When I first moved in with my husband, I discovered something that surprised me: one of his favourite things, upon getting home, was to get rid of the day’s clothes (be they casual jeans or the monkey suits he wore to work in those days) and put on his “comfies”. These could be an array of things—mostly flannel pyjama pants and a T-shirt, but really anything would do that was soft, unrestrictive, and, well, comfy.

The idea of wearing particular clothes for lounging around had never really occurred to me.  I mean, my day-to-day stuff isn’t exactly screamingly uncomfortable, for the most part. And the problem, the biggest single problem, for my poor little brain, was this: comfies aren’t sexy.

Hmm, didn’t Peter post about this recently?

Er, yeah. I have a hard time feeling comfortable—relaxed and happy—if I don’t also feel attractive. Feel free to dissect my psychological quirks if you like, but that’s just the way it is. This discomfort is waning a bit as I get older, but the fact is that I still don’t really enjoy “comfy” clothes if I don’t like how they look on me. So aside from the odd pair of yoga pants and a few fitted tanks and tees, I’ve never had much in the way of “comfies.”

But now (perhaps spurred on by the amount of time I’m spending in bed writing these days), I want to try to change that.

Comfy pants!

Step 1 was the arrival of Jalie 2033, the yoga pants*. I’ve been meaning to clone my favourite pair of yoga pants ever since they developed holes in the butt years ago, but since I haven’t gotten around to it yet, Jalie 2033 will be a good substitute, especially since I can barely get the shorts versions off my kids.

Comfy tops!

Step 2 was getting the Renfrew pattern from Sewaholic. It’s just that bit easier-fitting than my knit sloper—perfect for comfies, right?—and what better way to give it a trial run than to make something intended to be worn around the house? I’m thinking V-neck with 3/4 length sleeves.

Comfy Fabric!

Step 3 was the arrival of a package of knit fabric from Lady Katza of Peanut Butter Macrame (doesn’t that name suggest a story?), I believe salvaged from her late (and much missed) mother’s stash. Thank you, Katza! Included was approximately a mile and a half of awesome sturdy knit in a pretty, if slightly twee, peach colour. It’s somewhat sun-damaged as well, although given how much yardage there is that shouldn’t be too hard to work around.

All I need to do now is, y’know, actually do it. 😉


*not that I do yoga. I mean, I should, but I don’t.



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26 responses to “Comfies

  1. Changing into comfortable clothes after coming home from work or shopping etc is the usual for most people in our tropical area of Australia. It’s usually just older, looser clothes but I love the idea of pyjama pants and t shirt. It would be my luck for some one to rock up for a visit. Maybe I should make some out of unpyjama looking fabric. Best wishes.

  2. sewforward

    Too funny! My DH rarely ever changes out of his work clothes (khakis/hawaiian shirt) when he comes home whereas that is the FIRST things I do. And, its not that my out-of-the-house-public-clothes are uncomfortable, it is just that I change into my in-the-house-I’m-not-going-anywhere comfy clothes and, yes sometimes that even means my PJs!

  3. Sigrid

    I love that your husband has a name for those clothes, it must make wearing them that much. . .umm. . . comfier. I think these comfy clothes will be much more attractive than pajamas. I can’t wait to hear your take on the Renfrew as i am seriously tempted to buy it and I wonder how it compares to the Lydia.

    • Hmm, I don’t know how much help I’ll be—I butchered Lydia thoroughly to turn it into my knit sloper, including going down a couple of sizes to reduce the ease. I know already I’ll be removing probably close to a couple of inches in length from the Renfrew bodice above the waist (which is what I did to the Lydia, too) as Sewaholic’s basic draft seems to run long in the waist.

  4. Ah ha, we always changed into our comfies once getting home, too. I still do, actually, but I understand what you mean about not wanting to look dumpy in your comfies. I’m starting to work my way to more attractive (i.e. not super baggy sweats and giant mens t-shirts) comfies that actually fit.

    Good luck with your peachy comfies! I’m looking forward to seeing how your renfrew turns out (especially since I’m pretty sure you’ll tailor the pattern to work for you).

  5. I change too though not into PJs. Dunno why, but can understand why it’d be good. I certainly did when I came home from work but that’s so I wouldn’t get dinner goop on dry clean only stuff – so dignified!

    Good idea to make up yoga pants – I’ve something like this for PJs and need some more I think! Does renfrew run long in the waist? Oh that could be good for me ….

