Action shots

This post was almost titled “Disaster, Part II.” But at least temporarily, disaster appears to have been avoided.

Finished (?)

I finished Tyo’s Jalie 2795 bunnyhug late Saturday, and handed it to her to try on. I was a little apprehensive since an early test fitting had suggested it was going to be snug; the sleeves had been a little short, so I had added an extension to the cuffs, as you can see.

Well, Tyo couldn’t even get her hands through the cuffs without major pinching and pulling. That being said, once she did get it on, she didn’t even want to take it off to go to bed, always a good sign. So when I got up this morning I sliced off the old cuffs, grabbed the pattern piece, and dug through the mass of scraps under my cutting table in search of something I could make a new pair of cuffs from (since the rest of the fabric I used for this has now been reduced to scraps none of which are much bigger than 4″ square. I eventually (to my great relief!) turned up the remnant of the fabric from when I made this sweater last winter. It’s not as fresh and dark a black as the other sweatshirt knit, but there was enough of it and I was beyond caring (and I suspect things will even out after a wash or three)


So I improvised some wider, extra-long cuffs, slapped them on, and the child was happy to go. Further examination indicated that the problem with the cuffs may have been more me than the pattern—I think I reversed the direction of maximum stretch in my attempts to cut thriftily, as the fleece grainline isn’t obvious, the only way to tell is by stretching the fabric experimentally.

Slim fit

The size, which I was really worried about, is definitely not generous. This will be great when I make one for myself, but isn’t exactly what you’re usually looking for for kids. I have a feeling the time she’ll be wearing this one will be measured in months as opposed to years or even seasons.


Interfaced zipper

In an attempt to avoid wavy-zipper issues, I used a small strip of interfacing on either size of the zipper insertion. This seems to have (mostly) done its job, except I should probably have put it on the other side—the way I folded the zipper in to finish everything the edges of the strip show on the inside, which isn’t ideal.

Back view

I wasn’t too keen with how the hood, which inserts on top of the collar, looked when I first stitched it up, but I actually like it quite a bit when worn. The size is ok, not big but not too small to be functional, and the unusual seaming looks really nice when it’s down.

I used two main seam finishes in this piece, serging and topstitching on the black sweatshirt material and stitching the seams inside-out and covering the seam allowance with twill tape on the fleece. Both are pretty fun and make for a nice finish, but are a bit time-consuming (you have to go over each seam three times). A few seams, like the underarm/sideseams, I just stitched and then serged for finish.

Pocket and side panels

The one interesting bit of construction was the pocket openings. They’re set into the side seams, and you basically make a single welt and insert it into the cut-out in the side-piece. It gapes a bit towards the centre, but I don’t actually mind the look, and it meant that I was less likely to catch the welt in the seam. Yay! It also helps that my pocket lining and my side-panel material matched—I wouldn’t want to use a different material for the pocket lining (not that you normally would on a sweatshirt).

Most importantly, though, it was perfect for a day at the playground.




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29 responses to “Whew!

  1. Shams

    It’s too bad that it won’t fit her for seasons, but it’s *very* cute and you made a great save on the cuffs! You can tell she really likes it. πŸ™‚

  2. I really like it. I know you had to franken-fabric it together, but to me it looks really really cool, like that was your intention. Maybe even cooler than if it was all of the same fabric. πŸ™‚

    Like it.. I’m thinking of making a hoodie this winter….

  3. I agree with Steph, it really does look intentional, so this was a GREAT save! And she looks like she loves it! πŸ™‚ Double yay!

  4. It looks like she loves it! You’re so good at making things that your kids love. I like the mix of fabrics, too.

  5. Bri

    Oh very cute, great details too!

  6. I Totally agree! Your version looks *way* cooler than the ones on the pattern. The two fabrics are great, and the extra seams you added really make it pop. I love it! After seeing yours, I’m now rethinking that pattern. It would be a great pattern to add to my growing Jalie collection!!

  7. Nat

    I think its turned out awesome, such a handy pattern that one.

  8. She looks so happy in her new bunnyhug. (I call it a hoodie myself) And hooray for being able to play outside. We’re suppose to have warm weather, but its going to be raining all week. BOO.

    • Bunnyhug is a term from my childhood—as far as I can tell it’s an endangered word species, originally endemic to central Saskatchewan, Canada (and now possibly reduced to only this blog), having been wiped out by the invasive “hoodie” arriving in the mid-1990s. πŸ˜‰

  9. You did a really nice job on this. What a great looking hoodie. I have been sitting on this pattern for about a month. I am so anxious to make it up myself, but can’t seem to decide what fabric to use. I really love this camo version, and the design changes look absolutely cohesive, as if you had planned it all along!

    • I was going back and forth on fabric for a similar amount of time, until the little bit of camo fleece threw itself in front of me—and then I just had to improvise the rest. I’m so glad it turned out—sometimes limitations breed the most interesting designs. πŸ˜€

  10. I would never have the patience to complete this as you did. Must be that unconditional love thing they talk about. πŸ™‚
    Glad you took advantage of the insanely nice weather this weekend.

    • lol! I think it’s just how good they are at complimenting me (and the part where they go on to wear the garment for three days straight helps…)

      I know! So… do you own a serger yet? >:D

  11. She looks so happy. I love the long black cuffs! Great job.

  12. Mmm…love long cuffs. I think all that fabric piecing is such a great look, even if it wasn’t intentional! Also, I’m assuming Syo is wearing a helmet for playing on the play structure by her choice, and not yours?

    • Oh, LOL! I didn’t even notice that. They rode bikes to the park (hence the photos of Tyo with her bike in the collage at the top) and for whatever reason Syo forgot to take her helmet off…

  13. Joy

    Nice save! I like the new black extensions even better than the original fabric.

  14. Love it. I like the mix of camo and black, really sets off the print well. I was talking to a coworker with a sweater with long cuffs like that just yesterday, they look great.

  15. Love “bunnyhug”. So much better than “hoodie”…. ‘Tis a good top to and I have a role of red fleece which needs to be made into something for kiddos.

    BTW I hope Tyo does take it off one day soon else you’ll have to stick her and it into the washing machine just to clean it, them, both.

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