Happy Cardiganday

Ok, that was really fun.

I decided for my birthday this year I wanted to have a sewing day, since I now have a (moderately) spacious house and a gigantic dining room table. I invited a few friends (ok, mainly former co-workers), laid out my giant cardboard cutting mat on the dining room table, and brought my main sewing machine and serger up to the kitchen table.

I even cleaned my iron, which was a whole other adventure as I nearly killed it in the process. But the sole plate hasn’t been this clean since a month after I got it, so that’s good. (The process involved vinegar, salt, toothpaste, a little bit of heat, and a LOT of scrubbing. The near-death happened when I was trying to rinse all that guck off. I think water got inside somewhere it shouldn’t’ve. But it seems to be working again now so fingers crossed. )

My friends brought various projects, mainly handwork (one seam ripping), and I displayed my lack of millennial skills by getting absolutely NO pictures of everyone. So have some dark after shots instead. (Dawn, if you’re reading this, you forgot your fabric!)

There is one shot of me and Cee at the machines, taken by a friend, where I have a derpy face.

But what did I make, you ask?

I decided, at long last, to tackle the Blackwood Cardigan by Helen’s Closet.

This is one of those patterns that I was originally going to take a pass on. I’m not a fan of sweaters that don’t close, and it seemed easier to hack a similar style from my knit sloper. But, as cute versions kept popping up in my feed, I was more and more intrigued by the band construction. I wanted to take a look at the instructions. And I felt guilty shamelessly copying the style. I mean, it’s simple, but I didn’t think of it on my own. So when Helen had a sale sometime last spring, I bit, mainly for the instructions.

Of course, once you own the pattern, you might as well try it out, right? Save yourself redrafting all those rectangles and figuring out how much shorter to make the neck-band so it doesn’t gape.

So anyway, I printed the pattern the morning of my birthday, stuck it together after people arrived (a great activity for visiting)

Once I had it taped, I compared it with my knit sloper, and was very pleasantly surprised with the similarities—identical shoulder width, similar sleeve-cap and high armscye, just enough extra width in the sleeve for it to be a sweater, not a shirt. So aside from squaring the shoulders slightly and lengthening the sleeves about 4 cm, I cut out a straight size medium.

My fabric is technically a mystery jersey from a random group at Fabricland last spring. I got it because I was pretty convinced it was wool or a wool blend, and now having ironed it I’m pretty sure I’m correct. (I love the sheepy smell of wool when you steam it.) I thought it would be a good choice for a cardigan since it won’t need to be laundered as much. I steam-shrunk in my dryer, which is my preferred method of pre-treating wool although I confess I can’t completely recall how much subsequent laundering any of those things have had.

Anyway, I’m pretty thrilled with my result. I love the slim fit. I love the longer length. (I may have to make a floor-length version) I love the pockets, although I’m not totally in love with my application of them—but that’s a separate issue.

I do still wish it closed. I might add some kind of a loop and button, like the sweater I made my aunt last Christmas.

I could possibly make the shoulder a little more square—there’s a tiny back-neck bubble still—and the sleeves might be a little long now. But that’s how I like them, and if there is any further shrinking from laundering, I’ve got a bit of insurance, anyway. (And looking at the line drawings they’re supposed to be extra-long and slouchy, so there!)

But especially, I really, really, really like sewing with friends.



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14 responses to “Happy Cardiganday

  1. Christine Mcmann

    Hi just to let you know you can clean your iron with a paracetamol, switch iron on let it cool a bit and rub the paracetamol over the marked area, it does work you will be amazed. Don’t burn your fingers though lol xx

  2. Happy Birthday! What a lovely day.
    Paracetamol is acetaminophen–Tylenol–across the Pond. I wonder what made anyone try it on an iron?

  3. themodernmantuamaker

    A sewing day birthday!? That’s a brilliant idea! I’m totally gonna do this for myself next year….unless I can get myself together enough to arrange one for the end of this month or start of next (my B-day is Sept 29 and I’m actually going to be out of town on the day this year).

    I’m so glad you had fun and that cardi looks great on you! And hooray for treasure finds at Fabricland – I’ve had a few of those myself over the years with finds of cheap silk blends, pure linen, etc. Those bins of random “ends” are sometimes the best!

  4. themodernmantuamaker

    P.S. Happy belated Birthday!

  5. that’s so beautiful! what a gorgeous colour on you too. I love it with your cute little white dress; it’s a lovely outfit. Sounds like lots of fun to have a sewing day with friends too! 🙂

  6. that’s so beautiful! what a gorgeous colour on you too. I love it with your cute little white dress; it’s a lovely outfit. Sounds like lots of fun to have a sewing day with friends too! 🙂

  7. Brenda Webster

    This is helpful as I have been wondering about this pattern! Thank you for the close up photography…what a good looking garment.

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