I meant to sew today…

But there was a problem.


I hear it’s supposed to rain tomorrow…


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15 responses to “I meant to sew today…

  1. Oh what an awful thing …. don’t know how you coped with the being outside thing, kids, sun, great outdoors, nature and all that! Spring spring spring

  2. kattheengineer

    Hey, nobody will tell you off for not sewing!! It looks like you guys had an awesome day outside 🙂

    We’re just heading into winter so I totally envy you – but conversely, I suppose the yuck weather means I’ll get more sewing done?

  3. You did better than me. I got distracted by sleep, a book, and cooking stuff from my farm share. And more sleep. Husband had to work from home Saturday so the kids are at The Grands. But I did get the blue gingham maxi version of Vogue 8470 cut out.

  4. I think you still had a good day…..

  5. It’s SO hard to stay inside sewing when the weather is nice!

  6. SUNSHINE!!! stay out there till next winter!!!

  7. haha! i meant to sew yesterday but we ended up at a release party for a local brewery (in the rain! for hours!). today it’s sunny and i might be able to squeeze some sewing in later this afternoon… have a great weekend!

  8. Oooh! Enjoy your time outside! (It finally quit raining here, I’m dying to go to the beach one more time while I can…I really should do some sewing…)

  9. See, if I had all that nature to explore, I’d spend the time outside too. Fortunately, we live in the suburbs so beautiful weather just means nicer lawns and nosy neighbors. I hide inside so I get a lot of sewing done!

  10. puu

    OMG! i had the same problem myself this weekend, only with no kids to blame 🙂

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