I’m not really sure why I’m feeling the need to post about this considering all the other more interesting things I’ve failed to blog recently, but here it is: I made a bedsheet.  

I got this extra-wide cotton back in the spring, (which for me these days is actually fairly efficient), especially with the intention of making a new fitted sheet, since one of our two previous ones finally shredded itself. I even got as far as pre-washing the fabric and cutting it roughly to length. And then it sat, until today when I very nearly turned it into a petticoat. So I thought I should probably finish turning it into a bedsheet before I forgot what it was for again and made it into something else (because it really is a very nice cotton). And trying to get our lone bedsheet washed and back on the bed same day every time was getting old. 

Blerg. That was boring. And I managed to sew one of the corners wrong-side out, so I french-seamed it because I’m much too lazy to rip stitches on a bedsheet. And now I wish I had French-seamed all of them, because it looks so much nicer. (Don’t ask me why I might ever care how the inside of my bedsheet looks.)
It does fit the bed. I checked.

But I bet you’d much rather be reading about a petticoat. 😉



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11 responses to “Boring. 

  1. Actually I think this is a really neat project! Haven’t heard of any sewing blogger making their own fitted sheets before. Love the idea of french seaming the corners.

  2. I’m very interested in sewing bed sheets! Did you just measure your mattress and use that as a template or use your old sheet?
    Hoping to see a petticoat post too!
    See me @

    • Next time I’ll measure. I was not even that precise this time—I laid it over the bare mattress, marked the corners, and went to it, with a little bit of evening up. 🙂

  3. trumbelinasews

    best. post. ever.

  4. You never make the standard issue things, T. 🙂 I find it amazing that you had a piece of fabric big enough to work as a sheet.

    • I found it at Fabricland—“wide width muslin.” They had it tucked in with the drapery linings. I don’t know about thread count or anything but it sure feels nice! Then I had to wait for the half-price sale! 😉

  5. Bravo! Seriously. I’m not a fan of sewing bedding or curtains but do appreciate the work that goes into creating these items. I made a mattress cover once and I only did it because I was tired of driving around the city and disappointed with the mattress cover quality and selection found in the stores. Usually I read about sewing bloggers using sheets as their muslin not the other way around. 🙂 Smart move.

  6. I’ve altered to fit. I had the worst time finding reasonably priced fitted bottom sheets for the long teen’s super tall mattress. It’s like a million inches tall! I did carve a king size flat into that and a pillowcase.
    Boring? Yes. And harder than you’d think.

  7. Anne

    One of the great pleasures is getting into a well-made-up bed, with a fitted sheet that stays taut all night! So when you look at it that way you’ve done some luxury sewing. My mother used to sew cotton sheets, as it was cheaper than buying them (in the fifties and sixties). I quite like sewing long stretches of straight stitching. But then, I’m not much of a dressmaker.

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