There aren’t enough words.

The last few months are too much, and nothing. I could write a book, or not even a paragraph.

The twins were born ten weeks early, at the end of August. They weighed three lbs (1350g) apiece.

It was terrifying, and wonderful.

I don’t know how to find the balance between exhausting, tedious detail, and glossing over everything. Nothing has happened except sitting–in hospital rooms, at home. Everything has happened.

For now, I’ll gloss. They’re home. They’re healthy. They’re over six and seven lbs, respectively. We’re figuring things out. Sleep is elusive. Sewing is nonexistent. Days slide by in a haze of baby feeding, changing, and spit up. I’ve been posting play-by-plays on Instagram, under the hashtag #tanitisisandthetwins , if you’re interested. I’m fantasizing about Victorian baby clothes, and Jalie Clara leggings for me. But mostly we’re just feeding and napping and cleaning things.



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16 responses to “There aren’t enough words.

  1. Molly

    So happy all is going well – I well remember the first few weeks after RJ was born, 8 weeks early. Three and a half pounds and look at him now! As to Victorian baby clothes – leave them in the realm of fantasy. Miles of sewing, hand washing, ironing…only to be covered in baby barf and yellow poop…it’s hard enough to keep up even with modern stuff! Lovely little ones! Don’t they grow up fast?

  2. Congratulations on your two beautiful, healthy girls. Hang in there, Things will get easier!

  3. Christine

    Hi big squishy congratulations I’m so happy for you and your family xxxxx

  4. Mary

    Congratulations! Two beauties. God bless an keep all of you.


  5. Cherie

    Wonderful news! Little beauties, beautiful family. You are a great mama!

  6. Vancouver Barbara

    You’re all so beautiful.

  7. Mim

    Oh congratulations, I’m so happy for you that they’re doing so well. I’ve been following on Instagram but don’t have an account there. I had twins 8 weeks early – those first months are just chaos, but it seems like you’re doing great! It does get easier, hang in there!

  8. I marvel at how robust and healthy and big they are now! Can’t wait to see 2 crawly babies checking out the cats’ tails 🙂

  9. Congratulations, so glad they are happy and healthy and that you are happy and healthy too despite being tired out! Take care and be gentle with yourself, the sewing will wait. xxx

  10. Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you and your family. It looks like you are doing fantastic.

  11. Cindy Flagg

    How wonderful! Congratulations! I’m so happy that everyone is healthy. They are exquisite. Well done, Mamma!

  12. Congratulations! Such beautiful babies! Be gentle with yourself and get all the rest and cuddles you need. The grow so fast. My twins will soon be 36. Yikes. Enjoy your wonderful family.

  13. I am so happy that you are all home and on to the other side of all the hard that happened. May sleep become less elusive soon.

  14. kssews

    Thank you for sharing through it all and congratulations, again 🙂 They are so beautiful and I’m glad they’re home.

  15. Congratulations on your Very Beautiful Babies!

  16. So precious! ❤ Just focus on the gloss–the rest isn't important right now.

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