The definition of insanity

Is repeating the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

This is the third time I’ve made Kwik Sew 2133 for my husband. The first was made entirely to pattern, with an epic tone on tone appliqué that really felt like a “level up” in my sewing. Unfortunately, my sensitive sweetie found the bands too snug and the dense cotton fleece too heavy for his comfort, so once the initial thrill with the design faded, it didn’t get much wear.

The second time is the grey one that I refashioned recently. It was a little roomier than the first version and the bands were a little looser, but it was still made of a beefy cotton with heavy ribbing bands. Because that’s what I look for in a sweater. Honey-bun is more interested in softness, draps-ness, and comfort.

I made version three the other night while procrastinating on some Christmas sewing. I upsized the pattern quite a bit. (You can see the two versions superimposed in the first picture.

For the bands, I used a smooth, stretchy interlock. You can see they’re not doing a whole lot of pulling in, which seems to be the way he likes it.

The main fabric was a lucky find that came in with a lot of random, inexpensive knits at my Fabricland, that wound up getting further discounted as is was dirty all the way along. It’s not what I would call high quality—it’s fairly thin and feels more polyester than anything. Fortunately, most of the dirt did come out in the laundry. But it’s lighter and drapier than my preferred cotton sweatshirt fleece, so it seemed like it might be closer to his taste than my previous picks. A rayon sweatshirt fleece might be even better but I haven’t run across one in a good colour.

So far the signs are good. When I had him try it on after I got the neckband on he wasn’t keen to take it off. He looks a bit like a kid wearing his dad’s sweater, but that’s my issue, not his. 😉 So, fingers crossed. And even if he doesn’t end up liking it, well, the fabric was cheap and the time minor.



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11 responses to “The definition of insanity

  1. Etta Tyler

    You are such a sweet wife! I would probably just buy him a sweatshirt somewhere! 🤷🏼‍♀️😬🤦🏼‍♀️

  2. G!ood for you for being persistent and landing on a success 🙂 I made my husband 2 Tees (one for practice really and the other “good”) and ironically he loved the practice way more than the “good” 🙂 I would recommend you try bamboo for him – breathable, drapey, light – it’s heaven to wear. I have a bamboo/cotton french terry that I made myself a Toaster Sweater with and honestly it’s at the top of my list when I’m reaching for something to throw on that’s comfortable and presentable.

    • That’s the sort of thing that would happen with my husband, too! Bamboo or rayon sweater fleece would be perfect but I haven’t run across any locally in the right colours and I haven’t been willing to go hunting online yet. We’ll see! 😂

  3. Whoever said ‘it’s just a sweatshirt’ doesn’t realise all the intricacies that go into making one! Let’s hope he’s happy with this one!

  4. Hope he loves this one! It is amazing how someone you have so much in common with can have these little WTF things that make absolutely no sense. Like my husband is all about woven shirts (and they all must be long sleeved), button down, and tucked in at all times. He doesn’t even like t-shirts, and I’m all about the stretchy t-shirts, and haven’t tucked a shirt in since I quit showing horses 15 years ago. :-p

  5. Great job – think Liam needs one next…

  6. I rarely make my JJ anything as he is so darn picky about cut, colour and fabric. I also seriously procrastinate sewing for him as I know I’ll be unpicking and re-doing it after iteration ….. Still I get a lot of pleasure from seeing him wear the damned thing over and over (once I have it right) so that’s a definite bonus. Anyway, I feel your ‘pain’!

    I agree about the bamboo cotton blend mentioned in the comment above. I’ve also found some acryllics are lovely and drapey though they can be a little rough on sensitive skins.

    I guess he’s not a lightweight merino knit kinda guy in winter?

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