Fall has been more or less glorious so far. We thanksgivinged. Our ridiculously big new dining room table got a workout. There was turkey, family, and good times aplenty. What there wasn’t was a lot of sewing time.

I was an idiot and took out a rather complicated project from work that may yet kill kill me. So in avoiding that (it’s almost done, I promise) I took out a different one that’s simple as pie: McCall’s 7622

Maybe not my best idea ever, but it was definitely the feeling of accomplishment I needed!

This is my second attempt at a tent style dress. The first one I wimped out and ended with a more-or-lesss fit and flare maxi. This time, after a year of absorbing the trend, my aging stylistic sense may have finally come around to it… anyway, I’m sticking with the tent. At least for now.

This is essentially a T-shirt pattern, which means it was mercifully quick to sew up. Version one is a cozy French terry in a marled grey, which I feel like is a color that screams “curling up in comfort.” I made the basic long sleeve version, as you can see.

To my surprise, the pattern includes pockets! I’m not convinced they’re the best idea since I think they’ll weigh down the swishy side seams, but I included them in this version because I knew I’d enjoy having them, and this is the version meant for cozy comfort, not style.

I made the size S, though my measurements are pretty much in the M range these days—it worked well but the sleeves are quite snug, so I would say it’s pretty much true to size. Also, there was no excess ease in the sleeve cap. It went in perfectly! I don’t think I’ve experienced that in a Big 4 knit pattern before. This almost makes up for the instructions to turn and hem the neckline. I bound mine after trimming off the seam allowance. .

Version 2 is in a very fun burnout velvet that doesn’t have quite enough stretch for the pattern. I let the sleeves out as much as I could, and I cut the neck band to the largest size (and then cut the neck hole larger to match.)

I went with the peep shoulder view because, fun. Although I confess I’m a little worried peep shoulder + tent silhouette are pretty trendy, in the sense that they’re probably both already passé. Screw it. It’s fun. And it’s not like I live in a fashion capital of the world.

I feel like it will be a very fun dress for the holidays.

Next up is Hallowe’en costumes. Though really what I feel like making are sweatshirts and cozy leggings. And that Vogue pattern. I just need to attach top and bottom halves and do buttonholes and other finishing details. I can do it.



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10 responses to “Cozy

  1. LinB

    Scariest costume of all is a middle-aged woman in sweatshirt and leggings. Go for it. (tongue firmly in cheek, by the way)

  2. Still can’t believe you did TWO(!!!) Thanksgiving dinners in a row, that deserves some mad props…or maybe a trip to the crazy house? 😉 Anyway, the dresses are both cute, but that burnout one is definitely my favorite–who doesn’t love velvet burnout prints?! If the sleeves end up too tight, you could probably add a slim black knit strip in the sleeve seamline and carry it all the way down to the hem and it wouldn’t be too noticeable (or go with a serious contrast and call it a design feature–silver velvet could be fun.)

    • It was a little crazy at Thanksgiving. The house is definitely well suited to it, though. The velvet is fun, isn’t it? I’m excited for the cozy grey one, too though. I feel like I’m going to live in it! 😂

  3. Heather (Thing I Make, Plus Rocks)

    Okay, these are great dresses/tunic things. I love both versions. I suspect the key with these tent-dresses is a slim fit on the sleeves and fitted properly on the shoulders. I’m tempted to try them out myself, though I’m not sure if it’s a style I can pull off. I might have to see if I can get my hands on a copy of this pattern (not easy in the Yukon). I’m curious to try this out!

    Totally agree with you on the “fun holiday dress” thing – should be a handy garment to have this winter!

    • I think you’re dead on about the slim sleeves and fitted shoulders. Maybe if you don’t want a full dress a top version would be a good trial? It’s pretty much the same idea as the Ebony Tee from Closet Case Patterns, which at least would be available as a PDF…

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