Oonapants!! (Phase 1)



A little while back, I was bemoaning the dearth of fun woolly tights, both in my wardrobe and in the world in general. Several people reminded me that funky leggings could probably suffice, in a pinch, and reminded me of Oona’s prowess in this department.

Kwik Sew

Kwik Sew 1288

Well, this idea niggled and wriggled, and the next thing I know I’ve traced out an old Kwik Sew leggings pattern (adding a snotload of length and shortening the rise in front only) and I’m diving through my stash for anything resembling funky knits. Keep in mind I rarely wear prints, much less wild and funky ones, and haven’t worn leggings since about 1992.

I eventually hunted up this blue fern frond spandex, probably originally swimsuit material, picked up at Value Village a while back. I had been thinking a stretch cheongsam, but, well, Oonapants called.

Back view

Back view

No sooner had I finished them, however, Syo (who, as mentioned, is a leggings purist at the moment), required her own pair. This was fairly easy to whip up, and she launched into wearing them with a wild abandon that would do Oona proud. Myself, I’m having a bit more trouble. They don’t coordinate with any of my dresses, most of which are wild and crazy (or just fluffy) enough on their own. Eventually, I figured I could try wearing them with my black tunic (the storebought inspiration for my Ariadne pattern, by the way), but I still feel like my hips need a bit more emphasis, or at least coverage. I feel top-heavy in just the tunic, not my favourite look.



My head filled with the vision of a simple, short-skirted dress in a simple black (stretch) twill. Now THAT I have in stash. Next thing I know, I’m perusing my patterns with a very specific image in my head: a short black sheath dress, preferably with cut-on capped sleeves and princess seams.

Gertie’s wiggle dress. I am lazy so I totally stole Oona’s photo here, too. Click for source

Eventually, I narrowed it down to the Wiggle Dress from Gertie’s New Book For Better Sewing, which I have traced out. But with shorter everything—shorter sleeves, shorter skirt, shorter body. I have traced out the pattern, but I think I had better get back to my long-neglected plaid dress first.

If I don’t get completely distracted by fleece pants in the meantime… (note to self. Must get photos of fleece pants that aren’t grainy and awful.)



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9 responses to “Oonapants!! (Phase 1)

  1. I’m not a print girl, either. I’ve been sewing dared to do more prints and while I try, I swear I try…I can do it a bit. I keep trying. I do like them prints of yours. Haven’t tried Gertie’s wiggle dress. Can’t wait to see yours.

    • I keep trying, too. It seems like all the good prints are in quilting cottons, though… (and the one I had my eye on for my next #oonapants sold out /cry)

      • I just found tiger head knit that would be great as oonapants. So, either I make the craziest thing or I pick solids and maaaaybe stripes. haha

        Sorry your print sold out. These great prints should be set aside for people like us. Seriously.

  2. AH HELLZ YEAH OONAPANTS! the two of you bring a tear to my eye!!!

    also, top heavy? i’m going to smack you the next time i see you.

  3. I love that you two have matching oonapants.

  4. Amy

    So many crazy legs! I’m thinking of making hot pink leggings, so I’ll heed your warning that I need to make sure I can wear them with more than one garment in order to really take advantage of the awesome-ness that is Oonapants!

  5. Ah yes. Leggings that go with Nothing else in the wardrobe. I wore such things all the time in the 90s in eye searing colours and with oversized sweaters/tanks/whatever on top also in eye searing or just plain awful “contrast” colours. Maybe that’s why I wear so much black these days …..

    I do love your versions though and love the smiles in the pics! Gotta love the oonapants. Sorry, Oonapants!

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