So close!

Danielle dress---almost finished!

I guess it would be a better strategy to show less progress, save the full dress for the big reveal, right?

Sorry, I don’t have that kind of self-discipline. So here’s the Danielle dress—ALMOST done. So close. It just needs a hem and one shoulder sewn up. I took it to work with me

Danielle dress---back

today, finished the zipper by hand on the train (I sewed the zipper to the lining by machine, but hand-picked the outer layer. At least, I think it was hand-picking. I haven’t actually read any of the numerous wonderful tutorials out there on hand-finishing zippers. It’s not perfect on the inside, but the stitches are damn near invisible on the outside, so I’m not going to complain.

Boy, the dress is SNUG. Not the outer shell, by the way—just the lining. I tried to cut the lining a bit smaller… apparently I succeeded too well. Ah well. I don’t think I’ll be popping seams, but unfortunately it means the outer fabric can’t stretch quite as much, so the bust is looking a bit rugose again. Though if anyone is looking that closely at my chest, they’re looking WAY too close, right?

Side view---a little pouffy in the front.

It’s a tiny bit pouffy at the front, due to my 3rd pleat/insert, I think. I’ll do what I can with ironing, but… ah well. I don’t mind looking 5 months pregnant… I do most of the time, anyway ;).

The hem will come up about 3 inches, I’m thinking, in the hemming.

Did I mention I’m insanely proud of that zipper? It’s the first one I’ve ever done (aside from jeans flies) that doesn’t catch on its surrounding fabric. It’s not invisible (it’s not an invisible zipper), but it’s nice and even and I’m okay with it. ๐Ÿ™‚ And it made my 40-minute-each-way train commute much more enjoyable.

Oh, and if it’s a little rumpled… that’s because it spent the day in my backpack! So really, it looks pretty good. ๐Ÿ™‚


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