The north wind doth blow…

And we shall have snow. Apparently by tomorrow morning.

pause for a lengthy insertion of expletives.

Okies, moving on. Or, not really moving. The kids-in-school thing is definitely turning into a stranglehold. Tyo had homework, dictee (spelling in French… yes, my children are receiving their education in French), and a bunch of forms for me to fill out. Between that, running to the grocery store, and making supper, somehow the evening flew and I barely got anything resembling sewing done at all. Here is my progress:

What will be the interlining of my coat

I traced around the pattern pieces with marker because I was too lazy to pin them down. The plan is to cut them out (minus seam allowances) and butt the eges together and stitch with a 3-step zig-zag, possibly reinforced with twill tape. We’ll see how this goes.

But, in happier news, I opened my mail this morning and look what came!

Ceylon and Lady Grey!

Colette patterns! Are those not the cutest little pattern booklets you’ve ever seen? (ok I’m sure they’re old news to everyone else in blogland, deal) You open them up and there’s the instructions in a little booklet on the left, and a pocket with Β the folded tissue on the right.

Inside: instructions (in booklet form) on the left, pattern on the right

I got to admit, for a $20 pattern I may prefer the Jalie way of printing it on real paper, but these are adorable anyway, and more compact.

Now Gertie’s officially starting the Lady Grey sewalong tomorrow (cutting muslins) and somehow I’m thinking I’m not going to make it. Especially since I don’t have my original winter coat done. Which I need, and soon, if it’s going to start freakin’ snowing on us.

Speaking of coats, I decided to photograph today’s ensemble with mine, since otherwise it’s an incredibly boring repeat (Lydia and Jalie jeans, OMFG). This is not a self-stitched piece, it’s thrifted, ages ago (but if I started counting thrifted and hand-me-down items for the challenge, well, that’s almost everything in my wardrobe except some of my jeans). I’m liking the cozy thrown over one shoulder under the coat… it works like a big red scarf, and keeps my belly warm since the coat itself doesn’t have any closure. It’s a lovely coat, though, as long as you’re wearing it for purely fashion-related purposes. Which I’m not.

Self-Stitched September, day 15

Speaking of which, it’s officially halfway through September. Crap. Well, I got SOME of what I needed to get done accomplished. Anyway, I have done it “all” Self-Stitched. Barring, y’know, socks and undies and sweaters and coats. But pretty much all self-stitched. Hurray! Thanks for the encouragement, you guys, because I would not have had the guts to step it up if you hadn’t.

And, y’know, it’s not so much that I’m bored of wearing the clothes, so much as I’m bored of recording the same ones over and over. Yet on some level I’ve bought in to a must-photograph-to-document-my-participation kind of mentality. Kinda weird. Anyway, what do you think? Continue with the daily outfit or let it slide? At least it gives me something to blog about on the days like today when I got almost nothing done. On the other hand, it’s pretty boring. Which is worse, no post or boring post? πŸ˜‰



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13 responses to “The north wind doth blow…

  1. keep blogging! it’s fun to see… besides it’s a quick slide to dropping the pictures to dropping the self-stitchery-wearing!!

  2. Would you like some of our weather down here in Southeast US of A? Its still in the 90’s (Fahrenheit) with 80% humidity.

  3. wuhooo go you with the all self stitched – told ya you could do it!!! i am totally the same, i have a few outfits on rotation for work and yes i keep taking and posting my daily photo (not to blog though, not been a very proficient blogger lately!)
    good luck with finishing off your coat πŸ™‚

  4. Snow?!? It’s going to be 90 here today. I’m actually pretty sick of the hot weather. Good for you for doing sss. I wimped out. And why not continue posting pics? Then you have a record that you actually did it, which is awesome!

  5. Well, we seem to have dodged the snow bullet, although it is raining and the daytime high is 5 degrees above freezing. Man, 90 F sounds so good right now…. Well, at least I have lots of incentive to finish my coat!

    If I’m not boring you all to tears, I guess I’ll keep up with the postings πŸ™‚

  6. Darci

    No post if you’re not inspired. I haven’t blogged since last month… I’m with the “no need to write to participate” camp,apparently. I’ve been sewing like crazy, just haven’t worn it yet to photograph…

    Skunky that your snow’s coming up so quickly, but maybe it’ll give just the incentive you need to finish your fab new coat!

  7. I’d say keep going.

    As for the hellish nightmare that is parental homework responsibility… words fail me. They actually do.

    No wait, they don’t. W.T.F.??? I actually got a “conduct cut” myself for not signing one of the kids’ stupid conduct cut reports on exactly the right day. Despite the fact that my kid hadn’t actually RECIEVED any, y’know, conduct cuts that week. Really? It’s so flippin’ vital that I sign the stupid piece of paper telling me that my kid was GOOD all week ON THE DAY YOU SAY???

    I loathe first grade teachers. I really do. They seem to think the whole world is six.

    How do you say “conduct cut” in French. I think I’ll start conducting all my first grade business in French. Even though, y’know, the only langauges besides English I’ve ever learned any part of are German and Ojibwe.

    Oooo… maybe I’ll conduct all my first-grade business in Ojibwe. Too bad I can only say, “I am from Fargo. Where are you going? We went to the movies last night.”


    Ok, sorry. Rant off.

    • Haha! Ok, ours aren’t quite that crazy. There’s just a weekly homework assignment, due Thursdays, and Tyo is a little limited in her ability to do work independently. Syo’s much better, but she neglected to tell me (and I’m bad about reading the agendas they bring home) she had homework over the weekend. Once she told me (aka got in trouble for not doing it), it took about five minutes. They do send home forms to sign if there’s a problem (homework not done, behavioural issue), but I’ve never gotten in trouble for not signing one THAT DAY.

      The best thing I’ve found is to keep tabs with the teacher. When Tyo was in gr. 1 (and having MAJOR academic problems… now she is medicated and only has large academic problems)I picked her up after school and had a 5 to 10 minute chat with her teacher literally EVERY DAY. It made for a more team, less adversarial approach, which is important for a kid like Tyo. I could go on, but chronicling the academic process for my kids would be a whole nother blog (which might not be a bad idea… then I could quit boring my childless co-workers to death with it.)

    • Also, I am SO GLAD my kids are 3 years apart. Having to deal with first grade homework two years in a row, plus two reading logs at once would’ve killed me.

      Go for the Ojibwe. Do they have their own alphabet? Even better.

  8. Sz

    Post! Keep posting! and styling!

  9. Oh my gosh SNOW! Craziness. You guys always get the winter weather worse than we do! In fact, we barely even got snow all winter last year..
    You’ve done SO well wearing all self-stitched items. I’m impressed! I am also bored of writing about my outfits, and feel like I’m boring people as well. I’ve been wondering the same thing as well, as I get the most comments on ‘fail’ outfits and not so many on the ones I think are pretty decent. Go figure! I like reading every day, it feels like we’re all playing the same game.
    Oh and, I thought the same thing when I received my first Colette patterns order – so pretty!

    • Well, fortunately the snow held off (or was melted by the time I got up this morning). You guys also got much better summer weather than we had this year—which is unusual ;). That was crazy with the fires, though.

      I like your little write ups and Q&As… but then your outfits are a little more varied and interesting than mine :). I’m guessing reading other peoples’ daily updates is more interesting than writing our own πŸ˜‰

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