ZOMG Score!

Or, possibly, just a serious failure of judgment.

This is a first. Apparently this past weekend’s taunting envelope was actually a harbinger of things to come, rather than a cruel jest of the universe. Good things. I forgot the kids have no dance classes this week, so since we were already in the car we just had to stop by our friendly neighbourhood thrift store.


Holy vintage patterns, Batman!

The only question is whether this means I need to go back every day this week and stalk the pattern shelf…

Yes, you saw it. There on the right, there.

Simplicity 2681. The very same pattern that taunted me with its empty envelope condition on the weekend.

Simplicity 2681 from 1958

I feel the need to emphasize, this is *not* the same pattern envelope with pattern magically restored. It is a size 14 (34″ bust), not a size 12 like the envelope-only teaser was. Not to mention the envelope’s considerably more beat-up. I’m going to suggest a new scenario: Mme X, circa 1958 (the year the pattern came out according to Vintage Pattern Wiki), picked up a pattern in her old size, 12. However, due to a slight weight gain, the pattern didn’t fit. In a desperate attempt to alter the pattern, she managed only to butcher it completely (you know we’ve all done it πŸ˜‰ ) and finally, in defeat, goes out and buys the same pattern in a larger size.

I’m not sure why she held onto the original envelope, but, well, I’d be happy to hear your theories. πŸ™‚

I like this

My fave is this Butterick sundress, though. Aside from the age old blousy-top issue. I really need to come up with a simple, fitted midriff-band-thingy I can add to patterns like these to make them wearable for me.

Simplicity 3400, from 1950

I’m also really loving the neat detail on this 1950 Simplicity blouse.

Lapse in judgment, you’re saying? What on earth are you talking about, you’re saying?

Well, look what else I got:


I will point out, my youngest child will be nine in a few months. The largest of these patterns is a size 6 (and she’s tiny but she’s not that tiny. And, they’re so not her style). In my defense I do have littler nieces and my peers are finally moving into their reproductive phase (I’ve only been waiting for them to catch up for a decade or so), so there are likely to be plenty of other opportunities to sew for small people…

Hmm, yeah, sounds kind of hollow to me, too. But they’re soooo cute!

And, well, Strawberry Shortcake. I couldn’t resist. Be happy I didn’t bring home any of the Cabbage Patch doll clothing patterns. I know my mom still has my Cabbage Patch Kid in the basement somewhere…

Of course, then there’s the one, seriously unforgiveable splurge that I would have to agonize over if it had cost more than 49 cents.:

McCall's 4778

Now, that’s a dress that makes me want to forgive the 80s (even though it came out in 1990). It’s got a lot of features I like—princess seaming, sweetheart neckline, dropped-waist with the full skirt. It wouldn’t even be so unforgiveable a purchase, except, if you look, it’s a size-freakin-8. And I’m pretty sure it’s not drafted with typical 80s ease ;). My only hope is that Tyo will want something like it for her gr. 8 grad or something.

Yeah, not so likely.

Oh, and there were books.


I could’ve bought at least three or four more, but I was trying to be restrained. And maybe find things that aren’t just a rehash of information I have elsewhere. And if you buy four you get the fifth one free.

So what do you think? Do I need to go back tomorrow?



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26 responses to “ZOMG Score!

  1. Linda Oldham Burns

    I would be tempted to return tomorrow!!

  2. Wow, that’s.. incredible. Just incredible. ZOMG is right.

  3. Enabler warning: you definitely need to return tomorrow! The kids patterns are very cute, and that big frou-frou thingy from the late 80’s is perfect. Just perfect. πŸ™‚

    • It kinda is, isn’t it? If only it were a size 10. 10 I can make work…

      • Y’know, you could always cut it with 1″ seam allowances and go from there since it’s just the bodice that needs fiddling.. I remember reading years ago in some sewing book that if you add 1/3 inch all around to a pattern, it actually grades itself up one size. I needed to do that, and gave it a try. It worked perfectly!

  4. yes. preferably with webcam so I can pick things to. teleoperated shopping, it will become a thing.

    the butterick sundress is wonderful and I may sneak into your house in the dead of night for it. don’t be alarmed. I will trace it and leave.

