More thrifting…


Erm. So, those of you who have (or have had) kids of a certain age know what I’m talking about. You get in the car, drive across town, drop them at their dance/music/sport/insert enriching activity here, and then… what? You drive back home, only turn around and go get them right away (and feel like a first world troll burning wanton fossil fuels)? You stay and watch, and feel like the classic annoying and overprotective parent? You sit outside in your car, wasting even more fuel? (Trust me, up here sitting with it not running in the winter for more than a few minutes is not an option…)

My solution, when I’m feeling responsible, is to head to the grocery store. When I’m feeling less responsible (or once the groceries are bought…), it’s to head to the thrift store.

Which, as I’ve said, is a bit uninspiring at the moment, but you never know when that’s going to change, and popping in once a week is exactly the kind of persistence that nets you the occasional gem. Or bags of lace you’re going to call a gem because it’s been so long since you saw anything better…

Anyway, on my most recent visit, the entire Singer Sewing Reference Library was there. Again. I’m not sure how many people in my area bought this collection, but it must’ve been a few as there’s been at least three infusions of these books since I started haunting this particular thrift store (which is only in the last year and a half, frankly.)

The trick with the Singer Sewing Reference Library is remembering what you’ve bought already. Maybe that’s why so many end up at the thrift store… people buy things twice and forget? I dunno. Anyway, this time I picked up the tailoring volume (which I know I wanted but can’t remember if I found or not) and the pants-fitting volume, because, well, one can never have too many fitting books (especially for fitting pants!). Of course it focuses strictly on loose, dress trouser type pants that are fitted at the wasit… y’know, the kind I never, ever wear… But still, good to have, right?

But then, of course, like clouds parting in the heavens, like choirs of angels singing, I saw another book, just sitting right there on top of the big block of SSRLs…

Yessiree, the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook. (1995 edition)

Obviously this was meant to be.

… which would probably be more meaningful if I mentioned that my husband used to play in high school, and recently his buddies back home have started playing again (pre-midlife-crisis, anyone? at least it’s cheaper than sports cars…) and over Christmas I sat in and actually participated in my first D&D game ever and kinda had a blast, and of course if my husband ever did have a copy of the Player’s Handbook it’s long, long gone, and I was kinda in need of get-out-of-doghouse ammo that night and this was the perfect thing to bring home to make a sick and long-suffering hubby less grumpy with meΒ and did I ever mention how I read ALL the Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance books I could get my hands on when I was like, nine, and this kid in my class told me I was in a cult for reading them (wtf?) but I never actually knew anyone who played becaue MAN that game would’ve been totally up my alley at that stage in my life when day-to-day reality was just about the most hellish it’s ever been…

Why yes, I actually am quite happy with myself. And I did sew up a Where’s Waldo shirt for Tyo over the weekend, but I haven’t got photos yet and may not get any before she takes scissors to the sleeves, which is a whole ‘nother issue…



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  1. I have several of those Singer books, I like them. They have great photos with the info and for those of us who like to picture read directions ROFL, well come on its faster. :O)

  2. Me too, I started to buy those way back when I started sewing as a teen. I never thought about hitting the thrift store for books though. Great idea! I only go to Value Village, which is just around the corner from home, when the boys need newer clothes. Well, I guess now I have a very good reason to visit more often!

  3. That Singer tailoring book is FANTASTIC! I have loads of books, and do a lot of tailoring, and of all my books that is the one I refer to the most. Great photos and it covers everything. Great find and since you make coats you will find it very useful. In fact all the Singer books are great.

    • That’s good to know! I have a couple of other tailoring books, but I figure you can’t have too many, right? Right? hmm… From my brief look through, it certainly looks pretty comprehensive.

  4. I think you need a teenie-tiny list printed of the singer reference library books in your wallet (just looked the singer website doesn’t have a list – poo!) – and you can cross off the ones you have, that way you’ll know which ones to pass-up when you’re in the thrift store πŸ™‚ Hmmm.. maybe I need to compile a list – I’ve quite a few of them myself already!

  5. Aaaah!!! AD&D Player’s Handbook?! Why do the thrift stores by me never have such gems? Oh, I suppose I can’t complain with my sheet finds, but just once I wish our thrift stores would exchange inventory πŸ˜‰ Are you going to start playing regularly?

    I found a series of those Singer books once while on vacation (yes, I went thrifting on vacation), but they were too heavy and bulky to bring back…

    • LOL! I keep looking for sheets, you know. It seems like the newer theme sheets are just gross, gross fabric (I mean, beyond poly- bad), and the older ones are few and far between and usually pretty worn out. There was an A-Team one this past week… but I dunno, I’m just not that into A-team. Now if I ever find an X-Men sheet, or a He-Man sheet… then I’ll be over the moon…

      I suspect when we move home (next summer sometime) we’ll join in, although I think they only play once a month as some of the guys drive in from out of town. This one was pure serendipity, though—I usually only look in the crafts section. I’m not sure why it was right there, except someone must’ve been looking at it and put it down. I try to steer clear of the Fantasy books themselves as I really will blow the budget if I get going on those…

