zig-zags :P). I have used regular topstitching thread on my regular machine… it takes some fiddling and a few unorthodox tricks, but it can work. πŸ˜‰

  11. I double-checked the dress form stocks when I was at Fabricville, because according to their website, I was a petite (even though I think of myself more as average-sized than petite, but whatever). They also had a Junior size which seems like it could work for a very slim adult. I think the sale is over this weekend though, so if you haven’t written your letter to Santa yet, better get crackin’. πŸ˜‰

    • Hmm, my measurements do fall within the range available for the Junior… I wonder what the back length is (it still wouldn’t have my swayback, though πŸ˜‰ )

      Sadly, a dress form isn’t in the budget (even half price, even in the Christmas budget) this year… /sigh.


    you’re going to rock the vintage vogue, they are haughty patterns that assume you have skillz, which you most certainly do. i’m in the middle of a VV box pleat skirt that has been seam ripped 8 times.

    • I SO want to see you make jeans! πŸ˜€ Crazy acid-washed Oona jeans. A Bedazzler might even be required.

      The instructions are certainly intimidating, although they seem fairly thorough.

      I don’t think I’ve EVER ripped seams eight times on one garment. Your persistence is intensely commendable. πŸ˜‰ And now I feel like we’re Vogue twins, however briefly. πŸ˜€

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