    • LOL! If it helps, I took home all the 60s and older patterns they had. ALL. Didn’t even look at the sizes (though as it turns out they’re all pretty close, I am in luck)

      LMAO at the Midnight Tracer!

  5. Sometimes when you ‘break the seal’ wtih one purchase at an Op Shop, you might as well go the whole hog. I’ve done it recenlty too. I’d go back – you might hit some vintage Vogues or something.

    • This is true. Especially considering how stupid-long the lineups can be at this particular store. I felt bad, though—because the patterns are so cheap (??) they don’t have regular bar-codes on the stickers, so the poor cashier had to enter the number code manually.

      For each. individual. pattern.

      Poor lady.

  6. Sufiya

    She held on to the envelope because it got mixed in with the others in the pattern box, probably…. or else you just ‘got lucky’ and they “just happened” to get in two copies of the same vintage pattern! That happened to me once: I saw something at the thrift store I wanted but had already overspent (can’t remember what it was) but I went back another day and there was ANOTHER of the very same item! (I knew it was ‘another’ because the packaging was different.. ) So it “can” happen that the thrift store fairy smiles upon you in this way!

    • I wouldn’t be so surprised if it happened with something else (they had two antique meat grinders! … if I for some reason needed a meat grinder…) But I’ve never, ever, in almost five years of frequenting that store, seen 60s or older patterns before. Which makes me think that they came from the same stash…

  7. Obviously she kept the envelope as a reminder that she had once been that size…

    I am pretty sure you need to go back tomorrow! I always tell myself that if I don’t end up using it, at least I’m giving it a good home and I might be able to give it away to someone who will love it one day…if I were to leave the pattern there, it might be snatched up by some non-sewist and used for a ModPodge decoupage project or something equally awful

    • That is a good point. Part of me wonders if I should leave them (say for someone who can actually wear fluffy 50s dresses) but I’m pretty sure if the patterns don’t get purchased eventually the store would chuck the lot of them. I’ve seen them do it before.

  8. This is awesome! What a haul. I can’t stand all the vintage fabulousness that’s available. These are gems.

  9. Please please please cut and assemble that medieval castle! It sounds awesome!

  10. Lady, you have some serious luck finding vintage patterns. Here in the UK they are as rare as hens’ teeth.
    I’m reserving judgement about the protruding triangular ‘feature’ on that blouse until you make it up πŸ˜‰

    • My mom’s British cousin blames this on the lack of spare attic and basement space in the UK (and Europe in general…). That being said, she has a couple of family books (bible and some prayer book) that go back to the 1700s… I promise none of *that* cool stuff made it to this side of the ocean. πŸ˜‰

  11. Sufiya

    In that case [if it is so that they landed a “haul” of old patterns] then you will definitely want to check back regularly for the next few weeks in case there are MORE of them!

    I remember fondly not so long ago that the local V-V landed a BIG haul (as in: a whole 4 foot-square bin-full) of pearl cotton and tapestry wool DMC skeins; (-in mostly but not all- ‘drab’ colours, unfortunately ) I grabbed up as much of it as I could afford (it can be DYED, after all!) and when I had gotten what I considered to be a goodly supply (of the BEST of the lot, naturally), I let my embroidery guild know about it..it all disappeared quickly after that!

  12. Sufiya

    Oh, and I once found a 3-d puzzle of St. Peters in the Vatican at the V-V…. I had to LAUGH because the puzzle (I kid you NOT) actually has 669 (or was it 699?) pieces..I can’t help but wonder if that was done on PURPOSE. i guess having “666 pieces” would have been just too OBVIOUS a jab!.

    • LMAO! That is both a great find and a hilarious count of pieces. My brother-in-law is totally stoked that his cell phone number contains three sixes in a row…

  13. Hell yes go back. Go back. GO BACK! I am jealous because while there are some good patterns at the op shops near me there have, to date, never been a sewing book at all. Not to mention the castle. Now that is cool.

    PS what did you end up doing about storing your patterns? I’m interested because my collection is, um, growing too.

  14. Amazing haul, but don’t you HATE those stupid stickers! I must admit that I too have a pile of patterns for little girls and I never even made one (a girl or a girl’s dress). I really like those 70s Butterick patterns, my mom made stuff like that for my sister and I.

  15. I am definitely loving those cute little girl dresses. Yes, you definitely should have gone back (or go back).

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