Sunshine, lollipops…

La la… ladeeda… yeah, I don’t know that song very well.

ElleC (who’s been one of my favourite commenters for a long time but only recently started her own blog) gave me the Sunshine award. I’ve been pretty bad about awards lately (by which I mean the last year or so), meaning that I’ve gotten two or three I know I haven’t even acknowledged, or said thank you, never mind answering. Be assured, it’s all lack of attention and organization, never personal vendetta or even dislike of the whole award/meme idea. I know for sure one or two people gave me the Versatile Blogger award again, and Redbam Sews gave me a Leibster, which I don’t technically qualify for having more than 200 followers, but I really should’ve at least said thank you. Sorry, Redbam! Thank you!

Anyway, thank you all (and ElleC especially), and here’s my “Sunshine” Q&A. I’ll warn you, though, it’s not nearly as funny as Pretty Grievances‘, who ElleC also nominated. There’s links to the other “awards” posts I’ve done under the very-messy “Participation” tab up at the top.

Favourite colour: red.  Because it’s passionate, ambivalent, dangerous, sensual, right-wing, left-wing, intense, and, well, red.

Favourite animal:  Acanthostega. Coolest animal ever. Dude had gills, feet, and eight toes, and if I ever become a Furry, it’s totally going to be the basis for my Fursona. Even though it doesn’t have fur. Hush. Oh, also it’s been extinct for about 350 million years. It’s one of the first tetrapods (the group that includes you, me, your cat, your budgie, the Geiko Gekko, and Kermit the Frog), and represents a stage when shallow-water fish were just beginning to adapt to moving around on land.

Acanthostega gunnari

Favourite number: 7. It’s the date of my birthday, and “Sept” (my birthday month is September) is 7 in French, and I turned 7 in 1987 (not quite as cool as if it were 1977, I kow). And apparently when they’re looking to see if people have falsified their accounting, an overabundance of 7s is one of the signs they look for—people like 7s.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: chocolate milk. I don’t like pop, or anything fizzy (yes, I’m a freak), so chocolate milk is my substitute. I know some parts of the world are chocolate-milk deprived. This is a tragedy in our modern age, rivaled only by the absence of “iced tea” in soda fountains in the US.*

Facebook or Twitter: facebook, but mostly for keeping track of the extended family and posting the odd school video of the kids; I like that it’s not the time-suck a lot of other online forums are (since I don’t play the stupid games). I have avoided twitter consciensciously, also for the time-suck reason.

My passion: Um, this is a problem. I have serial passions. Mostly I cycle between art, writing, dance, and sewing. Used to be sewing was last on the list, the last few years, it’s been much higher. Oh, and research and history belong on there somewhere. If I could just settle down and focus on something, I might be actually really great at it…

Getting or giving: Either, if it’s the right gift. Neither, if it’s the wrong one.

Favourite pattern: Jalie 2908. Duh. Although my favourite dress is this one.

Favourite day of the week: Hmm. Friday. I know, it’s the obvious choice.

Favourite flower: Crocuses. Because it’s March and there’s a vague possibility that they might actually be blooming. If you asked me at a different time of year, you might get a different answer. I’m not really a flowers kinda girl.

Favourite celebrity role-model: Um, celebrities are role models? Er. I do like it when they do good things, but I wouldn’t say there’s one that stands out.

Erm. I’m not going to pass it on. Because then I’ll be all worked up trying to figure out if someone’s got it before, or spazzing out if they don’t accept, or stressing, and, well… as I mentioned, I have Issues. Hmm, maybe I should just adopt a firm no-meme policy after all. /sigh. Whatever. If you want it, take it. 🙂

Jalie Yoga Pants, Renfrew-in-waiting

As for sewing, I did manage to trace out both the Renfrew top and the Jalie 3022 yoga-pants in (what I hope is) my size, and cut out the top. Although now I’m thinking about adding Small Things’ awesome hood pattern to the Renfrew. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Or would it just be overkill?