    • Well, a lot of people have commented other Sewaholic patterns do (like Pendrell). I took out a lot of length above the waist in Lonsdale, but that’s a slightly different kind of pattern, too. I usually petite things in the upper body, and end up lengthening in the lower body and limbs.

  6. Amy

    So that’s what you call it! I really need those in-between clothes, too. My nemesis is gardening clothes… I end up putting those on in the early afternoon especially this time of year, and just staying in them. They’re comfy as heck (have to be bendy and able to wash like crazy) but just ugly. And for some reason that bugs me. I’m also curious what you think of the Renfrew. I like that it has the shaped waist like the Lydia.

  7. I do the same thing! I have comfies too. My favorite pair is the yoga pant from Burda Style that is made out of a snake print with roses. I usually pair with a lace tank and a shrug or shawl of some sort. Or the batwing blouse pattern that I made out of a sheer knit over the tank goes just perfect with them. Right now I have on the back burner a challis full length “house coat” which is actually a robe from the 40’s that looks like a maxi wrap dress with ruffles.

    And oh man, i didn’t spot the sun damage! GRRR. That is probably my fault as Mom kept hers in the big cedar blanket chest. I bet that fabric is perfect for yoga pants, though. And as you said, there’s miles of it. Maybe turn the sun damaged bit into a tie-dye version of the shorts for the kids?

    • Wow, I want snake & roses print yoga pants! Those must be awesome! Sheer batwing blouse over a tank sounds almost too fancy for comfies, but it bet it is awesomely comfy. And that robe sounds just crazy. 🙂

  8. I just nominated you for The Sunshine 2012 Award, If you want to accept it, the details are at my blog.

  9. I’m more like you, not really seeing the need for comfies until someone else pointed it out. But.. it seems to be something my in laws believe in and gift. I have 2 pairs of flannel pants that my MIL made and 3 pairs of velour pants in some pretty odd colours, all Christmas gifs. When I buy myself comfy pants, they have been intended for weekend public consumption. As much as I love purple, the purple velour pants are not leaving the house. And I also see your point about needing to feel good in them. My husband likes the feel of the velour pants so he doesn’t mind the bright colour.

    • Those sound hilarious. Unfortunately Osiris and I have the same problem with store-bought comfies, which is that the legs are rarely long enough. Our poor children are doomed…

  10. Actually, I’ve been wondering what other people do for some time! After 12 years in a school uniform, I am utterly compelled to change into “play clothes” immediately when I get home. It’s Pavlovian – I don’t think I’ll ever be able to break the habit.

    Can’t wait to see what you turn out! I bet you’ll end up with fun stuff you’ll be happy to wear.

  11. Joy

    I *always* change into comfies at night, sometime after supper. I never wondered if other people did that, too, heh! It’s kind of part of the routine of “settling in” for the evening. That means, if someone knocks at the door, I might be wearing pajama pants. Ugh. I’m interested to see your yoga pants, though. At least those are a step up from pajamas pants!

    • Yeah… I kinda die at the thought of someone seeing me in standard pyjama pants. Though I have one pair that’s red satin that are pretty cool (and actually fit)—the only problem is, they’re thin satin, and have a snowflake embroidered on the pocket, so they’re too wintery to wear in the summer, and not really warm enough in the winter.

  12. Ali

    You know I’m a right there with you! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    I want my “comfies” to be attractive, too, and they get bonus points if I can leave the house in them on a quick errand (throw a long cardigan over yoga pants and off you go!). It’s funny, though, ’cause a year or two ago i wouldn’t see the point of getting attractive clothes in the house, but I think the point is (after making and thrifting soo many clothes), I want to feel good, whether I’m in or out of the house, with or without company. It’s just the comfort factor is king when it’s around the house. And “feeling good” is different than “sexy” (but I won’t complain if I can manage that, too!).

    The Renfrew has generous ease for a knit, in my opinion, looking forward to your modifications! Btw, your swayback alterations (long ago) finally inspired me to alter a knit sloper — I think it helped, but still needs some work.

    • I love your sweatshirt-dress (Lola, is that the name? I forget and I’m too lazy to look it up.) Yeah, your post on loungewear is definitely one of the inspirations for this—I really shoulda linked you. Sorry!

      I think getting a fully-functional swayback alteration in something with no CB or waist seam is pretty difficult—I generally settle for “not too many wrinkles”. But I also need the square-shoulder adjustment, (which is basically what it is), so it might be more effective for someone else…

  13. I used to not do comfies either.. I never cared for how they looked on me either.. but then I discovered you can have comfies that look sporty and well even sexy! Now I am all about comfies LOL .. I love them!

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