A wee little thing

In a rare (these days) burst of energy a few weeks ago, i made a baby onesie.

I used the free onesie pattern from Small Dream Factory. (Apparently somehow I don’t have any baby onesie patterns?) I didn’t go back to the page to check the instructions after I managed to get it printed, but it’s pretty simple. The one thing I’ll recommend is make sure you mark the shoulder on both front and back pieces so you can line them up properly. The drafting is maybe a touch odd at the bottom of the armscye, but the finished garment seems to work well enough. And the pattern could’ve been tiled to use less paper, but it’s hard to get too fussy about something free. 🙂

I cut it out entirely using my rotary cutter, which is nice for small pieces and wiggly knits, especially since I took over some of the countertop in the basement kitchenette to have my cutting mat at a comfortable no-bending-required level. It’s especially nice for cutting perfectly even binding pieces, which helped a lot with the bound edges in this thing, and I do think they turned out pretty nicely, if I do say so myself.

I did my usual triple-fold binding, which has a tiny raw edge on the inside, but is much easier than trying to make a knit stay in a double-fold configuration, and I am NOT up for hard right now. Sherry of Pattern, Scissors, Cloth covers the method, except that she overlocks the unfinished edge to look nice inside, whereas I just trim mine close as needed once it’s stitched down.

The smallest hammer-in snaps I had for the bottom of the onesie were these pearl snaps, and they’re a bit heavy duty. I should probably have added some interfacing or something to support the fabric, too. So not really ideal, although I like the colour.

Obviously I can’t try the onesie on a baby yet. From comparison with some storebought ones we’ve received it’s a little on the wider, shorter side, which is certainly how my previous babies ended up, but I’m not at all sure how the twins will start out, at least.

I don’t have any more of this fabric, having turned the last few scraps into Watson Bikini underwear, but I wouldn’t mind making a second onesie for a wear-home-from-hospital set, if I can figure out something vaguely coordinating.

I realized (with some dismay) this past weekend that I’m no longer comfortable lifting and moving the various stacked plastic bins that hold my stash, which means that I either need to make do with the fabrics I already have out or ask for help to reach stuff in the bins, which isn’t impossible but will definitely make me think twice about things. So there may or may not be a second baby onesie… we will have to see. At the moment even getting off the couch feels fairly strenuous. On the other hand I will be reducing my work hours and even going on leave in a few weeks, so it’s possible I’ll have energy for something else, but I’m reluctant to set any lofty goals, even if I am fantasizing ceaselessly about things.

The 30-week belly



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9 responses to “A wee little thing

  1. kssews

    First – my fabric is stored in the basement and my sewing room is on the 2nd level. I tend to keep a bin of fabrics I want to use in the near future. Doesn’t mean I never access the rest of the fabric, but it helps me to not have to regularly shift around multiple bins of fabric.

    Also, that onesie is SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • My situation is similar except the sewing room is also in the basement (not real inspiring, I gotta say)… but most of the fabrics I have “out” right now are light summery wovens and I’m beginning to think winter and knits. 😂

  2. Oh god. They really do start that small. I forgot.

  3. Cindy

    Such a sweet onsie! Love that fabric. If you only get one made, they can just take turns. LOL I’ve yet to make a onsie for my 4 month old grandson. They grow out of them so fast. Glad to see you’re doing so well, even if your energy level is waning. That’s to be expected.

  4. Kelly

    Hi. Super cute onsie! My mom was a mom of unexpected (!!) twins (me and my sister, circa ’65, before ultrasound,etc.). She was also a sewist, and years later when I was sewing for two daughters, not twins but pretty close in age, she gave me this advice. Always cut them both out and sew each step for immediately, one after the other. Else you’ll never get the second one done! Have fun with your new babies, I’m so happy for you! Kelly

  5. Bonnie Prevatt

    Have missed your postings. Think of you & hope all is well with you, the babies & the family.

  6. Cynthia Flagg

    I’ve been wondering how things are going for you and hoping that your life isn’t too overwhelming. Hugs and good thoughts coming your way.

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