Fleece Pants, Episode 3 (part II)

Fleece Leggings

Fleece Leggings

Sick of fleece pants yet? Yeah? Too bad. It snowed every day this week, except for the bright sunny days with windchills in the -30s C. This is not what I want from the end of March, peeps.

At the end of Episode 3, I mentioned that Syo wanted fleece leggings. Well, not long after that I made the mistake of taking my children to the fabric store, and Syo managed to persuade me to buy her a metre of wolf-patterned fleece. At full price, no less. Oi. Kid has mad parent-guilting skillz. And very long eyelashes.

Very skinny fleecepants

Very skinny fleecepants

Attempting to be mindful of the lessons of fleece stretch, I knew I would need to size up a bit for this pair. I went back to my original tracing of Kwik Sew 1670 and undid the tuck I had made in the pattern piece when it became obvious after the first pair that they were way oversized. I added some extra height at the CB, and some extra length along the crotch. And enough extra length in the leg to work for Tyo, probably. And (gulping) I cut them out.

And, well, I should’ve gone up a size. (it has, after all, been almost a year since I traced out this size for Syo, and while she’s not sprouting like a weed the way Tyo is these days, she still is getting bigger.) D’oh. Fortunately for me, Syo is extra-super-determined to wear this pair, and she’s very tolerant of tight. I can’t imagine where she might’ve picked that up from. *whistles*

Rear view

Rear view

Print mixing to do Oona proud, I tell ya.

Half-ass waistband

Half-ass waistband

Because I didn’t want to lose any height at the waist, I did only a single, very narrow fold-over at the waist elastic. It’s not a lovely finish inside, but it’s plush-back elastic so it’s pretty comfy, anyway, and I’m quite glad I didn’t use up any more height.



Unlike the purple fleece sweatpants, though, these are a hit. Like a big hit. Like a super-duper-can’t-peel-them-off-her-to-wash hit.

So I have a theory for future tight-fleece-pants-sizing adventures. I hypothesize that zero ease, or at most 10% negative ease, is probably about the max stretch ratio for fleece. So next time, I’m going to pick a size by measuring the thigh of the person who will be wearing them, and then measuring the pattern. Well, at least for fleece leggings, where that would be super simple. I’m still thinking about the yoga pants…

For those of you who are bored stiff of fleece pants, I did steal a few minutes to work on my stalled mail-order dress. I ripped off the yoke and shortened the waist. Everywhere but right at the cf. there are some funny things about this pattern, peeps. But it’s coming, I’m liking it much better. I just need to recut the skirt, but that won’t happen until



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8 responses to “Fleece Pants, Episode 3 (part II)

  1. fleece leggings, whodathunkit? I have a friend that would KILL for that fabric. She’s obsessed with wolves.

    • ellecsews

      Come to Canada and go to any fabric store. I think it is the law that Canadian fabric stores have to sell wildlife printed fleece. 😎

  2. Cute plus she loves them-that’s a win in my book.

  3. I just powered through all of your fleece posts, and have to give mad kudos for your perseverance through what seems like boring sewing for other people. Great pieces though. I’m particularly in love with this pair, because hello random wolves leggings. lol Nice job making a successful (if a bit strange) garment!

  4. Sandra

    Have you ever used fold over elastic to finish the waist of leggings or stretchy pants? I had a pair of RTW legging where the elastic died, and rather than unpick it, I just cut it off and finished the edge with the fold over stuff. Worked a treat and I didn’t lose the length in the waist.
    And erm, why do you have tinfoil on your windows?

    • Interesting! I don’t know that I’d trust any of the FOE I have to hold up fleece, but I can see that working well for something stretchier.

      The tinfoil is left over from last summer, when we were struggling with massive heat… It seems so far away now. 😉

  5. I love your kids’ approach to style, they know what they like and they rock it well! These are fabulous. Hilarious, but fabulous!

  6. These are ace….my daughter would love them!

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