Madly off in all directions

Despite actually having a wee bit of time that could’ve been spent sewing this weekend, I instead dithered to the point of getting almost nothing done.


I have started a Hallowe’en outfit—not really a costume, but a fun outfit. Above will become a neon green crinoline.


And then the blouse will be this spiderweb lace.


This is the pile of various knits that I want to become leggings and underwear and other handy basics for the fast-impending winter.


My Victorian obsession continues apace. My post-birthday splurge on some Truly Victorian patterns arrived. But I really can’t even start fantasizing about the outer layers before my underpinnings are under way. The pantaloons are finished (photos pending) so the next logical step should be the chemise, but of course the corset is far more fun to fantasize about even though I haven’t pulled the trigger on ordering the necessary hardware.


I’m actually contemplating two corsets, one sedate and underwearly, and one more glamorous, using this gorgeous scrap of red and gold brocade that’s too narrow for much of anything else.


I’m leaning towards this pattern for the chemise, as it appears most similar to the chemise instructions in my Victorian sewing texts—although the same texts refer to patterns that are available that have more shaping.

This cotton batiste is ready to go whenever I stop dithering. Also a selection of lace.


But of course what I really should be working on is this pair of jeans for my niece, whose birthday is tomorrow.




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16 responses to “Madly off in all directions

  1. Do you have Simplicity 9769? Because I do, it was one of my Value Village purchases that, although I have no intention of EVER using it, I had to buy it. Had to. You understand, fantasy sewing. Do you want it? Along with a couple few other Fashion Historian patterns, 5724, 9764, 5457, and 9761?

    • Hey, I am the queen of fantasy sewing, especially when it comes to pattern hoarding, I mean collecting. 😉

      I do have 9769—I gave in and bought it at the Fabricland pattern sale last week. >_< … But, y'know, if ya wanted to shoot me those others… 😉

  2. I can hardly wait to see that halloween outfit. I might have a historical pattern somewhere too. I’ll bring it to our meetup.

  3. I’ve started calling the pile of ‘to sew’ projects ‘the slum’ – maybe a bit un-pc, but really, it feels true…!

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever crossed one thing off my list of things to make without adding at least two more! The list will never shrink. Just not possible.

    Love the lime green! Can’t wait to see that made up! =)

  5. A lady with plans! Love it!
    The lime green and spiderwebs is going to be FIERCE!

  6. Oooooh, that crinoline is gonna be something! I really hope you’ll post pics! And the corset pattern that’s part of the chemise pattern you intend to use isn’t a bad one. Oddly enough, they used the same corset in a different historical pattern set that had chemise and 1850s crinoline/petticoat instead of drawers. I’ve used that corset pattern several times and it’s fairly period accurate compared with real ones I’ve seen. And you know, that gold and wine brocade would make a great foundation for a Steampunk outfit!

    • I’ve heard reasonably good things about that corset pattern, too—still not sure if I’ll use it or the one I fitted already or one of the from-period PDF ones online (I forget the link, they’re from a book originally…)

      As for the gold and red… great minds think alike. 😉

  7. Oh my gosh! I know the feeling – so many projects/people tugging that ya just don’t know what way to turn. I used to think: If only there was just 2 more hours in the day. I could get a lot done in those two extra hours. Yea right! I would have either procrastinated more or taken a nap! Hang in there.

    • You’re so right—two more hours would just be two more hours to waste, sigh. I know the solution is to just pick one thing, anything, and JUST DO IT.

      Somehow, knowing that doesn’t help much either, does it? At least I’m not alone…

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