  6. Forget Singer! I can’t wait to see how the D&D handbook influences your sewing. LOL

    • LMAO! Hmm, I should dig out some of my old sketches from high school (not really, they make me cringe…) I used to get asked a lot if I were going to be a clothes designer. My response was that I didn’t think I drew/designed anything real people would actually wear…

  7. I (not surprisingly) noticed the D&D book before the Singer ones. I’m pretty sure that’s in my basement. Now D&D has been through a few versions. What you have there is a second edition handbook. That is what my husband grew up playing. When 3rd edition came out, he switched to that, then 3.5 because there were some quirks that unblanaced the game in 3rd edition. 4th edition came out a couple of years ago, I haven’t tried it. From what I gather, it sounds more like the D&D board game I posted about recently. I started playing when 3rd edition came out so I’ve never played 2nd myself. So long as all the books you use are from the same edition, you are good to go. Wikipedia has a good timeline for the history of updates:

    • And more D&D goodness… Order of the Stick comic strip
      That will kill some time while you’re waiting for kids activities to end.

      • HEE HEE! I’m not sure which version Osiris’s friends play with… probably one of the newer ones, although it’s possible they’re still using their old books. I’m not too worried, as he’s not really the type to read through and memorize everything anyway. As far as I can tell his general strategy is the same as mine—“Ok, I want to do this. What dice do I roll?” and wait for the DM to tell you.

        • Yeah, that’s what happens when our cleric decisdes to enter melee. It kills me because she’s played D&D for ever and ever and still gets a little flustered. As I said, I didn’t play 2nd, but 3.5 works for me. Keep your d20 around, whatever dice your weapon of choice does, and you’ll do just fine. Or be a spellcaster like me and blow them up. πŸ˜‰

          • Clerics should stay out of melee (unless they’re the really heavily armoured type and/or have to come to the rescue of some dying buddy) πŸ˜‰

            My boyfriend and his friends played a lot of AD&D when they were younger, 2nd edition. I have participated in several shorter ‘campaigns’, all of them attempts to revive those glorious days πŸ˜‰
            In the last, or latest of those we played 3.5
            The main difference is that with 3rd edition and higher, for any roll of the dice, higher is better. In 2nd edition, you have to roll low scores in some occasions.
            If Osiris and his buddies played AD&D in highschool, it was quite likely 2nd edition, and they probably decided to stick with what they know (I know E and his friends did).

  8. Congrats on your score!

    I keep track of my sewing books on Pinterest, then if I am out somewhere and find a book and I’m not sure if I have it, I can look it up with my phone. Because my goal is to own every sewing book in existence (not really,but it is getting there). It has come in handy several times. Let me know if you need an invite.

    • That’s not a bad idea! I have a phone app that keeps track of patterns, I could probably load books onto it, too. Or, y’know, just make myself a note with all the titles. But a Pinterest bookshelf wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. I’m on there already, too, though I haven’t had much luck finding other people I “know”…

  9. You have the best thrifting luck! I’m in good shape if the smells and textures in the clothing section don’t drive me out empty-handed. Certainly never found any sewing or D & D books!

    I am on Pinterest but I keep getting followed by people who are “social” friends. We run into each other at events and things but otherwise don’t watch the same shows, read the same books or wear the same clothes. Or do the same crafts. I am so confused about why they are following me, ha. Do they feel it’s mandatory — like on Facebook, where you end up friending all the friends of your friends? I’m not sure if they know how to use social media or if the problem is me.

    • I think the problem is them, I only follow people whose boards are interesting to me, I think I only follow 1 person I know IRL. I use Pinterest as a visual bookmarker. It makes things much easier to find.

    • Yeah, a certain tolerance of scent (chemical or otherwise) is definitely an asset in the thrifting department…

      My Pinterest account uses my blog name, not my real name, and I did everything I could to cut off the link with my facebook account after I set it up… so I have no help from the social perspective. I haven’t done much with Pinterest, though, other than saving photos I run across.

  10. Nice haul! I never thought to look for sewing book in the thrift store. I get patterns there often, but avoid the books in general for the same reason you stay out of the fantasy section. Oh dear… There goes the sewing budget.

    • Hehe… well, it’s hit or miss (much like the patterns…) I got my first sewing book, a copy of the Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing, at the thrift store, so it’s kinda my go-to place, actually.

  11. You know what I love? those books look a lot the same. Sewing and D&D, well, maybe there is some geeky crossover.

    • Hmm, you’re right. Of course, it might just be vintage, I think all are from the mid 90s (although the sewing ones might be a bit older… they’re in much better shape, though.)

      I like the theory that there’s some geeky underlying connection, though. πŸ™‚

  12. I had a geek attack. Cause my shelf of gaming books is just below my shelf of sewing books. #imanerd

  13. Maya

    That’s a happy-making post. I never got into D&D myself, but a number of my friends were, and the general concept sort of invaded. I was also into Dragonlance for quite a while, in elementary school. These days, most of my fantasy comes from the library, which is Much friendlier to my grad-school budget.

  14. I like that the DnD book is on top of the sewing ones!! :o)

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