Camouflage pinafores

There’s a pattern by Helen’s Closet for a simple, pull-over adult pinafore, called the York Pinafore. I made one a few years ago, here. Well, a few weeks ago I got it into my head that matching mini Yorks for the twins would be adorable.

Can you spot the pocket?

I had actually started taking some measurements and drafting a pattern when I realized that I already had one—the stretchy overalls I made the twins over the winter are actually the exact same shape, minus the legs.

So I grabbed a kangaroo pocket in the twins size from Jalie 3355, and a yard of camo-print corduroy that I wasn’t sad to see go from the stash, and made them.

This was a simple project that would’ve been quick under any normal circumstances, but I can rarely “sew” for more than ten minutes at a stretch these days (Though the twins are very interested and excited to help me sort through everything, especially if it involves pins or pulling thread off of spools.)

For the bias tape finish I used some red quilting cotton tape I had made at some point for… something? Anyway it was in stash and ready to go. My application wasn’t particularly perfect, but I’m not going to fuss too badly about it. I do like the pop of colour.

My least favourite part is the hem; I did a quick blind hem on my machine, but in the black thread it’s not the least bit blind. I should’ve used a tan thread and just coloured the bits that showed with a sharpie. Or just topstitched the hem like the bias tape, which would’ve been easier. But I don’t think it will bother me enough to change—sewing time is too precious and summer is too fleeting.

Despite the cuteness these are a bit heavy for the weather we’re having, which has most days reaching higher than 30C, so I’ll just have to hope they still fit come fall…



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12 responses to “Camouflage pinafores

  1. Too cute! And those little boots! 😍

    • My husband found them the boots—he is their official stylist. 😂

      • Maybe I should have him find some boots for me. I’ve been on a months long quest to find boots that are comfortable for long hours of standing on concrete and have a zipper to get into them. I’ve heard that instead of combat or western style I should try biker boots next, so 🤞🤞.

  2. Carol T

    They are very cute. Look how big they are already!

  3. Those outfits are adorable. The styling is serious – Robin has a thing going on!

  4. Katy Efner

    Very cute. However, I saw an article written by a police officer saying that camouflage can make it harder to find small children if they run off and get lost in a big park or wooded area. Please keep safety in mind with camouflage becoming a popular style for children.

  5. Jo

    Dear Tanit,

    Long-time reader, first-time commenter here. I discovered your blog and read through your archives several years ago, during a period where all my artistic output was digital and I was itching to take up an analog craft*. I’ve been checking up on your posts every once in a while since then. During a recent bout of insomnia, I’ve revisited the archives, which inspired me to write this message of appreciation.

    *(I didn’t end up learning to sew garments, but I did start crocheting. And I’m now in grad school, which, iirc, was where you were when you started this blog, so I still have time to pick sewing up if I feel like it! 😊)

    What I love about your blog – the reason I’m still reading even though I don’t sew – is that this site is an extant piece of the Old Internet. It makes me feel nostalgic. I love how, in the age of polished and phony Instagram influencers, you’ve maintained your authenticity. You’re still a person trying new things, celebrating her successes, and deconstructing her mistakes.

    I wish you and your adorable family the best. Your kids are super-cute, and super-lucky to have you for a mom. (I wouldn’t trade my own mom for the world, but I do wish you were, like, my aunt or second cousin or something. I’m also jealous of your sisters-in-law for learning to sew from the Sewing Goddess Herself. You seem SUPER COOL to hang out with.)

    Thank you for sharing your creative journey with those of us on the other side of the screen!

    • Wow, thank you for the message! And thank you for reading :). Blogs may be a bit passé but I remind myself that I write for myself, first, mainly as a log of my projects. My goal was never to be polished or popular, but always to be real, so I’m glad you find that. Congratulations on starting grad school—I hope it goes well for you!

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