Good intentions

So I bought this kinda ugly camo knit a year or so ago when the last little bit went on sale real cheap. I thought perhaps one of my kids would like camo leggings.

Well, when I made them up today, my kids agreed with me—about the ugliness. Not so much about the wanting them part. So I guess I now have a pair of ugly camo leggings.

I confess they’re kinda growing on me though. Even though the fabric is the kind where the colour fades as it stretches, it’s silky smooth and feels really nice.

I modified my trusty old Jalie 2920 by adding a slightly shaped double-layered cloth band at the waist rather than elastic, creating a smooth high-rise effect I’m enjoying. Which probably has everything to do with my changing relationship with my body these days, but we won’t dig too deep into that today. Anyway, so I have a new pair of leggings, and I think I like them. They don’t go with anything, though.



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6 responses to “Good intentions

  1. I like your leggings! I think they look very natural and I’m sure you’ll soon create something lovely to go with them 🙂

  2. At least they fit and feel good, and leggings can be covered to any degree you want…

  3. Vancouver Barbara

    I like your new leggings A LOT! The print looks like the eco-dyeing I see these days. A very interesting print. They fit you beautifully. They look great. If the colour doesn’t go with anything else in your wardrobe would you consider dyeing them?

  4. I just think they need “something” to go with them! ;o) With the right fabric top/tunic/dress, they’ll look really nice!
    I had fabric from when I thought I’d make my (now 42 and 36 yrs old) sons MC Mammer pants! I donated it 5 years back, I wonder where it lives now! :o)

  5. You can always use an extra layer under a floor length skirt on a cold day.

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