Where’s Waldo (Jr)

Tyo Looks Cute (in my tights and shoes...)

As I procrastinated my way through last weekend (as is my wont), I asked Tyo if she’d like a shirt from the remaining bits of my red and grey striped fabric. As I already have two shirts out of it, I thought a third might be overkill. Tyo was amenable, so I cut out another version of her fitted knit top.

I actually sewed this version with a straight stitch, then finished the edges on the serger. I may come to regret that, but it’s an awfully stable knit.


I did an unusually good job of measuring the neckline for the neck-band (on my usual scooped necks I just sort of cut an approximate neckband and stretch as I go, but you have to put V-necks on in the round, as far as I can tell, so a little precision goes a long way. I also did one small but obvious thing, I made a tiny snip in the point of the V (before I started attaching the neckband) so that the seam-allowance can fold back. And, miraculously, I ended up with my first-ever, completely-non-puckered V-neck finish! Who knew? (Yes, I know, everyone who ever bothered to read up on inserting V-neck bands knew. We’ve gone over the stubborn-have-to-make-mistakes-for-myself part, haven’t we?)

Back View

Frankly, I was ridiculously proud of myself when I finished this top.

And then Tyo tried it on.

Well, remember I mentioned this knit has very little stretch? I mean, it makes it quite nice to sew up (evil rolling tendencies aside), and I like a firm knit. But this pattern which fit Tyo perfectly in the loose, giving jersey of the white version… is really, really snug. Even the shoulders are too narrow, although the part that’s bugging her is the sleeves. So we’ve been wrangling all week over whether she can cut the sleeves short, or whether she should just hand it down to Syo. I’m leaning towards the latter, preferring not to have my new creation hacked into, especially when there would’ve been a lot more usable fabric left if I’d decided to cut short sleeves from the beginning. Probably enough enough for a shirt for Tyo. Grroar. Of course, now that the pictures are taken, she’s still wearing it and not complaining… we’ll see.

Not sure how much sewing I’ll get up to over the weekend, but here’s hoping.

Front view



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14 responses to “Where’s Waldo (Jr)

  1. where did you make the snip? the shirt looks great!

    • Sorry! I thought I mentioned that. 😛 Editing FTW. Anyway, the snip was right at the point of the V, maybe 5mm deep, so that the seam-allowance on either side of the point could fold back. It’s so tiny and in stretchy fabric I thought it wouldn’t make much of a difference (which is why I didn’t bother the first time) but it actually did.

  2. Very cute! I think you’re going to have problems with your girls stealing your clothes. 😀

    • What’s this “going to”? She’s been doing that for years. Every time I try to purge my wardrobe, half of my “to value village” pile ends up in her closet. 😉

      • That’s pretty awesome, actually. I remember hating everything that my Mom wore when I was young. Now she steals clothes from me and my brother whenever we go to visit. I’m serious, we have to double check our bags before we leave! 😀

        • Yeah, I was not fond of my mom’s clothes, either (mostly we have incompatible colour tastes, though) Having my kids actually *want* to steal my clothes is a bit of a brain-breaker…

  3. The outfit looks really cute on her. You might have lost your tights and shoes though.

    • Yeah, I fear you’re right. At least the tights were one out of five pairs I got at a post-Christmas sale (5 for $10). And the shoes I had actually earmarked for the thrift-store, because I have an almost identical (except for being hi-top) pair that is much more comfortable…

  4. Well done! I love it. 🙂

    She has quite a “presence,” doesn’t she? Seems like she beams a bit of her personality through the photos lately, it’s lovely to see.

    • Yeah, it’s really interesting how they react to the camera—good and bad. She does best (so do I, for that matter) when the outfit really gives her a sense of “character”—something to act out and express.

  5. What an adorable top on an adorable girl. You have to giver her that top!

    • lol. Yeah, I think she’s going to be keeping it, at least for a little bit. Syo isn’t exactly fond of long-sleeved tops anyway, so it may end up short-sleeved either way. 😛

  6. The shirt looks flawless, and I LOVE the styling.

  7. Wow she’s got style, just like her ma. Love that she borrowed your tights and shoes as a combo and is working the T in the pics. She was still wearing it after the shoot right? Let us know if she keeps it, even with its long sleeves.

    BTW nice one on the V neck – I know how jolly good it feels to get something simple so right and I am liking yours here. Its the simple things I constantly bugger up ….

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