Some actual sewing will happen at some point…

*I know that my pre-packaged, highly-processed “iced tea” is anathema to many of you, for good reason. However, if there isn’t any crappy-mass-produced-iced-tea in the soda-fountain, then I have absolutely *nothing* I can drink there, which I usually discover right after ordering the obscenely-overpriced popcorn & pop combo at the movie theatre, and then I cry. And they never have chocolate milk, either.



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31 responses to “Sunshine, lollipops…

  1. Oh, they have iced tea in the States, but it’s literally iced – tea. Learned that the hard way, many many times. 😛 Sorry my American friends, but when you’re expecting sugary fake-iced-tea, and you get unsweetened iced tea, it’s a bit of a disappointed surprise and a grossed-out face is the result. 😀


  3. Personal vendetta! Hilarious!
    My American boss orders iced tea here in Canada and then has to explain that he doesn’t want Nestea but brewed tea served over ice. It’s quite hilarious.
    Great post BTW.

    • Haha! Yup, I bet he does. I’ll blame it on the companies who inexplicably decided to market their product under the name of a perfectly-reasonable legitimate tradtitional beverage…

  4. I like sun tea (which I guess is going to kill me–like pretty much everything else) but that’s about the only kind of tea I like. I’m not sure what kind of tea you might be talking about though, unless it’s that powdered stuff my dad drinks that comes in a glass jar. *shudder*

    I feel your pain about the sewing. I’m still cutting out pieces from my plaid fabric…..

    • Nestea, Brisk, Good Host Iced Tea… you know? (or maybe you don’t…). We tend to buy the powder that comes in the big can thingy, because it’s cheaper, but you can buy it liquid, too.

      • Nestea is what my dad buys, but for the most part, all you see in the tea aisles are tea bags that you pour hot water over (or place in the sun) and make like normal tea. It is pretty crazy how you find different products in different countries……

  5. I am not surprised at all that you would choose a non-furry creature as your fursona. It kind of looks like the platypus’ reptilian best friend. Except not, as I imagine that this type of creature would prey on a platypus.

    My drink of choice at those soda fountains is the ridiculously orange and artificial Hi-C stuff. No one ever wants it, so there’s always plenty 🙂

    • Now is that carbonated? Because the “orange” option up here is. I know, I’ve gotten that before. I had traumatic experiences with orange fizzy drinks from the diabetes tests they have you do when you’re pregnant, so it’s especially awful for me…

      • Oh no, I’m talking about the non-carbonated, “fruit punch”-esque substance. Like Tang, but less powdery.

        • LinB

          Hi-C fruit punch is also a common alternative to carbonated fountain drinks, in North Carolina. Ditto Minute Maid lemonade — sometimes they even have pink lemonade.

        • Ah, K, I know the stuff (if not the exact brand). Unfortunately they don’t seem to stock it in the soda fountains around here… (well, I’d rather have my iced-fake-tea in general anyway, but if that’s not available…) (fake fruit drinks make me cringe. Not for the same reason as the carbonation, but something about fake fruit creeps me out. I’m not a fan of fruit-flavoured cereal like Froot Loops, or fruit candies like Skittles or Jolly Ranchers…)

  6. Not into soda, that’s find with me cos the darn stuff gets up my nose and its just nasty. Its makes-my-teetch-curl-sweet too. Can’t have curly teeth.

    Renfrew and cool hood? Hell yes.

    PS congrats BTW … :o)

    • Y’know, I can generally handle sweet. I just don’t know what people see in carbonation…

      Unfortunately, this seriously impedes my ability to appreciate beer, which is a major social handicap, i find. 😦

      • Oh no… so no rum and coke or hard cider or most coolers…. that didn’t click until you mentioned beer. So… would that make you a wine drinker? Or juice as mix? Manhattans are not carbonated now that I think about it. I could manage that quite well.

