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One week, One pattern

Jeans pictures

This is me burning with envy*

I didn’t sign up for Tilly’s One Week, One Pattern.

I wanted to.

But I’m not doing well with commitment these days (quite the opposite).

And my obvious pattern, Jalie 2908, well, that would just be too easy. I could practically wear a different version each day, never mind styling. Likewise the obvious second choice, my knit sloper. BORING.

So I withheld. And withheld.

And now the pics are popping up like crazy.

And I’m insanely jealous.

So I just want you all to know,

I wish I’d signed up for One Week, One Pattern.


*this is not my back yard at the moment. This is from Me-Made March 2011. ¬†Although I did wear those jeans yesterday. Just sayin’.


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