Is it wrong…

to feel smug that your self-sewn dress fits you better than the bride`s? (Not that hers wasn’t adorable, and also knee-length and empire-waisted, but it was just a tad big on her)

No photos yet (they are stuck on my camera until I get home) but the reception was smashing and so was the Danielle dress. I felt very on-trend (not a feeling I actually pursue) as almost all the dresses on display last night (and there were lots of lovely ones) were just shy of knee length, and over half were empire waists. I also got lots of complements on my “design feature”… the third front pleat (AKA where I failed to cut the fabric on the fold.) However, the bodice that felt a little snug in trying on was VERY snug for a whole evening… not a lot of deep breathing going on. Still, awesome, fun, and looked really good (and not at all home-made, I think 😉 ). It is,  however, not my  favourite thing ever for dancing in (not that that stopped me)… for dancing I like something that accentuates the hips and has some swish; the lovely Danielle  dress has neither. Still delightful. I can’t think of a much better bunch of people I’d like to have at a wedding. Almost makes me want to get married…



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2 responses to “Is it wrong…

  1. seemane

    It’s not wrong – because your thoughts relate purely to the the finish of the garment & the seamstressing-skills of the maker of the bride’s gown (I hope it wasn’t the bride or her Mum opps!) – you weren’t saying anything bad-ish, just that you felt super-happy with how your own ensemble had turned out LOL :)!

    • No it wasn’t the bride or her mom. It wasn’t a full-scale gown, just an off-white dress with a lace overlay. Really cute, but it seemed just a little big for her (she is extremely tiny).

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