So close…

Zig-zag butted edges and twill-tape covering

And yet so far away.

The interlining is assembled. This was interesting and kind of fun, but not very tricky. I cut it out sans seam allowance, butted the edges, and stitched them together with a three-step zig-zag. Then, just to make the join stronger, I covered it with twill tape stitched down on each side.

Then I ran out of twill tape.

Unwilling to be delayed or sacrifice the two hours it would take to get to Fabricland on transit to get more twill tape, I

My space suit!

sacrificed some nice ribbon instead. Sorry. If I’d had crummy ribbon I would’ve used that. Well, at least it’s pretty.

I actually have gotten quite a bit further… I have lining inserted, collar attached, and am currently fighting with the hem. It’s not going well. The front panel has an edge on the bias, which stretched out when I hung it up. Now, I’m pretty sure the instructions included a part on hanging before hemming… but anyway, it threw off the fit with the front facing, which is interfaced so didn’t stretch… I was suppose to interface the front itself but I messed it up… actually the instructions didn’t say which until AFTER, I guess assuming your front and facing pieces will be interchangeable. Sine I had to piece together my facings, that wasn’t really an option. So anyway, I’m having some issues there. I’ll take pictures when it’s looking a little more kick-ass than it is now, hopefully by the end of the weekend.

In Self-Stitched September news, here’s today’s outfit:

Self-Stitched September, day 16

I am a goddess of compassion.

As you can see, it’s only one piece (the pants… ok it’s actually the other Lydia shirt but really, the arms are identical) off from this much better pic from last week.

Self-Stitched September 6

But really, I'm just a goofball.

Taking pics outside is WAY more fun, I think.

Anyway, having sewed more than I ought to today (even if I don’t have much to show for it yet), I will take my leave… hopefully when we meet again I’ll have a coat to show off!



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7 responses to “So close…

  1. hey there! i like the space suit! what are you using for interlining (and I apologize if you’ve already gone over that…) I live in Minnesota and we have a lot of cold here and I’ve been thinking a lot about interlinings lately!

    • To be honest, I have no idea what it’s called. It was from Fabricland; it resembles a stiff polyester felt with foil on one side, that’s been punched through with lots of tiny holes to allow water vapour to escape. It was $18/m, so I figured it must be good (love that logic, eh? I waited til the 50% off sale to buy it). It’s fairly stiff (as you can see) but not very thick. Hopefully it will do the trick—I’ll get back to you all about it once it gets some wear.

  2. Klingon Warbirds approaching!!! Get back into your space suit and screw the compassion!

  3. kbenco

    I like bits of selvage when I run out of twill tape. It makes me feel thrifty! – although I have a 20 year collection of nice ribbon, maybe I should use it to make pretty interlining instead. Cute space suit.

    • Oh, that’s a good idea! wish I’d thought of it before I sacrificed half my ribbon. Ah, well. Maybe it counts as one of those “secret touches” that make hand-made so special?

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