More Fantasy Sewing: Pyjama Party Edition

The Great Pyjama* Party Reveal is coming up, and, as with every challenge and sewalong I’ve skipped out on in the last few months, I’m totally jealous. I didn’t sign up because I just made loungewear not that long ago (the infamous Pink Suit), which gets worn for pjs plenty, and I have lots of other things on my plate. But does that impede the green-eyed monster? Not a whit!

Me-Made-May (which I’m also not signing up for as I’m totally incapable of actually challenging myself right now) is TOTALLY going to suck. If I sulk the whole month, you’ll know why.

Anyway, ending tantrum, let’s get back to the fantasy sewing. If I were a part of the Pyjama Party (which I’m not, so y’all can hit someone with a pillow in my honour), I would be sewing this:


Pyjama Party!

This is my lone Advance pattern, which I found at the Mennonite thrift store in my hometown a few months back. Bought, frankly, because it was there and significantly older than my usual 70s “vintage” scores and it was Advance, a company I’ve only heard of on blogs before (not having a lot of JC Penny stores around here, as far as I can tell.)

Black & Grey stripe

Now, for the fantasy fabric. I don’t have a whole lot of fabric in stash that screams PJs at me. Maybe the black & grey pinstripe from my willpower fail? It’s soft and fuzzy and a bit stretchy, but seems kind of, hmm, nice. I was thinking more like officewear for it.

Because, y’know, I wear so much officewear.

Grandma's flannel

The first thing that comes to mind for a pattern like this is, natch, flannel. I don’t keep a lot of flannel in stash. There’s some plain black (boring), this really twee bear stuff from my Grandma’s stash, which is either destined for a twee little girl or needs a much edgier pattern. Is there such a thing as an edgy pyjama pattern? Hmm, now my brain is going in a sexy-slips-made-out-of-flannel-instead-of-satin direction. Weird. Probably Wrong.

Crazy flannel

There’s this crazy dye-splotch flannel, originally purchased for making little zip-pouches and rice-bags for school presents. Hmm. But I think I had convinced Syo that it would be an acceptable backing for her crazy pink fun-fur, part of which she made into a pillow, the rest of which is supposed to become a blankie. This is what happens when you have to buy remnants and the second one is free…

Sparkle seersucker

For summer PJs, seersucker is a popular choice. I only have one piece, which is cute pink, white, and blue, with a little bit of silver sparkle shot through. I have a shitload of this, purchased on mega-clearance and originally earmarked for little-girl dresses, except that my little girls have gotten distinctly less little-girly in the last couple of years. On the other hand, I still have little nieces, and I’m not entirely sure that the silvery bits would be totally comfy for sleeping in.

Then there’s the navy seersucker that’s been taunting me from the fabric section at Value Village for the last two weeks. I’m resisting because it’s a tad expensive—six bucks for a piece not quite two metres—for thrift-store fabric, anyway. It would be nice for PJs (or a nautical dress) but I’m trying to resist because of the price.

Resist, damn it. Resist.

Of course, the sewalong is pretty much done right now, I’m in the middle of the spring dress of evil polyester doom, and have no real need of vintage-inspired pjs (that I’m pretty sure Osiris would find totally unhawt, even worse than the Pink Suit)… so there will not be any sewing of this pattern, at least right now. But I was feeling the itch, and I think this post has kinda got it out of my system…

Hey, it’s my fantasy. :)**

*Yes, I’m in the Y camp.

**I’ve decided, since my “wanna!” list is so much longer (and ever changing) than my “actually can” list, that I’m going to subject you all to some fantasy sewing posts. Posts about the fabric I’d like to be stitching up, and what I’d stitch it up into (or vice versa). If you’re lucky I’ll get bored of them soon… πŸ˜‰



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39 responses to “More Fantasy Sewing: Pyjama Party Edition

  1. I totally hear you on the fantasy sewing – between real world work and sewing skating costumes for other people I won’t be doing any just-because-I-want-some me sewing for a while. But it is always fun to plan! I approve of fantasy posts in lieu of actual sewing, though, of course, actual sewing would be more fun.

  2. Absolutely right! I’m there too, although IIII did sign up for the pyjama party and what have I done? Nada. Layed the fabric out on the table, and put my capri pants on top to use as the pattern…and it’s been there ALLLLL week. No mojo. Hmm. Maybe if I get up reeeally early tomorrow..??? probably NOT!
    Have a great weekend. (Am I wierd, I fall asleep thinking about pairing fabric to patterns!) Dream on!

  3. I’m enjoying your fantasy sewing posts. I think we can all relate to them.

    I’ve been itching to make some more pj shorts. I’ve never liked them, but I made a pair last fall and have practically lived in them this spring when my heat is left on when it’s 26 C outside. (Stupid strange spring, alternating between 26C and -5C from day to day.) But I could use more…

    …and since I have my RTW blouse to finish up, of course I started cutting out another pair of shorts…


    I need to do some fantasy sewing posts myself, just to keep myself from interrupting actual sewing projects. πŸ˜€

    • Yeah, you guys have had some crazy back and forth weather. Ours… well, it’s been up and down but not quite that awesome when it’s nice.

