Inordinately Pleased With Myself


Yeah, that about sums it up.

Which I suppose is why I take on these ridiculous, intricate projects. Especially at times when I’ve been claiming I need all my sewing to be brainless and easy because my brains are occupied elsewhere.

The Fishing Vest is finished. (For those of you paying attention, the missing front lining piece showed up on the cutting table, underneath about three layers of other crap that I swear I went through twice before)

Back & Front

So, as fishing vests go, this one is fairly simple, meaning there’s only eleven pockets instead of umpteen bajillion. And I forgot to pick up D-rings, so there’s no little D-ring doodads, and there’s only one snap tab because apparently I only had one heavy-duty snap left (well, I had 3/4 of the second one, but that last 1/4 is kind of critical. Osiris had asked that the back pocket be deep enough to hold a water-bottle, and I think it probably isn’t. I interfaced the upper back yoke for a bit of extra strength, and possibly I should’ve interfaced the front of the vest as well, but oh, well.

Bias tape “maker” (actually folder)

I waffled back and forth about how I was going to finish the vest, but in the end went for a bound finish, which is common (yes, I’ve spent a depressing amount of time in the last several weeks looking at pictures of fishing vests online) but not universal. I tried to convince myself this was a perfect opportunity to use pre-made bias binding, but couldn’t quite make myself go there. What is it about pre-made bias binding? I have a shitload of the stuff, and every time I go to use it I talk myself out of it. So I made my first denim bias-binding. Fortunately, it’s a pretty darn light-weight twill. I used my jumbo bias-tape maker, possibly for the first time, and it went better than expected, especially considering I totally eyeballed the width of the tape when I was cutting it out. The application went relatively well, as well, despite not always remembering which side I should start on. And after stitching on four cargo pockets (albeit teeny ones) I feel much more comfortable with them than I did last time. The exposed zippers are still a little rough, especially the ones on the pockets.

Details (view at own risk as there’s at least five screw-ups visible in these photos alone…)

Actually, the whole project went better than expected. There were a few inevitable snafus, like forgetting to sew the velcro tabs on the upper pair of pockets before attaching them (actually the hand-sewn finish looks much better, if only because I use black thread to match the velcro that time) and forgetting to make the two zippered cargo pockets on the front mirror images of each other, and there are minor imperfections at every single point along the way, but I’m not going to dwell on them too much because, y’know what, it’s DONE! And, what’s most important, it’ll work. And it’s pretty cute from even a foot away

Oh, and the playing with the grain of the stripey almost-camo-print on the pockets was intentional. I’m kinda proud of that.

Comparing fit

It fits Tyo snugly and Syo more loosely (I did mention their shoulders are almost identical…), so I think the next one should be a little larger. It won’t be hard to grade the vest up a bit (and maybe do a teeny FBA Β with the dart incorporated in that horizontal seam above the zipper), and I think I’ll just use the same pockets.

But not yet—I’m going to wait until they have a chance to road-test this one.



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29 responses to “Inordinately Pleased With Myself

  1. Now that’s a mother’s love!

    I like how you played with the direction of the print on the pockets and binding.

  2. Brenda

    You are a good, good mom!

    Beautiful work, too!


  3. Lizzie

    Wow, how are you so quick. That is an insanely complicated bit of sewing – I am in awe

  4. Very impressive, and very cool. No a garment I would know anything about, otherwise, except one mention in a well-loved novel.

  5. Oklahoma Mom

    Great work you were brave for doing such a project and did a very good job. I really love the color of the fabric.

  6. Awesome! That came out lovely and nobody is going to notice the mistakes except you. I also have those bias tape makers and try to avoid using the store bought stuff. I think because it’s so scratchy…ewww…

  7. I agree, you are an awesome mom.

  8. Zena

    I love bias-tape makers – probably the one tool I use the most. (Though I have two of them – does that skew the stats?) Also, my tape makers came in packages with a ruler printed on the back so you’d know how wide to cut your strip. I’m guessing you don’t have that?

  9. I don’t know how you do it, I really don’t. HOW did you get that many pockets and zippers done in such a relatively short time?

    • Well, once I had it cut out I knew I had to just *do* it or they’d linger and drive me nuts. There was a lot of telling myself “just one more… just one more…”

  10. Color me impressed! Even if Walnut looked his cutest, I’m pretty sure nothing could get me to sew a vest with so many fiddly bits. I hope the vest stands up to the test!

  11. YAHOO! Sorry, couldn’t help shouting and punching the air, you know, for you :). Very cool and I like that she likes it ….. and it looks cool. Very important.

  12. This looks great! Hubby recently bought a vest for his camera equipment. A zillion pockets. It was pricey and we JOKED about me sewing one.
    And here you’ve taken it on. Amazing! Braver than me!

  13. Super cool! I bet those will get a whole lot of use.

  14. I can only marvel at how intricate these vests are & how amazing they have turned out – so much detail & pieces of fabric & how many notions?!!? Glad you are pleased with the outcome – & the girls look so cool – wonder what they fill their pockets with….

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