The Perfect Sundress

The perfect sundress

This is all Oona’s fault (yes, it’s an old post, but she linked it to me recently). Or maybe Patty’s. I haven’t decided.ย The Sew Weekly challenge this week is “The Perfect Sundress,” too, which isn’t helping. I haven’t done any of their challenges thus far, but it seems like a nice little community (though the site layout is still a bit puzzling to me), and since this week’s challenge coincided with something I’ve been wanting to sew anyway, I figure I’ll give it a bash.

So here it is. This fabric was part of my Easter thrift store haul. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it—that strong, woven stripe is a bit limiting—but when maxi-dresses started being dangled provocatively in my face (see above links), I knew.

Maxi dress option 1

Maxi dress option 1

Now, it’s not as if I have a shortage of maxi-dress pattern options.

Maxi-dress option 2

But, I may be stuck on this sketch I doodled out the other night. The neckline is like Oona’s, the sleeves more like Patty’s. It could be as simple as a rectangle cinched by an under-bust sash, but I’m thinking a bit more shaping would probably be flattering.

Maxi-dress option 3

I guess if I’m going to make this up this week, I’d better decide, though.

Maxi-dress option 4

So many maxi dresses, so little time…



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18 responses to “The Perfect Sundress

  1. lazystitcher

    Yowza! Option 4 is to die for ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hmm, do you have Burda magazines? I think I remember seeing a maxi dress resembling your ‘doodling’ (you call it doodling, hah. You should see my scribbles, now, those ‘shapes-that-look-like-nothing’ are doodles. You are drawing, my friend, and even beautifully too!). I’ll see if I can find it for you. Do I see sleeves on there or is it sleeveless?

    • Unless it’s the August 2010 issue, I don’t :(. Or if it’s one of the ones on the Burdastyle website.

      I’m thinking a short kimono/cap type sleeve… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Yeah, get busy, slacker! har har har
    Your sketch looks great, although I have a hard time wrapping my head around maxi dresses being sundresses, but then I guess you do live in Canada. An all white (or ivory?) , long dress though, girl, you live dangerously! Beware the BBQ sauce!!!

    • … oh yeah, and the Canada crack was intended as a comment on the climate, not any sort of jibe at your fashion sensibilities!

    • Hrm, it had never occurred to me that a (sleeveless or short sleeve) maxi wouldn’t be a sundress. Ok, maybe not option 2 up above, but the others all look like sundresses to me…

      As to the Canadian weather, the summers this close to the mountains blow, but the ones I grew up with were regularly into the 30s and even 40s C for long periods of time. Not the brutal it-even-stays-hot-at-night-for-days-at-a-time that you get in truly warm climates, but definitely scorching daytime highs.

      As to the colour… well, I may be a masochist. At least my kids aren’t toddlers, though… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. frifris

    I’m sure you’ve nearly finished the dress by now, how you manage to sew so much – I don’t know (pure envy speaking here).
    I like your own design, and if you do another one, I opt for #3 of the above. Love the white collar on the black one.

    Great blog, btw!


  5. ooohhhh! I am loving these! Cant’ wait to see it!

  6. In all honesty I haven’t touched my sewing machine in over a week. We’re franticly cleaning house and yard to get ready for a bonfire bbq this weekend. Just in time for 100 degree (f) weather! With 90% humidity! WOO!

  7. Beautiful sketch!

    I also have ideas of summer dresses swirling in my head…

  8. ha ha – have you noticed that we tend to be in a cross-posting loop on some days?? I linked to you today with my post!

    I LOVE your sketch version (and oona’s I hadn’t seen it!) That’s totally the neckline I wanted, but, well, plunging + DD = EITHER fail or penthouse… usually both.

    I was stumped over the just-a-rectangle versus shaping as well, which is why I didn’t JUST draft the whole thing and started with the pattern. It was the neckline angles, I wanted something that wouldn’t gape or slide off my shoulders.

    I plan on a braided trim (if I like how it looks) that’ll wrap around a couple times (if I have enough left over) for the empire seam – I love that band look of OOna’s and your sketch, but wasn’t sure how to get that structured look AND a good fit working in wovens – back ties? We’ve got an awesome craptastic jersey at the shop that would be perfect for a stretch-over my chest version… MMMmM…. tricot interfacing!

    And now I’m on to my final conundrum. Length. I want this to be LONG, so I have to decide NOW if I’m going to go all earth goddess and make for a barefoot/flat sandal length or consign the dress to must-be-worn-with-wedges status…

    • Great minds think alike! I’m glad I got to look at your pattern piece ;)… it’s given me more of a sense of what I’m going for here. I’m hoping I have enough fabric to cut out a second bodice if I stuff the first one up. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Also, I feel you on the length conundrum. I’m thinking I’ll opt for flats or low heels for mine… I don’t actually have any summer heels that I actually wear.

  9. Your drawing skills are amazing and I think that fabric would look great on you in a maxi dress with your height and jealousy inducing thinness ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Ah, lovely! I made up that last one in a top to take to Florida this spring. Let me just warn you – if you like things to stay on your shoulders and not fall off, you’ll need to add tie straps to the back neckline or change the curve so it’s not as drastically scooped.

    Can’t wait to see what you make!

  11. aw hell, look what i went and helped did *rubs hands together; evil plan has worked beautifully*

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