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While Home this past weekend, my crafty sister-in-law took me down to the Value Village thrift store there, which is much bigger than the one by my house. And apparently has fewer vintage pattern aficionados haunting it, because there is a huge pattern section, and it was well-stocked with vintage. Of course, the patterns are more expensive, 99¢ rather than 49¢ for the individual patterns. And they do indulge in the obnoxious practice of bagging some of them (usually the best of the vintage, although there’s a fair bit of vintage in the individual patterns, as well).

Despite these disadvantages, I had very little restraint. Something about being home and not having the option of coming back next week.

For those who are actually interested in the nitty gritty, please flip through the gallery. For those who are merely shaking your heads in dismay at my wholesale descent into pattern-hoarding, well, my husband shares your pain. At least I didn’t buy fabric.

Now if only I can snatch a few minutes to actually sew one of these days…



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  1. My favorite is the “single pattern piece” dress. It looks like it would be very modern, although I share your raised eyebrow at single pattern piece — really?!?

    I was reading this with a headache so I read “huge pattern section” as “huge p0rn selection” and thought, “Wow, thrifts in Canada are really progressive about that sort of thing.” Then I reread it and realized that I really needed to go take a painkiller.

  2. 100% of my brain agrees with your 33% – that’s some groovy beachwear!

    If you make the one-pattern-piece-dress, you must post a picture of what the pattern piece looks like!

    • Yeah, it totally has potential, doesn’t it? Now to convince my kids of that…

      If you click to view the large picture, there’s actually a picture of the pattern piece on the front of the envelope. Basically it has CB and CF seams, with three fish-eye darts each—under bust, at the side, and a rear dart.

  3. So much awesome! Apparently I also have a thing for 70s suits as well – I love all of the ones you find. And the pink dress pattern is awesome too!

  4. I’m 100% sure that Simplicity 3216 is the same pattern that Peter from Male Pattern Boldness used for his opera coat, with a different collar from another pattern.

    In fact, here’s the proof:

    Cathy pulls it off beautifully! Peter even won the vintage pattern contest with it! So maybe not a complete bust. If you like big opera coats, that is.

    • Oh, you’re totally right. It definitely reminded me of that project, but it didn’t occur to me that it might be the exact same pattern. LMAO! Cathy did pull it off—amazingly well, I have to say. We’ll see. There’s also a tossover coat in one of the vintage dress patterns I got from ElleC.

  5. Cool patterns! I like the 1970’s yellow halter style dress. Thanks for reminding me of that pattern that I have in my vintage stash.

  6. great haul!! what’s really funny is that i was going thru my patterns and found a 70s jersey romper pattern that made me think of you! love the tank patterns 🙂

  7. Wow! That’s a great haul.
    As you may know, I’m a total sucker for 50’s dresses, so obviously, I love that dress and jacket combo in the wrecked envelope. And such luck to find it IN YOUR SIZE! I’m looking forward to your posts about it.
    And, as far as buying vintage pattern (and, in my case: style) stuff (I’m also collecting some vintage fashion magazines if/when I come across them. I may have a problem ;), I feel your pain. Ah, the endless struggle between greed and common sense, covetting and restaint…. ;D

    • Yeah, it really was too good to pass up. Although figuring out the size on the chewed up envelope was tricky.

      If vintage fashion magazines were throwing themselves at me, I would probably be picking them up, too. Fortunately for me, I’d have to order them online, and so far I’m managing to constrain my hoarding to the local thrift stores… 🙂

  8. MOAR PATTERNS!! Its not hoarding if you use them. *nods sagely*

  9. Sherry

    You are showing signs of a slight addiction! But that’s ok, you are saving these patterns from potentially terrible fates committed by ungrateful non-sewers, such as being cut up for school projects, decoupage, or wall-hangings! At least now they are safe and appreciated in your hands!

    • See, whenever I think “Ok, Tanit, this is enough,” then I think of the dreaded craft fate. /sigh. My mom always wanted her own personal museum, I really do need to be careful of the whole hoarding thing. /sigh. Maybe I’ll start doing giveaways one of these days when I have a bit more time and can actually contemplate dealing with Canada Post.

  10. When i was a toddler in the early 60’s I wore dresses like Simplicity 1149 and you’re right, those skits had a stiff underlayer of nylon net and it was really really scratchy. I hated them! Plus the hem is so high there were always matching pants to wear underneath and girls were always admonished to sit with their knees tightly together and to sit quietly in their fancy dresses, hats and gloves while the boys got to run around because they wore pants. Any idea how hard that is for a three year old? 🙂

    The house coats in Simplicity 3216 look very Mad men, in fact the red head looks just like Joan Hollaway!

    • My mom’s biggest complaint from growing up was the scratchy wool stockings (with garters)—maybe those distracted her from the yucky nylon net. 😉

      I always thought the point of the matching pants was so the girls *could* run and play without showing the “real” undies underneath (I had a similar dress when I was 7 and loved it for that very reason…) /sigh. I can’t imagine trying to get a three-year-old to sit like a lady. 🙂

  11. the ESP robe is for your work as a medium of course. The romper would be fab on you!

  12. It isn’t hoarding if you are collecting them so you can donate them to a museum one day. The way you are going they may have to build a wing for them.

    • Erm. Yup. I fear so. At least with the patterns that are from my home town, I can set my mother to identifying the people mentioned on the envelope scribbles… 😉

  13. Great pattern haul! I too, sadly, have a copy of the atrocious housecoat thing, which I have taken to calling the precursor of the Snuggie. It’s just too odd,ugly, and strange to get rid of. :]

  14. Hehehe….All I can say is I’m glad it’s you having to find the space to store all the treasures! Isn’t collecting FUN?!

  15. How on earth could you say no? Of course they all had to go home with you. The comments have me in stitches. What on earth is up with the coffee cup lady? It’s just… creepy. Like Juan Valdez is going to round the corner in a minute.

  16. Oh collecting is fun and you get the best best scores. Other than the housecoat that is :o)). Have you figured out a filing / storing system yet for patterns?

  17. If blurry zoomed in iPad view serves me right, I’m loving the romper & dress below it! At least you post your pattern hoarding…I have two boxes my mom gifted me a few years ago & just re-discovered some gems in them. Maybe if I post about my shame, it will inspire sewing them!

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