So close…


And yet so far away. I manages to keep track of the eighty million tiny pocket pieces, (and even velcro bits) and have managed to mislay the front lining. So close…



June 23, 2012 · 10:17 pm

17 responses to “So close…

  1. Oklahoma Mom

    You sound like me today, I tried to get a pattern right today and nothing worked. I hated it, threw it away started over and over then gave up. I didn’t know want to mess up my good fabric. So tomarrow I will work on it again. I hope you get your project done can’t wait to see it.

  2. At least the pockets look good.

  3. Did you look under the cat- thats usually wear everything is in my house.

  4. Check near (and in) the freezer or the bathroom counter. That’s where things that get lost usually accumulate in our house. It looks good so far! 🙂

  5. Nooo! Even though I’d have lost something much sooner 😛 Good luck for finding it though!

    • Thank you! I was being SO anal with all the little pocket pieces, and then I took the pattern front to look at when I was writing up my directions (which I didn’t follow) and completely forgot what I did with it. Argh. Well, it’s found now.

  6. I was working on a Pendrell (for the 4th time) and totally messed up the princess seams. The seam ripper saw more action than the sewing machine.
    Finally just put it away and will try again tomorrow. Must be a full moon…

  7. Mad kudos for the good work on all those tiny little pockets.

    I keep losing patterns. I don’t know what it is. Am I tucking them away somewhere? Did they actually sprout legs? No idea, but I keep putting off a sewing-room deep clean in hopes they’ll just appear… Good luck.

    • I discovered two loose pattern piecces on my cutting table while looking for the vest front that I have *no idea* where they belong. They’re actual printed pattern pieces, not my tracings, and they’re not for any pattern I’m working on currently or have worked on recently. And they have the pattern number, but no company name on. Blerg.

      Also, I hate losing patterns! I hope they surface soon. 😛

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