Small and purple coats


Simplicity 5934

My best friend (long ago recipient of this slip as her wedding gift) has finally joined me in the adventure of parenthood, albeit a decade late and two provinces away. Two years ago I made a cute little coat when her first daughter was a baby. Despite my misgivings about the size, it turns out she was able to wear it all that winter, so I’ll call that a win. This past summer my friend and her husband had baby number 2, another girl, and again opted to spend some time, albeit more brief, visiting here. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to make another coat. And use up a bit more of the same purple coating. (I have enough for at least one more size up, too.) What was I thinking when I bought that?

Q wearing the first coat

For a quick refresher, this is what Big Sis Q looked like, when the little coat still fit her.

 This time the pattern of choice was Simplicity 5934, another 70s kids coat pattern, in a size 2. Q is now just shy of 3, but the chest size was a match, and once again I added some length to the sleeves and the hem.


Simplicity 5934, with bias undercollar and “cut here for lining” lines!

This pattern has the same overall lines as the first, though it lacks the cute yoke feature. I initially thought it had facing pieces but no lining, but the pattern pieces are marked with separate cutting lines for the lining. And there  is a separate under collar piece, cut on the bias and allowing for turn of cloth and everything! (OK, the fact that I had been working with some insipid modern McCall’s coat patterns that can’t even be bothered to include real facings may have left me easily impressed.)

Lining back

Lining back

The lining ended up being the real star of the coat, though. I couldn’t find any more Kasha flannel-backed lining in stash, cry, so I had to settle for some random ivory satin and a heavy flannel (left over from the winter petticoat) for underlining.  I had done a cute little hand-quilted “Q” on the back of the first coat’s lining; for this one I knew I didn’t have it in me to hand-quilt, so I decided to try my hand at a wee bit of machine quilting a more overall pattern. I’m not much of a quilter, but I do have a walking foot for my Rocketeer, so I spent a wee bit of time testing how it worked with the two layers (smashingly!) and what kind of shapes I could manage. Q now has little sister T, so I doodled up some Q and T shapes for the centre back, and a swishy braid (ok just two windy lines) for along the hem.

Front lining, mid-quilting.

Front lining, mid-quilting.

For the front pieces, I worked in an A and a D, for each of the parents. It’s either really cute or way over the top saccharine. If you think the latter, you do not need to tell me. 😉 Frankly, I’m just impressed that I was able to doodle up some decent-looking letters freehand—no printouts or templates were involved. The wash-away blue marker worked just fine, but for the first time I can see why the stuff that just disappears on its own would be handy, too.

Back lining

Back lining

I did some stupid things in construction, like forget that I had added a back-pleat to the lining so it ended up looking kinda gathered when I eased all that extra fabric onto the facing.

Green Bear

Green Bear

Now, the 70s pattern has cute pocket flaps, but no actual pockets. Q has been carrying around a very tiny green teddy bear (imaginatively named Green Bear) for the last several months, so obviously a pocket for Green Bear was mandatory. I guessed at the size, made a lined patch, and hand-stitched it on for invisibility, with knots every other stitch since, um, preschooler. The fit turned out very well.



I haven’t gotten a report on wearability since they returned to the coast a few weeks back, but we did manage to get her to try it on. (That only took most of a week of coaxing.) Although I’m hopeful she will enjoy wearing it (she seemed to like it once it was on), even if she doesn’t, her mama’s excitement is always more than enough for me! 😀

With bear in pocket.

With bear in pocket.

Confession: I don`t actually think I’ve topped the CUTE of the first coat (tinier is always cuter, plus the yoke feature is adorable) but I’m pretty proud of the lining, at least, and feeling a distinct twitch towards making myself a quilted skirt or something. And A has promised me pictures of BOTH girls in BOTH coats as soon as little T is big enough for the smaller one.

My monkeys

My monkeys

Syo and Tyo agree that it’s pretty cute.



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12 responses to “Small and purple coats

  1. The little gal in that coat is just too adorable. The lining is pretty incredible too. I love that it is quilted, smart move!

  2. Dawn

    Okay, that lining is too cute! I am so impressed at your creativity – it is quite a keepsake for them.
    And I’m glad to hear that Simplicity 5934 had separate lining patterns with the turn-under adjustment. I must admit – I’ve never come across a pattern with separate lining pieces, even though that would make so many sewers much happier with their end garments.

  3. Toomuchadorablility! And I can see why you bought a lot of that coating; it’s pretty nice stuff.
    I’ve inheirited a couple of older patterns where someone left out the collar and just had the facing piece (thinking you’d only need one?) for it.

  4. I wish I’d have thought about quilting my lining when I was making my coat–things would have gone much more smoothly! Cute coat, but the model kind of steals the show. 😉


    The wee coat is just as cute as the wee-er coat, imho! I love the buttons on this one and the lining is adorable. I love them both actually, along with the idea of having a series of hand-me-down* wee purple coats for the new little sister to grow up in! 😀

    * The good kind that you actually WANT handed down! …hopefully.

    • Thank you! I didn’t come up with quilting interlining to lining, I’m pretty sure I got it straight out of the Reader’s Digest Complete Guide To Sewing. But I’m glad you like it and I hope it works ok with a heavier interlining. 😀

  6. Els van Alfen-Koome

    So lovely! Also your attention for the lining.The model wearing it, must be very proud!

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