Make me one too!

Tyo's jeans, Version II

Or, a further failure of selfishness.

The first pair of jeans I made, a year and a half or so ago, were from Jalie 2908, and were for Tyo. They turned out great (better, in hindsight, than the pair I made myself next), and fit Tyo like a dream.

For approximately a week before it got hot and they were abandoned for the summer, and by the end of her usual summer growth spurt they were thoroughly outgrown. I grumbled, re-measured, traced out her new size, and went on making any number of jeans for myself. In the intervening year and a bit, Syo got two pairs of jeans made just for her, and inherited Tyo’s original pair. So, really, Tyo had a fair bit of leverage going on when I finished Syo’s ruched jeans last week, and she instantly demanded her own pair.

In my defense, I already had these cut when the coat pattern from Zoe arrived. So really I had to finish my currently-underway project. I really did. And given that my sewing is currently of the one-seam-a-day variety, I’m doing pretty well to have these as far along as they are.

As per Tyo’s specifications, I combined the ruching from Syo’s recent pair with the same cut-out-over-plaid detailing of Tyo’s original pair (which was inspired by a RTW pair belonging to Syo… yeesh this gets confusing). And they’re skinny-ish. The plaid is the leftovers from Tyo’s purple shirt, which I also need to re-make in an appropriate size.

I re-measured Tyo and went up a size from the one I’d traced out for her last fall. She’s still closer to the smaller size, but I am not making another pair to be handed down instantly. So they’re not as snug as the RTW skinnies in Tyo’s wardrobe. The length isn’t quite as ample as I’d expected it to be, however, which may be a problem in the “growing into” department.



I interfaced the plaid flannel with Armoweft to give it a bit of extra support without having to add a whole ‘nother layer of denim behind it (as I did in the first jeans). I think it’s a good compromise.  The yoke has a layer of flannel sandwiched between two layers of denim (even the Featherweight wasn’t happy stitching that), and once the waistband is in place I’ll snip around the top layer of denim. Once it’s washed a few times it’ll have a great fun frayed look. I suspect some distressing will be in order as well.

Pieced Waistband

As I was trying to squeeze the pair out of a denim remnant (I tend to buy 2 m lengths to make a pair for myself, so this is what’s left of that after I made my own jeans) I cut the waistband on the lengthwise grain (no stretch) and in two halves; again due to fabric shortage, I opted to face it in the flannel. Unfortunately, a quick fitting around Tyo’s hips on the weekend suggested that it was going to be a bit short, so I pieced a further bit on each end.  On the top left corner you can see the buttonhole where the buttonhole elastic will emerge from. At least this time I remembered to bind the edge of the waistband before attaching it. Much easier this way.  I feel like this is going to be a much more substantial waistband than the one on Syo’s pair… we’ll just have to see.

Darting yoke pattern piece. Only with two darts.

I made a couple of fit adjustments, although it’s not entirely clear how successful they were (I’ll get back to you once the waistband’s on). I curved in the yoke by a couple of cm (standard on Jalie 2908 unless you have a really flat butt, I think), and I increased the rear crotch length (height? depth?) by adding a wedge 1 cm wide at the CB seam, tapering to nothing at the side-seam. In theory, this gives Tyo a bit more (much needed) booty coverage.

It’s been nearly a week since my last post. I hate posting so infrequently, but that’s the state of things right now, and not likely to improve until later next year. I’m going to try to keep the blog limping along as long as I can, but at some point in the next few months the thesis s$&t will really hit the time-crunch fan, all semblance of a balanced, healthy lifestyle will go out the window, and I will be reduced to a twitching, zombie-like being stumbling around the house mumbling “cladistics is the answer and the problem!” and “intersubjectivity as a substitute for objectivity is flawed!”.

But in the mean-time, there are jeans.

And, hopefully soon, a coat.



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18 responses to “Make me one too!

  1. Great pockets! Jeans always seem like such a major project to me. Good luck with that thesis. I hope it turns out as well as your jeans.

  2. You are truly amazing! These are just fabulous jeans!! good luck in the weeks ahead!!!

  3. ElleC

    Nice work, love the purple top-stitching. Good luck with the thesis.

  4. I love the jeans and wish I had some leverage, too.

  5. I just found Vogue Patterns magazine at Shopper’s with Selfish Seamstress’ article about sewing for children. So funny! You should read it.
    Great jeans. I love the plaid.

  6. Shams

    Really cute jeans! I sure never made jeans for my daughters. 🙂

  7. Love the pockets – you’re just so creative! And tons and tons of good luck, sanity and the occasional time of selfishness to you as you hunker down towards the thesis deadline.

  8. I’ve never even made jeans for me, let alone someone else. The pockets are so cute!

    Good luck with all the thesis and all. What a pain that life gets in the way of the really important stuff, like keeping your blog readers amused. LOL

  9. Amy

    I finally started cutting out the denim for a pair of my own Jalie jeans. I may obsessively stalk all of your jean posts as I start sewing. And, good luck with the thesis writing. I remember doing nothing other than sleeping, eating, and writing. But, I didn’t have a family and hadn’t started sewing, so nothing was holding me accountable for keeping balance in my life. Good luck!

    • Stalk away! The downside of being a grad student with kids is also the upside—there’s a hard limit to how much of your waking time can be spent on school. This requires better time management (not my best skill). On the other hand I’m the only one in my lab who didn’t develop mysterious psychosomatic symptoms during my Candidacy exam period. 😉

  10. Good luck with your thesis! If you bring that vocabulary here, I’m sure we won’t understand it but we WILL be sympathetic.

    Those jeans are awesome and I WANT them. My own pants project this weekend wound up with too many flaws to even bother finishing them….sigh.

  11. Amy

    Love the pocket stitching! (And can so relate to the thesis language taking over the brain. And sleep.) Like Amy, I’m starting to stalk your jeans posts… I also finally broke down and bought the Jalie pattern for a winter project.

    • I remember during the final stretch of my master’s falling asleep at night with visions of little teeth literally parading behind my eyes… I’m not quite there yet, but it’s getting close.

      Happy stalking. My first few Jalie jeans posts (and my PR review) go into more detail on the changes I made to the pattern right off the bat. 🙂

  12. Thanks everyone for the thesis well-wishes. I kinda wish I could just skip over the next six months… but no such luck. Here’s to sanity sewing! (You’ll know I’ve really gone round the bend when I start ordering Spoonflower fabric with prints based on my figures…)

  13. Amy

    Best of luck with your thesis! The jeans look great. I LOVE those pockets.

  14. 😀 Love the stars on the pockets!
    Also, puzzling over cladistics and intersubjectivity. Good luck with your thesis!

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