I was good!

Today's Finds

I did not buy the blue and white check coating. Or the purple fleece. Or ANY of the various rib-knits. The fabric selection at my local Value Village was bulging today, and I bought nearly nothing. I was the model of restraint.*

But two patterns.

The top on the left reminds me a tiny bit of Jalie 2794, which everyone seems to love. The Jalie pattern is probably better (and comes in a lot more sizes) but it wasn’t lying around my local thrift store for a buck. Believe me, if I ever run across ANY Jalie pattern there I’ll probably take it home just on principle. Even if it’s a figure-skating one.

And the jacket on the right—well, it’s Claire Schaeffer, and if I’m not mistaken, it’s one of those ones where everyone raves about the amazing instructions being worth the fifteen bucks or whatever even if you don’t like the pattern. And I got it for $0.99. It’s uncut, although I suspect it’s been unfolded and traced.

Maybe I will make myself a proper, awesome blazer this winter… maybe… I could wear it to my execution thesis defense in the spring.

More patterns I don't need

Just for the sake of lengthening the post, here’s a few more thrift store patterns I picked up over the course of the summer. I definitely have a problem with thrift store patterns. The Kwik Sew on the left I already mentioned in this post, although I only used the tee and pretty much changed everything for that one. The middle one has lots of faux-Asian details that I’m a sucker for, and the one on the right… well, I’m not sure what I was thinking. I like some of the necklines, even if they are mostly faced, but it’s probably easier to slap a different neckline on my knit sloper than it would be to fit a new pattern. Ah, well. Tell me about the stupidest pattern-impulse-purchase you’ve ever made. 🙂

*I may also have bought Tyo a hot-pink fishnet shirt. The Force is strong in that one…



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15 responses to “I was good!

  1. Oh, I have picked up many a fugly pattern. 😀 You post here has inspired one of my own, so you can see a few of the uglies I’ve found this summer.

    Although honestly, I don’t think your ‘bad’ choices are that bad, to be honest. And that blazer! I will steal that blazer pattern, you just wait! 😀

  2. Elle C

    I don’t understand. What is this not needing patterns? No one needs patterns, they are necessary for one’s fantasy life, particularly if they are .99 at the village of values. My village has had no fabric worthy of coming home with me for months now, not that I need fabric, but like patterns, fabric is necessary for our fantasy lives. Why else would I buy a Bill Blass evening gown pattern in a size 12, I haven’t worn a 12 in many many many moons, and the last time I wore a long dress was to my graduation. Doesn’t matter. Had to have it. It was only .99 cents

  3. Amy

    Your thesis defense is in the Spring! Congrats, and good luck finishing up. I remember that feeling. Also, I’d love to hear what you think of the Claire Schaeffer pattern. I always imagined those patterns would be filled with all kinds of amazing sewing secrets, but I haven’t yet bought one.

  4. When I saw the picture at the top my first thought was “hmm, that top looks familiar..” and I’m sure it was the Jalie connection. Not that I have the Jalie pattern, but I’ve seen other people post on it.

    I tend to fall more into the impulsive fabric shopping than patterns. I don’t have many patters and even those I haven’t made yet, I don’t regret. I have a couple of my mom’s that I’m sure I’ll never make because my hips will never measure to what my mom was wearing in the early 70’s and they aren’t always worth grading up.

    • I used to be really good on the pattern front—I only bought what I really thought I’d want to make up. If I already had a similar pattern or something that could be adapted, I’d leave it.

      Then, one day I came back to my VV and discovered that all the patterns I’d been “visiting” had disappeared. Apparently when they build up too much without selling, they trash the lot of them. Now I feel like I’m rescuing them, rather than leaving them for someone else who needs it more. As a result, the number that come home with me has ratcheted up dramatically.

      • Trash them? Oh but… but… no….
        I’d want to rescue them too at that point too. I suppose there is also proving there is a market so they will continue to stock them rather than trashing them before they hit the shelf.

  5. I’m a sucker for the under $5 patterns at my local JoAnns. I’ve bought many a New Look that turned out hideous (and quite a few that worked out ok too — I guess it’s a wash). When the Big 4 patterns go on sale for 99 cents or $1.99, my restraint goes right out the window and I just buy anything that looks remotely feasible. I wind up with a lot of patterns in styles that I would never wear — I don’t mean that they’re out of style, I mean I could have them hanging in front of me in RTW in my size and wouldn’t touch them.

    I spent all weekend doing pattern prep, and one of the techniques I used for cleaning out my drawers was to ask myself, “Does this look like anything you’ve worn….in your life…EVER?” I do not wear sheath dresses. I do not wear droopy tops. I do not wear leggings (VERY occasionally footless tights, but only for layering). I own patterns for all these things. It’s a bit ridic, to tell you the truth.

  6. Amy

    I’m also curious about the Claire Schaeffer, and would love to watch you make it. I bought one of her patterns years ago but still haven’t opened it. (I wore motorcycle boots and a 50s housedress to my thesis defense. I’m not sure what I was thinking but I was so nervous!)

    • I love your defense outfit! I don’t even remember what I wore to my Master’s defense. I wouldn’t be surprised if motorcycle boots were involved, though. You do want to feel klck-ass going into something like that…

  7. I have made that jacket the RTW way and I am so happy I did. To this day I still refer to the instructions. Good find!

  8. Jealous you got the Claire Schaeffer pattern for a buck! I bought mine at JoAnns the last time they were having a $3.99 sale. Definitely worth having in one’s stash just for reference (can’t say I’m too terribly excited about the design. But that is just me. I usually spring for suit jackets that have more exciting details! ;).

    Now I need to keep my fingers crossed maybe I’ll find some good patterns while thrifting this week (got a “date” with one of my friends for a trip to a few thrift shops). Pickings have been really slim in that department lately… 😦

    • Yeah, the blazer itself doesn’t do much for me… but for the price I figured I couldn’t pass it up. 🙂

      Good luck with your thrifting—it is so hit or miss, isn’t it? But I guess that’s half the fun…

  9. Sewista Fashionista

    Thrift store patterns are so tempting. I wish I came across ones as contemporary as yours. The Schaeffer pattern is a find!

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