A dress to end an era

The Avengers (not the Emma Peel variety) grad dress is done.

Quirkyy? Maybe.

Quirkyy? Maybe.

Of course, it’s been ALMOST done since early May, just waiting on the zipper and hem. My motivation to finish anything so unselfish ahead of time? Zilch. But, with the grad only days away, I got it done.

Almost done (back in May)

I’m not sure how much resemblance my final product has to the original pattern—I replaced most of the details that make that pattern cute and unique with my own. But I do think it’s a reasonable take on what Tyo wanted.



Quick recap:

1) cut size 8; narrowed darts towards waist to increase waist size. (sewed the pleats on the skirt a teeny bit narrower to compensate)
2) removed fold-over “collar” bits, replaced them with bias “collar” strip.
3) added length at front waist, removed at back waist.



4) I added pockets. I just made up a shape, and tucked them in the side-seam. Tyo was VERY happy when she found them. It does take a bit of hunting, since they’re within a seam that’s covered by a pleat, but they’re there.



5) I made the skirt straight (or rather, smoothly curved) along the hem, not petaled. I just cut off the bottom curves of the petals; it becomes really short if you do this, by the way. I took the teeniest hem with a facing, and it is none too long on my daughter, who is none too tall. It’s not a full circle as cut but once it’s pleated up it might as well be.



6) black piping along both edges of the straps and around the “collar” strip—I imagine it’s like the black frame around a comic-strip panel.

Lapped zipper

Lapped zipper

7) I attempted to print-match only along the back bodice seam. This was generally successful, although not as impressive in a lapped zipper as an invisible zipper would’ve been.

Happy child.

Happy child.

Looking at photos, I can see a few tweaks I might make, but on the whole, the aim of the project was a happy teenager, and this was achieved.

Faced hem, my favourite kind.

Faced hem, my favourite kind.

I am, I think, out of things to say. But not out of pictures, so bear with a couple more.

Captain Wolverine

Captain Wolverine

Tyo would like to draw your attention to this accidental bit of print-not-actually matching.

Happy dance

Happy dance

Tyo would also like to do a happy dance, which means that I, as a mom, am doing my own happy dance x1000!



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22 responses to “A dress to end an era

  1. This is fabulous! Congratulations to Tyo! xxx

  2. This is a very cool heroic dress, and well done Tyo (cool name btw)

  3. Laurie

    What is it Tim Gunn says all the time? Age appropriate! Very nice. And perfect shoes!

  4. That’s amazing! I’m sort of jealous!

  5. What a fun dress, and nice to see her so happy with it. Great job on all the changes,– I particularly like the black piping ‘outlining’ the comic strip panels!

  6. This turned out quite awesome. What a fun dress.

  7. If your child is happy then Momma is happy.
    I like the black piping detail.

  8. I love every little thing about this make, but that accidental not actually matching is brilliant 🙂

  9. Grest dress! Congratulations to Tyo!

  10. Fantastic dress! I’m looking forward to sewing a cute novelty dress like this for my daughters one day. I absolutely love the style and fabric and see so many like this in the blogosphere but totally not my style so no excuse to sew one at the moment.

  11. *AWESOME* as I knew it would be. 😉 You totally deserve some sort of “awesome mom” reward–hint, hint Tyo! 😉

  12. Super frickin’ awesome. She will remember this dress for the rest of her life. Make sure she saves it!!

  13. Ah, she looks great! (and so grown up!) You definitely get the super-mom award for this one.

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  15. This is glorious. (I especially like Cpt. Wolverine)

  16. Awww! Schweetness! One of my favorite dresses anywhere!

  17. LinB

    Congratulations to TYO! What an adorable young lady she looks. Kudos to her dear Ma for making such a delightful dress for her to wear at school festivities.

  18. Congrats TYO! And congrats momma for the most awesome dress!

  19. sewingonpins

    What a fantastic dress! She’s going to look so cool at her graduation! Congrats to her, and to you for making her that happy. 🙂

  20. This is a seriously cute dress! My son has a raincoat made from the same fabric 🙂 My blog is hosting a linky for superhero (avengers in particular) inspired attire, and I’d love to see your dress added to the party. Here’s the link: http://maeandk.com/craftingcon-avengers-assemble/

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