Minimum Blogable Unit

Leggings. Also motorcycle.

I made Syo leggings.

Possibly there is no less glamourous or discussion-worthy thing I could sew; hopefully the photos (Syo’s idea) make up for that. The pattern is Kwik Sew 1670, which I’ve made up several times now, and I didn’t even up the size. (I did actually take a 2cm vertical tuck in the pattern, as the last pair was too wide.) I did not use my serger at all, as it doesn’t make as strong of a seam. And it’s threaded with cream and I’m lazy. I used a black cotton-Lycra bought at the last major Fabricland sale I went to, and while it curls rather annoyingly, it’s otherwise a nice sturdy, stable knit. Syo is currently in rebellion against real pants, so I think these will be a really useful wardrobe addition, especially as the weather continues its inevitable slide towards the Canadian winter. (Though the last few days have been gorgeous, so no whining from me yet.)

A slightly more stretched out (and grubby) view.

They are still a little loose in the thigh, especially after wearing them all day, but pretty decent. The length is supposed to be 3/4.


I used Steam-a-Seam Lite in the hems and stitched in the elastic at the waist with two rows of topstitching. Not quite RTW, but it’s nicely finished inside and functional.

At the same time I cut these out, I cut out a pair of Kwik Sew 2100ย with the bikini-rise, in a size 4. I am, according to the measurement chart, a size 5 or 6 but the reviews are universal in the pattern running large by at least two sizes, and 4 is the smallest in the envelope. I also narrowed the middle of the crotch gusset by 1cm off each side, as it is apparently quite large.ย Then I turned around and lost the crotch gusset pieces, so I have not been able to stitch them. >_< if they don’t show up soon, I will cut new ones. So I can’t really report anything else. Sarai made herself a pair of these recently—it’s almost like celebrity sewing.

Or, y’know, not.

Ok, one more thing.




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14 responses to “Minimum Blogable Unit

  1. Looks pretty good to me and Syo sure looks happy wearing them.

  2. Meg

    Love the shots of her on the motorcycle! The leggings look great and are completely functional for everyday wear – I think I might need some for myself as we make the comparable slide to Chicago winter with the insane wind gusts ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Leggings are one of those things that I need more of, but then they just seem too boring to sew…so kudos to you for actualizing these, and for someone else, no less. Syo looks so big on that motorcycle!

    Also love the idea of a minimum bloggable unit!

  4. Well, SYO definitely looks bada$$ in her leggings! Awesome.

    I find that KS generally runs about 2 sizes large on me! Good luck!

  5. Minimum bloggable unit indeed! You’re hilarious. The leggings are great. And I can see why Syo’s climbing all over that bike. If I owned a pair of great leggings and a bike like that, I’d be climbing, too. But I don’t own either (and that’s a good thing… regarding leggings, anyways). BTW, I’m considering sewing a pair of jeans, and I’m laying every iota of blame for the thought even crossing my mind in an I-may-be-able-and-would-like-to-try-that way at your doorstep. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Such a cute, erm, badass model! The leggings trend is one that I’ve been avoiding, (especially the whole “leggings as pants” trend) but I’m actually considering making a couple of pairs to wear under my jeans for the winter–it’s freaking cold here sometimes and the wind just screams right through cheap denim (which is all that I own). And I suppose I don’t mind them under dresses….on other people….

  7. Nice leggings. I like your waist elastic finish. What kind of stitch are you using there? It looks like a wide zig zag with extra stitches? I recently made my daughter some leggings and topstitched the elastic in a channel. I used a narrow zig zag and the stitching has popped already. I will try your method next time!

  8. Syo looks so much like Osiris! Cute cute photos, and the stitching looks really looooooovely. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Great photos! Love how she’s coming up with the photo ideas.
    Good job on the leggings.

  10. Great photo idea by Syo! It makes something so sensible that much more bad-ass!

  11. SO cute. careful, next she’ll want her own hog.

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