        And thank you for sticking that song in my head. I read sunshine, lollipops and immediately went to “and rainbows everywhere and du da dun… “

        • Yeah, I’m alcoholically disabled in a lot of departments. Mostly I go for something sweet and girly—Bailey’s in milk being a favourite. I can drink wine, but I generally feel guilty about it because I don’t actually love the taste the way so many people seem to…

          • Eh, wine is an aquired taste. Not all wines suit all people nor all occasions. I have led many people down the wine path. I highly recommend Angel’s Gate Sussreserve Reisling if you are more of a white wine drinker. It’s not expensive ($14 here, although that will change by province thanks to shipping and taxes) but it is sweet enough to sip on its own and enough going on to go with dinner. Cheap enough to pass on the guilt.
            I share that guilt with scotch. I just don’t like it enough to waste good scotch on me.

            At least with Bailey’s and milk you can look at all the extra nutrition you are getting from milk.

  7. 8 toes? That is cool. But bad for buying thongs.

  8. LinB

    Oh, do you mean “gasoline tea”? That nasty powder that my husband stirs by the pint into a glass and swizzles down day after day in the summertime? I can’t bring myself to pass it by my lips: It tastes like gasoline smells. Parenthetically, when we lived in Wisconsin, you couldn’t even get brewed iced tea in any restaurants except in June, July and August. The rest of the year it was “out of season.” Wisconsin is well north of the Sugar Line: that hypothetical line on the map below which iced tea is automatically served with abundant sugar, above which tea is automatically served without any sugar at all.

    • Haha! Yeah, that’s probably the stuff.

      See, even south of the sugar line (when I was Texas—I’m not exactly well travelled) you could *get* sweet cold tea—there was usually a choice—but it was still not the same as the fake-lemon-over-processed (gasoline-smelling? 😉 ) stuff. Not bad, just different. 🙂

      Like Funnygrrl said, you’d have about as hard a time getting “brewed tea over ice” up here as we did getting glasses of water in Europe (where the restaurants all serve it bottled :P. And, if you’re not careful, carbonated. One of the five words I learned in Czech when I was there was “not bubbly” 😉 )

      • LinB

        A sorry world it would be if we all liked the same things! I will happily grant you your powdered tea mix, and not dislike you for your preference. Just, please, don’t force ME to drink that kind of tea. I normally dislike “fizzy” — and am not all that fond of “sweet” — but when I accompanied my husband on a business trip to Italy, we always opted for “fizzy” water over “still” water. As an aid to digestion, the fizzy just worked better for our rumbly tummies. Maybe that’s what attracts others to carbonation … normally I have an iron stomach, so I find all those bubbles more irritating than delicious.

  9. Wow… if we lived near each other, I think we’d be great friends… we could sew, and dance to work off all the “obscenely-overpriced popcorn” and chocolate milk we’d consume… 🙂

    Congrats on the awards!

    Love the idea of the hood!

  10. DO ITTTT. Is what I’d say on addeing the hood, obviously :). The renfrew would be the perfect basic pattern to add it to! But I do think the hood needs a bit of a stiff fabric, otherwise it’ll just flap around your face.

  11. Ha, I love chocolate milk too, but it doesn’t love me back! And I can’t drink tea in any form — my body regards it as a completely alien nutrient, in spite of tolerating untold amounts of root beer just fine. Bodies are weird.

    I’m going to vote for the hood on the Renfrew — I like the idea of having a cowl/hood combination, don’t know how that would work but I’m sure you’re the gal to figure it out!

    • Well, if you make a cowl tall enough, it basically becomes a hood (remember Oona’s secret-agent dress/top/thing?)… I don’t think I’m going to go quite there this time, though. 🙂

  12. I like iced coffee… That is, brewed coffee over ice, in summer. When I drink tea I’m always like “Where’s my caffeine kick to the face?”

    These awards can be hard to do! I thought about targeting you with my last award. hehe. 😉 But then I wasn’t sure if you’d done one for a while, yadda yadda yadaa.. .

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