      LOL. Bring on the fantasy sewing!

  4. LLBB

    I am normally one to support resistance … but … approx. $3/meter? i know it’s not two full meters … but a meter is still bigger than a yard. If you are actually talking about sewing it, then I am fully in the ‘go for it’ camp. But then again if we’re talking fun fantasy and you’re really not planning on sewing it, then keep it out of the stash and just have fun fantasizing πŸ™‚

    • Thrift store fabric, though, remember? I mean, $3/m is pretty good in the clearance section, but for thrift store fabric? Unless it’s a coating or something really special, anyway? Hmm… Curses, you’re tempting me again. >_<

  5. Excellent idea–fantasy sewing is fun and realistic!

    I wear old Ts and yoga/flannel pants or boxers. You definitely look hot in the pink pants, way better than me in baggy flannel PJ bottoms. I step it up when there’s someone around to see, besides the cats, as they’re hardly fastidious πŸ˜‰

  6. That sparkle seersucker *needs* to be a pair of PJ bottoms!

  7. I like the fantasy sewing too- I’m so much more productive as a fantasy planner than a reality doer. Seersucka, definitely.

  8. I agree – fantasy sewing posts are fun!

  9. Another pro-vote for fantasty sewing posts. I do like that seersucker though, oh my… my head is starting to think of it as seersucka… how funny.

  10. Bring on the fantasy sewing posts! I’ve got more fantasy sewing planned, executed and worn than actual sewing. SIGH

  11. You can be the Tolkien of fantasy sewing writing. πŸ™‚
    I thought about joining too but with vacy and giving in to buying RTW pj’s I’m a party pooper.

  12. I think you should host a fantasy sew along Tanit! Like you have the time for it, but that could be fun.

    • LMAO! I’m trying to figure out how that would work. We could all pick a pattern and a fabric (no need for it to be in stash!) and not make it.


      1000 word essay on what it would be like if it were actually sewn up? Do your research on PR to determine how your pattern of choice would fit, etc.?

      • I think you have to pick something you would never wear IRL.Assemble all images on Polyvore or something like it. Pick a fantasy fabric, ie re-embroidered lace at A quajillion $ per meter. So I would likely fantasy sew a 1880’s day gown complete with corset and time appropriate under garments. With a parasol. Of course. Because IRL I would never ever wear it. Virtual sewing. Gotta love it.

  13. Oooooo, I love that pattern. Id be very unimaginative and go for crisp cotton shirting. But I also like the idea of seersucker too. Now if you fancied somethin.g more alluring I could imagine it also in satin….

    • If I had any crisp cotton shirting in stash I could give that a shot. All I have is mostly cotton/poly broadcloth and while it’ll be fine for lining sundresses, I don’t think it would make stellar PJs… certainly nothing to compare with yours! πŸ™‚

  14. Lucy

    Totally with you on the fantasy sewing! I even signed up for the pyjama party… but a wedding-guest dress had a more tangible deadline, and, well, priorities. Plus, the whole being permanently ill thing never helps 😦

    • Well, no offense to the PJ enthusiasts, but a wedding dress would beat out PJs anyday in my sewing book. I hope you get to it eventually, though, I really liked the patterns you picked out! πŸ™‚

  15. anothersewingscientist

    I didn’t join in the PJ party either because I only wear jammies when we have house guests (or I have to answer the door). I guess that’s the same reason I have dark curtains over all my windows……;)

    And speaking as someone who has a whole Ikea Billy bookshelf full of fabric, mostly from VV, I know I’d regret NOT buying $3/m seersucker!

    • I never used to wear jammies, but I discovered a year or two ago that I actually get many more night-time cuddles if I’m wearing something, as the hubs really can’t stand the sticky skin-on-skin thing for more than a few minutes. As long as it’s, y’know, the *right kind* of jammies. πŸ˜‰

  16. Thing is its dark at night and everyone looks funny in the morning, ungroomed, so it almost doesn’t matter what the fabric is. My PJs are really really really in need of replacement but who’s gonna know but me and mine? :o))

    I say go with stash busting cos I’m so terrible at it.

  17. The best sewing is often fantasy sewing. For one thing the construction and fit is always perfect. I think this is so much fun, are you gonna coach a fantasy sewing team?

  18. Amy

    Erm, I fantasy-sew all the time. There are some things I’ve actually sewn that were better fantasy-sewn. Anyways, if and when someone gets around to another pajama party, you’ll be right there. I vote seersucker ;).

  19. Ooh sparkley seersucker! That would make such fab pjs! I don’t fantasy-sew… I have impossibly long to-do lists which I never get through and then feel sad. A bit of fantasy sounds like a much better mind-set!

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