Remember what I said about the north wind?

Yes, that's snow on my neighbour's roof this morning.

It didn’t stick, but it still sucked.

Canadian winters are sorta like childbirth. They really suck when they’re happening, but then when they’re over you feel all macho and tough for getting through it (why no, I didn’t have an epidural. Either time.). Except that I only had to go through childbirth twice. Of course, this isn’t winter. Winter’s still a good couple of months off, though with La Nina developing it will probably be a nasty one, unlike last winter, which barely counted. It was nice, but not nice enough to make up for the cruddy summer.

I never have understood why people like fall. It’s my birthday season and I still don’t understand it.

Anyway, that’s probably my year’s quotient of weather-whining for a sewing blog, so I’ll move on.

Other than needing to vent over the snow, I might as well have skipped posting today. The outfit’s a repeat, and the only “sewing” consisted of pulling out most of the seam holding lining to coat to re-position it. There was a lot of swearing involved. It may end up not being possible to wear this coat unbuttoned, because I’m not convinced I can keep the front sides from swinging out. Though I guess if I have to tack down all the inside seams, I will. Grrr. Well, I’m definitely learning a lot. I’m sure if I went to make it over again, I would screw up way less.

Anyway, the daily outfit is a repeat, so bring on the goofy poses:

Self-Stitched September, Day 17

Walk like an Egyptian!

Self-Stitched September, Day 17

OMFG it's freakin' cold out here!!!!1!

Self-Stitched September, Day 17

This is what happens when you turn around to see if the camera's gone off yet.

Have a great weekend!



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10 responses to “Remember what I said about the north wind?

  1. We never get snow here, so I’m jealous!! (only just a tiny bit, though because I’m sick of winter and looking forward to summer…)
    Your jeans are just amazing, they fit you like a glove and you have an fabulous figure to carry them off! Great outfit!

  2. knitsnwovens

    I love fall! But apparently my fall isn’t your fall (amazing the different climates in the same country!) – personally I don’t understand why people like spring. Here it’s grey, cold, and rainy right up until the end of June when it turns full-on summer in about a week. It’s the gloomiest season ever.

  3. Fall in Minnesota is fab, although it usually only lasts a couple of weeks. But it’s all sunny and crisp air and orange leaves and whatnot. Then of course it turns into winter. In North Dakota fall was a little more sucky, probably like yours. It just all of the sudden was cold. Although almost always sunny. It was the -80 in the winter that was the killer. Hmmm… maybe 112 here isn’t so bad….

    • Hehe… see, I’m used to the almost-always sunny thing. This summer was cold and wet. I didn’t even have to water the lawn. WTF? So I didn’t get my dose of “ah crap I can’t take this heat anymore!” that I need to get me through the winter without excessive whining.

      Apparently I’m psychologically adapted to an extreme climate. This doesn’t mean I won’t complain a lot, however 😉

  4. funnygrrl

    It’s our DUTY to complain about the winters! It makes us Canadian. I don’t know how people make small talk in places like Hawaii.
    Love the posts, even with duplicate outfits, just for the poses.

    • Agreed. I guess in Hawaii they can complain about the volcanoes acting up? … and there’s always the tourists. I imagine if you live in a tourist destination you can always complain about the tourists.

  5. OK, I live in Canada and I’ve had a kid with no medication (at home!) and I have to say I’ll take a lifetime of winters over that experience 🙂

  6. Yup!! Only in Canada can you experience three seasons in less than a day!


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