Oh, yeah…


The best laid plans.

Plaid is a print.

Yeah, that red plaid from yesterday is intended for this little queue jumper. I am weak, and apparently have the attention span of a jellyfish. Also I’m gonna have to do some saving up before I order the rest of my corset supplies.

Anyway, it’s not often that I actually buy fabric based on the envelope suggestions. I’m more of the “oh, I think I’d like a dress, better get three metres,” type of fabric shopper. But I did for this one. I’ve been fantasizing this fabric/pattern combo since Gertie first announced this pattern. But, y’know that little bit where they say “allow extra for matching prints”? Well, it didn’t even occur to me until I was finished tracing out the pattern.

So… Now I’m trying to think of fun things to do with plaid. Bias? Bias side panels? Or just do my best to keep things matching nicely?



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11 responses to “Oh, yeah…

  1. I’ve found that when you don’t have enough plaid/print to match exactly (or the seams don’t really allow for it), as long as you match the horizontal, you can get away with a lot of less-than-perfect matching. Just draw a match line across all your pattern pieces to line up when cutting. Hope you can eke it out! =)

  2. Screw the matching. Go for bias.

  3. No good ideas here, but I’ll be waiting to see what you end up doing! 🙂

  4. bias makes you look thinner. oh, yeah…..

  5. Bias. And love the DeWalt pattern weight!

    • Haha! I do actually have a set of “real” pattern weights (aka smooth stones my children have randomly collected) somewhere, but I’m kinda amused by using just whatever’s on hand.

  6. or just say you were going for the unmatched look if someone calls you on it?

    • LinB

      Leave your seams and darts on the outside, too — and don’t finish any edges. Say it is your homage to early 2000’s haute couture.

  7. Bias – definitely see what happens. Its only fabric right?

  8. Maybe lay out your pieces, see how close to matching you can get, and adapt then?

  9. mrswoman

    I always vote for a frolicing frock. Straight lines can be so boring.

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