One week, One pattern

Jeans pictures

This is me burning with envy*

I didn’t sign up for Tilly’s One Week, One Pattern.

I wanted to.

But I’m not doing well with commitment these days (quite the opposite).

And my obvious pattern, Jalie 2908, well, that would just be too easy. I could practically wear a different version each day, never mind styling. Likewise the obvious second choice, my knit sloper. BORING.

So I withheld. And withheld.

And now the pics are popping up like crazy.

And I’m insanely jealous.

So I just want you all to know,

I wish I’d signed up for One Week, One Pattern.


*this is not my back yard at the moment. This is from Me-Made March 2011. Β Although I did wear those jeans yesterday. Just sayin’.



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21 responses to “One week, One pattern

  1. start today. you know you want to.

    tilly totally allows latecomers. it says so in the ruley rules.

  2. katiedmd

    I feel your pain. I thought about it, too. But I’m too much of a pattern ho. And I don’t like wearing the same jeans more than once a week. That gives me an excuse to sew lots of jeans… πŸ™‚

    • I lived too many years with only one or two pairs of wearable jeans to wear them only once—although I do do that with the more recognizable ones (like the cargoes I’m wearing in the above photo.) But my “lots of jeans” are pretty much all from the one pattern, so they still would count. I’m pretty sure with some minor mending (or if the weather were summery) I could wear a different pair each day for all 7 days…

  3. Ha ha! Yesterday, I was feeling the exact same way! I have 5 Sorbettos, so I could easily participate… Why, why didn’t I sign up?!?

    I say if you still feel like participating, go for it!

  4. I DID sign up, but have had to back out. The pattern I’d planned to use didn’t work out, and I haven’t had time to finish the second pattern I’d decided on. Never mind that the second pattern was for a skirt, and winter has suddenly re-appeared in Manitoba. I knew better, too. 25C weather is not normal here in March. Or April. Or even May. PLUS I got sent out for field work 3 days this week, after being told I’d be in the office from now on, so I couldn’t have been wearing skirts ANYWAYS.

    I need to stop signing up for stuff, since I always seem to jinx myself when I do.

    • I wouldn’t’ve even considered it if I didn’t have at least two patterns already all stitched up that would work.

      Also, yes, 25C in Manitoba in March? You know it’s only a matter of time before another blizzard hits. (Of course, this whole time you guys have had fab weather, ours has been pretty crap, so I just might be bitter πŸ˜‰ )

      • Haha! Yeah, we’ve been laughing at you poor smucks. Normally you have all the good weather and we have all the crap, BUT NOT THIS YEAR! I suspect the Chinooks bypassed you guys and paid us a visit (or something).

        I had a few versions of the same top, I just needed to spend about 1 hour on each of them to finish them off. And then I realized that they suck and that was that. My frantic scramble to come up with something else failed, and I gave up. Another time!

  5. I considered it BUT it would have meant wearing the same exact item for seven days in a row, since I don’t have more than one of anything (except panties and maternity skirts).

  6. You’re so not alone! I think just about everyone not doing it (um, me for example) has had a case of envy. Oh well.

  7. sewforward

    I know what you mean – I want to join/participate/sign-up/enroll/partake – Heck! Throw my lot in the rest of ‘um. But then my excitement fades and I fall behind and evenutally berate myself for thinking I could commit to a commitment in the first place! I have realized that I would much rather sit here on the side lines and see what others are doing and get inspired by their creativity which in turns fuels my gumption to get-to-the-sewing-room!

  8. Well, I wanted to sign up, too, but honestly couldn’t come up with anything that I’ve ever made more than twice, and was too lazy to put the required thinking into participating! So I’m just enjoying everyone’s posts!

  9. I couldn’t even sign up for it — I literally only have two of any one pattern. I guess I don’t like to repeat myself?

    If I had all the jeans you have though, I would totally have signed up. Brain dead outfit blogging — what’s not to love?

  10. I’m in the same boat, seeing everyone’s photos. But then I remember that I when I raise my hand for everything, nothing happens. Or it does, but much to my husband’s dismay :/

  11. I’m doing my owop photos all at once… I had lots of lace to talk about this week, though I guess I could have put them at the end of each post… Oh well, at any rate I must have read the instructions wrong and I’m doing them all as one post.

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